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  1. Tackle Show Opinions

    There's 3 people who make money at a tackle show. IT AINT YOU It is however.... The Hall The Show promoter ...and the IRS.......... Tackle shows are a complete and utter waste of time and money. Glorified flea markets in most cases.
  2. Lure consistency

    Mark you missed the point. Happy New Year.
  3. Lure consistency

    ;(work offset X12 Z42) N20 G21 G18 G64 G80 G90 M49 G40 G49 ; TOOL definition N40 G94 G00 X20.0 Z50.0 N50 M05 M09 N60 ( Turning tool ) N70 M06 T2 N80 G43 H2 S0 N90 S500 M03 F200 M08 N100 G00 X12.0 Z42.0 N110 G01 X12.0 Z41.6 N120 X0.0 Z41.6 N130 G00 X2.675 Z42.6 N140 X12.0 Z42.6 N150 G01 X12.0 Z41.2 N160 X0.0 Z41.2 N170 G00 X2.675 Z42.2 N180 X12.0 Z42.2 N190 G01 X12.0 Z40.8 N200 X0.0 Z40.8 N210 G00 X2.675 Z41.8 N220 X12.0 Z41.8 N230 G01 X12.0 Z40.4 N240 X0.0 Z40.4 N250 G00 X2.675 Z41.4 N260 X12.0 Z41.4 N270 G01 X12.0 Z40.0 N280 X3.141 Z40.0 N290 X3.071 Z40.071 N300 G03 X3.0 Z40.1 I3.0 K40.0 N310 G01 X0.0 Z40.1 N320 G00 X2.675 Z41.1 N330 X6.687 Z42.6 N340 X12.0 Z42.6 N350 X12.0 Z42.0 N360 X12.0 Z40.0 N370 G01 X11.508 Z40.0 N380 X11.508 Z8.01 N390 G00 X12.508 Z8.384
  4. Home Made Screweyes

    I agree but take it one step further. Get yourself thin, medium and thick CA glue and some accelerator. I use CA to hold the nose loops in on my darters. In EVERY test I have done pulling, pushing, twisting, etc you will BREAK a .062 stainless wire before the CA bond will fail. The thick will fill gaps....
  5. Kbs Diamond Top Coat

    Hi Nathan unfortunately there are some things I cannot show. There are some very specialized purpose built machines here that I cannot let be viewed online. I show a few of our machines on Youtube but there is stuff that would get cloned in an instant if I showed in operation. That being said if you are up near Boston please look me up I'd be happy to give you the .05 tour.
  6. Kbs Diamond Top Coat

    Tnx Mark you too! Little vaca starting today in Niagara Falls and right back at it Monday! Here's something you can put kbs on:
  7. Kbs Diamond Top Coat

    LOL Hi Mark!
  8. Kbs Diamond Top Coat

    ? 2 year old thread? Not going to waste my time researching this. It's a well known issue. Still bubbles with this product today. Not sure what your beef is that you bumped a 2yo thread...
  9. Bob Smith Epoxy

    BSI 30 min with one coat is a pretty substantial thickness coating. Highly recommend a real camels hair brush to lay this stuff down. Use Acetone to clean the brush after and can be reused over and over as long as you clean the brush well. It's a 93 gloss coating. IMO one of the best to use on home builder baits. Sensitization is a problem with any epoxy resin. Gloves are highly recommended also. PPE first.
  10. Saltwater Hardbait Blanks?

  11. Saltwater Hardbait Blanks?

    I'm drawing a blank here.
  12. Kbs Diamond Clear Coat Aerosol Can Update

    I recognize those lures
  13. Tester Paints

    Testors and Bob Smith Epoxy work fine I can tell you this. 2-3 drops of denatured (NOT RUBBING) alcohol. People pick up these lures constantly and love the finish on them.
  14. new luremaking software

    Google Sketchup works great. Many free or low cost out there. All can be converted to gcode.
  15. new luremaking software

    It's free but you get nothing out of it. They don't give you any gcode etc. You have to buy from them.