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  1. After I received the motor from eBay a found an old motor on the shelf near the rack. It was hiding under debris from the last quake. Basement is getting insulated so everything is on hold til the work is completed. I’ll update the progress. Thanks for the support. ( I’ll run for office again next year. Please vote. I need a job. )
  2. And at 10 rpm’s for starters, this might not draw enough for a speed control to have enough of an impact to cut that down. Am I in the right here??
  3. So how would that control work on a motor that I just want slowed, never faster??? These things I have never explored so bear with me. I am computer illiterate. Just want to plug things in and have them work.
  4. I sent for that motor. I used to turn Muskie size baits. Now making other wood projects. Tossed the old rotissiere motor, and projects are waiting.
  5. Would this do? Too cheap?
  6. Maybe this 10 rpm will work as is. I just don’t remember what the old motor turned at. I think if it is too fast the epoxy won’t move about on the lure. Am I right?
  7. Here is a Bodine electric 10 rpm. Not guud? I may slow it with diff pulleys.
  8. Travis - save a motor for me.
  9. Can a reostat? ( is that the proper word?) variable speed control be added to an electric motor without harming it?
  10. This variable control, is it an add on feature?
  11. Is 10 rpm too fast when using Etex? Rack will be spinning in basement where it is cool, below 70 degrees.
  12. 21xdc-description of item does not say how many rpms. Can you give me an idea what yours does? Thanks
  13. Found a Bodine for $260 that does 8.5 or 10 rpm’s. Maybe ask Santa for next year.
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