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  1. Salty's

    FET - constructive sale price

    That is incorrect. And also against the law. I would suggest you talk to your field agent. If you don't give a exemption to a vendor they are required to charge excise and you cannot by law deduct that excise if you pay it.
  2. Salty's

    Recommendations for Wire Looping Pliers

    I have been building saltwater lures for almost 20 years now. In that time Ive assembled easily more than 250,000 lures as a conservative number. In that time of bending nothing but .0625 bright stainless with a pair of 2202140 Knipex pliers I've never had a problem save for my first pair that just literally folded in my hands one day. I'm still on the second pair more than 10 years later and still don't have problems bending stainless wire with them. Maybe I got bigger popeye muscles than Mark LOLOL
  3. Salty's

    Epoxy Crystallizing

    Is very common with epoxy. Yes just heat it up. Would not microwave but have heard people do this. I would put in a pot of hot water.
  4. Salty's

    gold plating

    Spectrum metal is the company that Lakeland uses to plate their stuff.
  5. Salty's

    gold plating

    Lakeland doesn't plate their stuff they send it out.
  6. Salty's

    overcoat for chrome?

  7. Salty's

    overcoat for chrome?

    Amyl acetate is not a solvent. It's BANANA OIL
  8. Salty's

    overcoat for chrome?

    amyl acetate
  9. Salty's

    good way to fill up truewire slit ?

  10. Salty's

    History of tackleunderground

    I got on TU back around the day Al Gore invented the internet. I enjoy reading what others do and get a good laugh sometimes here or there. You guys make me feel old
  11. Salty's

    Tackle Show Opinions

    Now I'm being SALTY LOL Facebook sucks. Excuse the Francais. I was on facebook and imo it's a place where people are too negative. It breeds too many bad things. I don't do facebook. If you realized how they track you and how much money your worth to them you wouldn't want to give them the time of day either. 100% word of mouth business on my website. I stopped advertising many years ago. Waste of money just like shows. If your product works or it's unique it will sell itself. You don't need to give away 500 or more lures to get into a booth at a show. I used to do 4-6 10x10 booths at each show. Huge amount of work. Lost time. No life. Work for .11 an hour. 14 years of shows from NH to PA. $30k in travel a year for shows. yuck. Fishing industry is a land that time forgot. My 1950's catalogs have higher wholesale prices than they do now. Thank China for that. Going on 18 years this year still no Lear jet in my driveway. Want to know what the best advertising is in my business and what sells lures? Not $800 a month magazine ads. Not $1000 trade show displays. Not $3000 booth rent in a show. Its the guy on the beach/jetty bailing fish one after another. The guy next to him is catching squat. He looks over and asks what the guy is throwing. Thats what sells lures in this business... You can have all the pretty paint jobs and epoxy coats you want. If it doesn't catch fish you ain't going anywhere. Real quick.
  12. Salty's

    Tackle Show Opinions

    There's 3 people who make money at a tackle show. IT AINT YOU It is however.... The Hall The Show promoter ...and the IRS.......... Tackle shows are a complete and utter waste of time and money. Glorified flea markets in most cases.
  13. Salty's

    Lure consistency

    Mark you missed the point. Happy New Year.
  14. Salty's

    Lure consistency

    ;(work offset X12 Z42) N20 G21 G18 G64 G80 G90 M49 G40 G49 ; TOOL definition N40 G94 G00 X20.0 Z50.0 N50 M05 M09 N60 ( Turning tool ) N70 M06 T2 N80 G43 H2 S0 N90 S500 M03 F200 M08 N100 G00 X12.0 Z42.0 N110 G01 X12.0 Z41.6 N120 X0.0 Z41.6 N130 G00 X2.675 Z42.6 N140 X12.0 Z42.6 N150 G01 X12.0 Z41.2 N160 X0.0 Z41.2 N170 G00 X2.675 Z42.2 N180 X12.0 Z42.2 N190 G01 X12.0 Z40.8 N200 X0.0 Z40.8 N210 G00 X2.675 Z41.8 N220 X12.0 Z41.8 N230 G01 X12.0 Z40.4 N240 X0.0 Z40.4 N250 G00 X2.675 Z41.4 N260 X12.0 Z41.4 N270 G01 X12.0 Z40.0 N280 X3.141 Z40.0 N290 X3.071 Z40.071 N300 G03 X3.0 Z40.1 I3.0 K40.0 N310 G01 X0.0 Z40.1 N320 G00 X2.675 Z41.1 N330 X6.687 Z42.6 N340 X12.0 Z42.6 N350 X12.0 Z42.0 N360 X12.0 Z40.0 N370 G01 X11.508 Z40.0 N380 X11.508 Z8.01 N390 G00 X12.508 Z8.384
  15. Salty's

    Home Made Screweyes

    I agree but take it one step further. Get yourself thin, medium and thick CA glue and some accelerator. I use CA to hold the nose loops in on my darters. In EVERY test I have done pulling, pushing, twisting, etc you will BREAK a .062 stainless wire before the CA bond will fail. The thick will fill gaps....