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  1. Lurehead03

    Cnc plastic mold air relief

    Corian Nat brave enough to try aluminum yet I've cut Aluminum but it's wasn't pretty it' a just a chineese cnc router with a geko 540 and upgraded steppers
  2. Lurehead03

    Cnc plastic mold air relief

    always drill line up pin holes last went with .002 on ribs .004 on others but i'm going to surface .001 off as last pass made the gate bigger so in about 12hr.s we'll see if it works
  3. Lurehead03

    Cnc plastic mold air relief

    This is what I've come up with whats the verdict
  4. Lurehead03

    Cnc plastic mold air relief

    Thanks for comments I've used .003 but seems to let to much flash in Think i'll take one bait away so I can vent each rib and make sprue bigger and try that
  5. Lurehead03

    Cnc plastic mold air relief

    What is a good depth for vents in a CNC mold so that there is not much flash? Sugestions on venting this
  6. Lurehead03


    $" crawfish I designed caught alot of fish on it
  7. Lurehead03

    2 Del's 5.25 Senko Molds

    I have 2 used Del's 5.25 stick molds For Sale $55+ $6shp USPS/priority or $100tyd for both They have been modified for injecting
  8. Lurehead03

    sorry for your quag i was going to order some from them but think i will wait and see if you get satisfaction
  9. Lurehead03

    Airbrushing Hardbaits

    what tater said !!!! go to hobby lobby with the 40% off cupon
  10. Lurehead03

    Alabama Rig!

    here is one i made used a crappie float and sand paper
  11. Lurehead03


    i use the 5min HL epoxy for bills and line ties,hook hanger etc. i use devcon 2t 30min (from hobby club) for top coat most of the time it will 75/25 devcon and etex makes it brush on smoother and releases bubbles better than devcon by it self just be sure to mix the sh@#t out of it
  12. Lurehead03

    Old Bass Magnet Lure,

    is this what you are looking for
  13. Lurehead03

    If You Had $200 To Spend

    here you go
  14. Lurehead03

    If You Had $200 To Spend

    that what i did now i have 2 harbour freight abs 1 master and 2 paasche vls in a drawer and never use
  15. Lurehead03

    If You Had $200 To Spend

    I'd watch Hobby Lobby adds and when they run the 40% off coupon i'd go get the 159.00 iwata kit for 95 +tax and never look back