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  1. Joe

    Spinnerbait Blades

    Here is a pic of the blade. The top 2/3 is the same size and shape as a #6 Indiana Blade. The bottom 1/3 is between a #4 and a #4 1/2 Colorado Blade. Thanks, Joe
  2. Joe

    Spinnerbait Blades

    The blade I'm looking for is the same shape as an Indiana Blade. What makes it different is the bottom of the blade, instead of being a full tear drop shape, is more rounded like a Colorado Blade. Thanks, Joe
  3. I am trying to locate Spinnerbait Blades like the ones used on old Bull Dog Spinnerbaits. It ia a Super Dog Blade that is a cross between a Indiana and Colorado Blade. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  4. In case anyone is interested, Devon 2 Ton can be purchase online at www.buyacehardware.com. Go to painting supplies and then to glues and adhesives.Retail Price: $2.99Sale Price: $2.39You Save: 20%I ordered 20 tubes and had them in hand in a week. Hope this info is helpfull, Joe
  5. Try Janns or Barlow. I beleive both companies handle what you are looking for.
  6. Joe

    Color Chart

    The color I am looking for is one of the older colors. White belly, a little chartreuse at the head and a bluish silver black on the sides.
  7. Joe

    Color Chart

    Hey Guy's, Does anyone know where I can find a color chart, or pic of the old Bagley BR4 in Bluegill with a white belly? Thanks, Joe
  8. I have found if you use a slow to medium retreive, the bait comes through the water just fine. If you try to burn the bait very fast, it will turn to the side, but the heart shaped heads will also do the same if the skirts ate too full and and create too much lift.
  9. I use an Ultra Minnow Jig Mold. Just use a small 3 corner file and put your grooves in place for your wire frame. Now you have 1 mold that serves as 2. Good Luck, Joe
  10. The answer to your question is yes. The Boggs can do just about anything you want. Boggs offers different size posts, so you can bend many different size wires. If you are making only Red Fish spinners, one size is all you need. Joe
  11. Soft plastics are out of my field, but for a long time, I wondered about using Spike It in an air brush. Color selection may be limited, but there may be enough colors out there that mixing may be an option.. Comments??? Joe
  12. Joe

    Getting Legal

    Hey Chris, Give me a call when you get a chance. ( you have my number ) I can walk you through everything you need. I didn't forget your link, the girl is comming on Thursday to get me e mail straight and I have a list for her. Thanks, Joe
  13. I don't know if this is what Hoodaddy was refering to, but this is the jig I use. Here is a jig I made and had good success with. I don't have a pic of the gill template, but you should be able to get an idea as to how it works. The mesh is replaced with a piece of plastic from a paper binder sleve. The gills or whatever else you want to paint is cut into the plastic. The plastic has a little slack, so when the top of the jig is down, the plastic wraps around the bait just enough to create a seal. Mark the location of each bait, keep it in the same spot for each bait of the same type and paint.The plastic cleans up well and can be used over and over. The bait is attached to a dowl and nail holder and slides into a hole in the side of the jig allowing two hands free for painting. Attached Imagespics 001.jpg (65.1 KB, 75 views)pics 002.jpg (80.0 KB, 63 views)
  14. Joe

    foam question

    Travis, Check your PM Thanks, Joe
  15. Joe

    FLW Magazine

    Thanks Guy's, I had the first magazine, but it was the second article I couldn't find. Thanks again, Joe
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