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  1. I have heated the lures in the past with a propane torch on low. Even breathed on them to burp the Etex. Didn’t know the trick about the brushes. Thanks.
  2. I will try paint then a water based sealant over the top b4 Etex. I have gone to pouring it on as brushing seems to leave tracks. Tracks that won’t go away.
  3. I have two paint colors thin over the wood to show the wood grain through. Should I seal those paints with a water based poly before I apply Etex?
  4. I already have two coats on it, of Etex. Don’t want to do a third. Sanding some off wonts help, just the tacky areas? I let both parts sit in the mixing cup for a few after mixing. I’ve read that it won’t run as much this way. What do you think of this?
  5. I am having trouble getting the Etex curing on lures. Never had this issue b4. I work in the basement. We bought a dehumidifier that brought the number from 71 to the mid 40’s. Is this critical? I wipe down the pieces with an alcohol swab before applying. I wear gloves as well. To keep oils from affecting the coating. I still get spots where it has pulled away from a spot. Very troubling. Should I sand off epoxy and start again?
  6. Is there a better brush choice?
  7. Both bottles looked guud after a peek the other day. How do you pros apply it? Pour it on, or brush it? If you dip it in and pick some of the ET with a brush, what type of brush works best? I’ve tried these cheap ones. Use once and throw in a volcano. Do you pinch the collar some to keep the bristles staying put? Thanks.
  8. Going to open a box that has to have been sitting 10 years in my cabinet in back. Think it is still ok to use?
  9. After I received the motor from eBay a found an old motor on the shelf near the rack. It was hiding under debris from the last quake. Basement is getting insulated so everything is on hold til the work is completed. I’ll update the progress. Thanks for the support. ( I’ll run for office again next year. Please vote. I need a job. )
  10. And at 10 rpm’s for starters, this might not draw enough for a speed control to have enough of an impact to cut that down. Am I in the right here??
  11. So how would that control work on a motor that I just want slowed, never faster??? These things I have never explored so bear with me. I am computer illiterate. Just want to plug things in and have them work.
  12. I sent for that motor. I used to turn Muskie size baits. Now making other wood projects. Tossed the old rotissiere motor, and projects are waiting.
  13. Maybe this 10 rpm will work as is. I just don’t remember what the old motor turned at. I think if it is too fast the epoxy won’t move about on the lure. Am I right?
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