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  1. I thought I would give a review of the 12 oz 2in diameter barrel injector after a few uses. First off its fit and finish is a 9.5 out of 10. The plunger head uses 2 o rings, which along with the extra plastic inside gives a bit more resistance and requires a little more force to inject. I found pre heating the injector helps as well as a bit of lube behind the plunger so it works smoothly. I usually use a 5 gallon hot pot 3/4 full with the injector hanging inside to keep it warm and I'm sure it will work better when I get to running a larger run of baits. The barrel could use a grip section near the top as its smooth 2" diameter is a little hard to hold on to. The metal T handle is a definete upgrade over the plastic style knob found on other smaller injectors. Overall a very nice product that is probably the only big hand injector on the market.
  2. Just checked on del-mart.com as I haven't been there in a while, says store is closed ?
  3. Tubeman

    Epoxy lure eyes

    Hi Zach, Yes I have lots of the 1/2" eyes left, selling them at 5 cents Canadian funds each (about 3.75 cents USD) as I switched to another manufacturer which is more suited to soft plastics. Let me know how many and I'll get you price shipped to VA from Canada. Thanks, Mike Nabulsi Quote
  4. Thanks for the information guys much appreciated!
  5. Does anybody know of a machinist or mold maker that manufacturers at 2 in outside diameter plastic injector ? I'm looking for one that shoots 12 to 20 oz. Thanks for your help.
  6. The colors I'm using that bleed are from Lurecraft. I'm not sure if the dyes that are used have changed in the past 10 years. I know pumpkinseed and root beer are prone to bleed through.
  7. I use VPI thinner with a lint free paper towel. I find you have to have the paper fair well saturated with thinner and keep folding it after each wipe or you'll end up smearing the paint on to the cleaned sections of the bait. Once you try it, you'll see that the VPI thinner will soften the plastic so it needs to be done with some amount of care. The lint free paper is important as regular paper towel or even worse kleenex will start sticking to the bait and fall apart. Once your bait is clean, its also prepped for paint as the VPI thinner makes the surface slightly sticky for great paint adhesion.
  8. Question for everyone, I've been using some older root beer and pumpkinseed colorants and find they bleed into laminate layers like white or lighter colors. The only place I can find non bleed colorants for sale is MF Manufacturing. Anyone used these and are there other alternative sources to buy non bleed colorants ? Thanks, Mike
  9. Tubeman

    Epoxy lure eyes

    Just whats listed. Thanks, Mike
  10. Tubeman

    Epoxy lure eyes

    Anybody looking for 3D epoxy lure eyes, we have about 20,000 13 mm or 1/2 inch and 10,000 11 mm or 7/16 inch for sale. Price is $20 CND ($15 USD) per thousand. Brand new, pupils are too small compared to what we normally use. Pm me if your interested
  11. Tubeman


    We make a mustard coloured tube. https://bassmagnetlures-waterwolflures.com/product/finesse-fry-tube/
  12. I ordered mine by phone from Bass Tackle a few years ago...volume is about 10 true useable oz
  13. Tubeman

    Musky Lure

    I haven't posted TU in a long time but I saw this post and had to put in my two cents. I have always used wire bender in the pictures below. It's designed for .051 wire but I used a dremel tool with a cut off wheel and opened up both dies enough to fit in the .062. I can bend .062 all day long with this set up, it wraps really well.
  14. Well just found another use for the vac pot, salt when premixed with plastisol. Although it takes longer, probably 10 min and a few gas releases. This has definitely made our stick baits that have a smoke or clear finish a lot less cloudy looking and there is very little gas release once its been cooked and in the hot pot.
  15. From what I know, they shoot their baits white and print over them.
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