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  1. robalo01

    Spin casting machine

    I can't see the pic
  2. I have mixed microbaloons with plastic. It works, but it messes up the colors. Why would you mix it with worm oil?
  3. It works. Put a little worm oil on the blades so you can pull the tube out easily.
  4. I put in a spacer and submerged in epoxy. Box them in with a small wooden box.
  5. Instead of normal single-edged razor blades, try replacement box cutter blades. They are longer.
  6. The design is right, but it only goes up to 3". I need 4.5-5"
  7. This is a 5" grub. The tail and body are more narrow that I have been able to find on the usual sites. Does anybody know of an injection mold for this grub? NOTE: I have seen a lot Fat Albert and Kalin grubs. I am looking for this more sleek model in particular. I think it was slod a while back by a "Wally Whale" brand, but I am not sure about that.
  8. Works great. No bleeding.
  9. So was the price $70 x 4 plates ($280dls) +$0.088 per bag? Stephen
  10. I just got some. I cut it with softener. Looks good. I am going to give it a try this weekend. It looks REALLY strong. 5 grams in 100ml of softner (Neon Yellow) is completely opaque. This stuff is made to mix with clear Plastisol base for screen printing. They have 5 neon colors.
  11. Are you using the ink? or the pigment powder?
  12. Whats the best place to get printed bags for packaging soft platsic baits? I am willing ot buy 10K.
  13. I am looking for options in colorants. Has anyone ever tried screen printing plastisol inks? A German company named Nazdar sell some pigment powder for mixing base plastisol that looks interesting. Has anyone ever tried them? Stephen
  14. I mix my own. I use 22% resin.
  15. I need to buy 30-40 White (natural) medium bucktails. I have been buying from Lureparts ($3.18 each with free shipping). They are out of stock on this color. Any idea where I can get a similar deal?
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