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  1. civicdx

    Nil's inspiration from his Grumpy...

    Awesome pours!!!
  2. civicdx

    Good Beaver Molds

    the handle does get hot on the anchor quick but i like the anchor because of the thinner handle easier for me to use
  3. civicdx

    Good Beaver Molds

    Anchor is the best IMHO
  4. civicdx

    trout plugs

    if you use basswood with screw eyes that would work great but screw eyes and balsa will work just epoxy them in there good! and make sure there atleast an inch long good luck
  5. civicdx

    scale burning?

    how do you burn scales into wood?
  6. civicdx

    best clear coat finish for wooden lures??

    devcon 2ton and etex are most used around here do a search for more info theres plenty! to read
  7. civicdx

    Look familiar woodsac???

    doesnt janns make those?
  8. civicdx

    big topwaters

    you should be fine be fine i dont think it will sink i make big pencil poppers no weight there 2.8oz of basswood the with clear coat BIG hooks there around 4oz and work perfect
  9. civicdx

    lexon thickness

    1/8 for big baits and 1/16 for small
  10. civicdx


    scuff up the clear coat on the crankbait alittle bit then put the devcon on i get it at wal-mart just keep trying there theres alot!! of people in mass that use it.
  11. civicdx

    Pics of my first laminates

    very nice!!
  12. civicdx

    6,300 4" Lizards

  13. civicdx

    First Fish Caught On One Of My Lures

    nice job man
  14. civicdx

    lacquer paint

    whats a good lacquer paint?