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  1. Looking for good heavy wire aberdeen 90 deg black nickel hook that won´t break the bank. Recomendations?
  2. do you still have them?
  3. I have been making soft plastic baits for 20 years. Never used a de-gasser. If you are heating in a micro-wave and are anal about micro bubbles, it probably makes sense. I find that heating 1-2 liters in presto pot and making mostly dark baits there is no need. It appears that heating from the bottom up and drawing plastic from the bottom makes bubbles irrelevant. my $0.02
  4. Has anyone tried automotive paints cut with DOP (softener)?
  5. Justa sayin. Heating in a pan is the answer.
  6. One way to speed it up is to put about 50-60 at a time in a frying pan on an electric burner. Take them out one ata time with pliers, runthrough the paint and hang. It takes about 5 sec per piece once they are heated up.
  7. Hi there, Any idea where I can buy bulk Nylon Hair, wholesale?
  8. A couple years ago someone sent me a catalog (printed on plain paper) of bulk wire forms, sold by the 1000s. They had spinnerbait forms, split rings, C forms, etc. I really coun´t meet their minimum order at the time, but now I am interested. For the life of me I can´t remember the name of the company. It was based in the USA. The name was something like Tiger Wire or Fire Wire. It was NOT Hagens, Spro, or any of the large manufacturers. Any one know who I could be talking about?
  9. Hi there, How much is you initial investment? Stephen
  10. I have one. Not for sale, but would be intersted in a trade.
  11. Where do they have the best deal on Chatterbait blades by the 100s?
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