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  1. Salty's

    Big name company’s topcoat

    No reason to lie. They are out of business. B&B You won't be buying there anymore sri. Plenty of alternatives.
  2. Salty's

    Big name company’s topcoat

    They are out of business.
  3. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    If its a 120V motor and you cut the juice by half it should slow way down.
  4. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    Speed controls don't typically speed things up. They reduce the speed. Should work. Wouldnt see why not.
  5. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    Yes that one out of the package is the same basically as the router speed control. Should work fine.
  6. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    That is an AC motor so you would need a motor speed controller or an old style 110v variable voltage control. 10 rpm would be flying. You want to stay between 2 and 4 rpm. Ya don't want to be flinging the epoxy off LOL
  7. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    You can do that too but more involved. I can't see the plate so can't comment on the motor.
  8. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    Here is an example of one that will run on low voltage. This is an example of one you DONT want. The voltage rating is too high to step down at 14 rpm it would be about 1/2 rpm at low voltage. The price on these has really jacked through the roof, this is all people trying to capitalize on makerbot stuff which wasnt around when I was using these. They did they same thing to cnc motors I used to buy on freakbay-someone figured out you could use them as windmill generators and the price went up 20x what they used to sell for. Crooks.
  9. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    Also one thing that I used to do was to drill the shafts and install a keyring at the end of the shaft. Then you can hook 20 or more baits at a time on it. I used to use Stanley 4" angles from Homies screwed to a piece of scrap wood to support every 4-5 lures and hook these end to end. I'd string them right across the shop between benches and use vise grips to hold the opposite end.
  10. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    The two biggest problems with the grill motors is LOUDNESS and cheap construction. A bodine gearmotor is 100% silent... it will turn your hand off your wrist with torque. A faster speed can be run on a low voltage wall wart...and a switchable style wall wart can be used to change the speed as can a rheostat wired inline. They can be had for cheap...keep looking. You will find them for $25 or less.
  11. Salty's

    Rotissiere motor

    Find a Bodine gear motor. Will last you forever and a day. Maybe longer life than cockroaches or taxes.
  12. Salty's

    Old style pointy propellers

    Tnx Travis. I can stamp them myself but would have to make a tool for the press which is abt $5k. I need 1000 to start so Janns (who I didn't think of tnx) and lpo would not be workable. Will keep looking, was hoping someone here may have knowledge of who it that makes them already.
  13. Salty's

    Old style pointy propellers

    Trying to source the mfg on these for a recreation of the Dalton Special? I have the dumbell/round style now but looking for the pointy ones specifically to keep the lure true to original. Anyone help on this? Happy New Year all!
  14. Salty's

    Copy Right

    ok I'm suing you for taking my name
  15. Salty's

    Extending pot life of slow cure epoxy?

    Definitely spread it out. Make a tin foil dish and pour it out right after you mix.