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  1. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    Thanks. Just checked it again and epoxy is dry, not tacky. Now I can coat her fender after woodburning a name onto the maple. This sets up so fast that a motor is not needed yet. Cooling off here behind front with less humidity. Wonder if that will change the dry times? Wait n see. Have a guud one.
  2. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    My second coat has firmed up already so it’s not sagging. ( I had better go check it ). Years back after stirring a & b I would let it sit for a bit before brushing it on. Maybe it’s age has something to do with it. I still have an unopened box of E-Tex that was priced at HobbyLobby from 2009. Do t know the mfg’d date.
  3. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    Forgot to mention I’m just flipping maple fender over every few minutes and reclamping in to work bench. One end of piece is still raw. That is where I clamp and maybe it will set up quickly. A long time ago someone here flipped this lures after coating, hanging by screw eyes in the nose n tail.
  4. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    Can’t find any motors locally. I made a maple wood fender I soaked and bent for my recumbent trike and wanted to protect it with E-Tex. Old epoxy too. Working in basement where it is cooler but I’m sure the humidity is high. Used a torch to expell the bubbles and it really turned out well for the age of the ET. Going to do wife’s fender next. I have to round edges more so epoxy doesn’t pull away.
  5. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    Going to take my motor to an electrical shop soon to see if it can be changed so it never stops and reverses. Found a stainless motor on line but in only does 2.5-3 rpm. Too slow??
  6. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    Any other methods you pros use when needing to turn an E-Tex’d lure???
  7. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    That is the lowest $$ I have seen. My Linde or Lunde is working again but goes 180 then reverses. I don’t recall that happening before. And it has been several years since made a wood bait and used my setup. Thanks.
  8. finlander

    6 rpm rotisserie motor

    Gentlemen. Greetings. I haven’t been here in a long time. What I need help with is a good source for a motor. Tried turning something coated with E-Tex this am and came home to find it in the 6 o’clock position. E-Tex had slid south a bit. Motor stopped its turning. Would like a motor that keeps the revolutions going, not stopping after so many minutes and goes to an oscillating mode. Thanks for your help. bhw
  9. finlander

    Glo paints

    Thanks for the quick reply. I never knew what to add to the powder. I wondered if there was another source for powders/paints that had popped up in the few years I have been away from lure making...
  10. finlander

    Glo paints

    Wondering what the longest lasting glo paint is available now. Bought a GloNation liquid years back. Can't find it of course. What is the shelf life on these products also. Thanks
  11. finlander

    Glo-Nation Phosphorous Green

    I bought the paint instead of the powder they offer. Wanted to make it easy the First time out. Looked on their site and youtube but it shows working with the powders only. I'll try water first. Thanks for the reply.
  12. finlander

    Glo-Nation Phosphorous Green

    Hi everyone. Haven't visited for awhile. I recently bought some glo green and brushed it on some plastic caps. Doesn't look so great. Anyone here ever use it thru their airbrush, and what did u thin it with? Thanks.
  13. finlander

    Oil Vs Oil-less Compressors

    I am using the smallest Bear Air compressor they offer. Fairly quiet. But it kicks on immediately, as soon as I spray. Last night was the first time I pushed paint in a long while. I was painting on watercolor paper, a brown trout scheme. Forgot to let it cool after a bit. I noticed how hot it was after I finished. I had been dumping paint in the cup, one color right after the other. Hope I didnt cook the compressor. Questions are these...How big of a unit do I have to go to not have it kick on right away?. Diff between oil and oiless ones. I use just one Iwata. I dont paint lures much anymore. If I did, it wouldnt get used continuously, like last night. Brands and sizes you can suggest. Quiet is a plus. My parrot wasnt pleased with the on and off last night, 11:00pm. Thanks for any and all input.
  14. finlander

    Envirotex Problem

    Hi from Michigan. I have used ET exclusively. I buy little measuring cups from a medical outlet locally. You can search Ebay, most everything is available there. Small baits like yours prolly only need 1 coat. Watch your hands so that oil does not get on the bait before applying, as this will create a bare spot. I am looking to make a few walleye baits soon, and have not made baits in awhile. So I need to follow my instructions I gave to you also. Good luck!
  15. finlander

    Cabon Dioxide Tank For Air Brushing?

    I too bought a large noisy CHEEP tank 'pressor that I now use for the bicyle tires. I went to long hose to run it from the other end of the basement. Then I lost pressure. So Bear Air got my money for a $100 small compressor. Very quiet, Sits at my feet, and I can still hear the music. Runs all the time though, as soon as I depress the AB trigger.