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  1. u63405

    Diemai Spoons

    You're too modest Anything custom made is special in my book
  2. had to share the beauty and craftsmanship in Dieter's Spoons. Just Awesome!! Thank you sir!!
  3. u63405


    Wow. Niiiiicccceeee!!
  4. u63405

    New stand for Esox

    That's Insanely Great!! A master piece!
  5. u63405

    Warmouth crankbait

  6. LOL!! the last two lures i made, i used glitter and had it EVERYWHERE, clothes, shoes, pants, face, hands....Wife thought I was glamming up for a nite on the town.
  7. u63405


    I like it. looks very nice and might be an alternative to using duct work tape.
  8. An Excellent Idea! thank you. I just bought some li'l critter craw kits and they came in the plano stowaway with dividers. When I first opened the box I was confused as to why they would toss in some dividers when the craws are as big as the box but now I'm glad to have em.
  9. add anuther to my arsenal for spring:)
  10. Great Thread and some very interesting hobbies!! As for me, I love fishing, cooking and most of all airbrushing....
  11. u63405

    Reaction Strike Bluegills

    Excellent!! 5++++++ Rating!!
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