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  1. Does anyone know who supplies lunker lure with their skirts. I use their Green Gourd color #124 and love it! It is one of my best confidence colors next to the old black/blue. It is excellent when the fish are on bluegills. It is like the old pumkin pepper green which lunker lure also makes but #124 is actually the same color but with about twice to three times the amount of green glitter in it. I have looked at some of the more popular skirt suppliers with no luck. (Barlow's,netcrat,etc.) Would anyone know where to get them possibly. I know they are available somewhere because I saw an off brand jig maker using them at a small tackle store here in Texas. Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. angling777

    EnviroTex Lite Yellowing?

    I have asked this before but never found anyone who used it very long. I have used it for a few months and the finish is great and super hard. But the real question is does it yellow? I put a bait in the window all summer long and it hasn't yellowed yet. I would love to hear your input. Thanks.
  3. angling777

    Lunker Lure Skirt Color

    Since I know this is a hard question, does anyone know where Lunker Lure buys their skirts from maybe I could get them there. I tried ordering skirts from them but they only sell those with the jigs. Thanks again!
  4. angling777

    Lunker Lure Skirt Color

    Does anyone know a place to get the skirt color 124 (Gourd Green). Lunker Lure Rattle Back has made this color for several years and I have never seen this color on any other jig. It is not pumpkin pepper green that almost all companies make. It looks the same but basically no pepper. The jig really just looks like a bright green flake jig. If you would know how what companymight have some I would appreciate it. I have checked, stamina, etc. Thanks!
  5. angling777

    Computer circuit board for lips

    I have another question, I am new to this. Does anyone know where and what kind of computer circuit board that is used in many crankbaits made in Tennessee and the surrounding states. Where would a person go about buying that? It looks like it might be easier also to work with than Lexan due to the difficulty in cutting Lexan. I have gone to Radio Shack and several wholesale computer places looking for it but all that I find is too thick or not the right kind (green instead of tan colored). Thanks in advance!
  6. angling777

    EnviroTex Lite Yellowing?

    Does anyone know if the Envirotex Lite 2 part mixture yellows. I used it for the first time the other day on some practice baits to test it out to see if it yellows. It is hard as nails and looks like it will work great. Kind of hard to deal with but seems great. Let me know if there is something better that doesn't yellow but still has that hard coat. Thanks!