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  1. Hows that clearcoat working out
  2. Lets go take a ride....post the address.....A lock in a sock will do wonders to smarten this dirtbag up
  3. It's a Henway..... LOL definite antique Bomber.
  4. Salty's

    Topwater Wood

    Red, White, Yellow, some Port Orford Cedar Pines, not yellow. Eastern White and Sugar. You want high buoyancy woods especially for topwater. If you use fishing lure screweyes and epoxy or ca glue them in they will not pull. If you are that concerned use through wire technique like saltwater does. Not necessary if you have the right thread taper for the screw eyes.
  5. If I had a $1 for every time someone told me that a particular lure was the only consistent fish catcher.... Well lets just say I would have a Lear jet in my driveway.
  6. Wait...you make $15 an hour?? Whats your secret!!! LOL I'm still only making $2 an hour and it's been almost 19 years now? I'm jealous now
  7. Paint flow is all about the SUBSTRATE or coating under the paint... If you are having problems go to a harder coating under. You will get better flow.
  8. Worn o rings would be my guess.
  9. I predict this will be the single most viewed post here in history LOL
  10. I just melt down car batteries Yes I'm kidding..... Lead should be poured outside. $2 a lb is pretty much going rate.
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