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    Plastic Sticking To Mold

    I have two aluminum hand pour stick molds and I remelted some year old sticks because they were too stiff. I added a little softener and plastic to the cut up sticks, melted the plastic, stirred it up good and poured it into my two molds. I went to pull apart the molds and what I found was a gooey mess in both molds. I assume I added too much softener so I scraped as much of the remelted plastic as I could back into my cup and added a little plastic and reheated. While my plastic was reheating I took salt and a wire brush to clean up the remaining goo from my molds put them back together and poured the plastic in the molds. This time when I took the molds apart the plastic stuck to one mold and not the other. I can't figure out why the plastic would stick to one mold and not the other. Should I add some type of release agent to the sticky mold?
  2. BassnG3

    Quick Salt Question

    I buy popcorn salt by the case from my local party supply store. With popcorn salt I found no reason to grind/flour salt.
  3. BassnG3

    Worm Oil

    Salt is not as messy as oil and your worms will not dry out plus it keeps baits from sticking together. I tried baby oil when I first started pouring and my worms turned stiff in a couple days.
  4. BassnG3

    Plastic Boat Repair

    I have an eight foot plastic BassHunter "pond hopper" boat that is about ten years old and I have finally wore about a quarter size hole in the bottom corner . I am looking for reccommendations for repairing the hole. I thought about shooting some great stuff foam in the hole then covering it with something but not sure what to use to cover. Anyone have any ideas??? Thanks Scott
  5. BassnG3


    I buy my popcorn salt by the case from a local party supply store that sells commercial type popcorn machines. Break out the yellow pages and call around.
  6. BassnG3

    First Laminates Issue

    What mold did you use? I like the design of that worm...
  7. BassnG3

    substitution for worm oil

    If all you are trying to do is keep your baits from sticking together bag them with salt instead. Less mess and easier obtained.
  8. BassnG3

    What to order?

    I like to make color combinations with glitter and hilite that I have never seen before. Scott
  9. BassnG3

    What to order?

    There are alot of opinions on this I'm sure. I would add green pumpkin, pumpkinseed, purple, black, red and some bright colors like pink, yellow and white. After a while you will find that there is always a color out there that you would like to pour and you will keep ordering coloring and glitter. After all it is an addiction... Scott
  10. BassnG3

    Swimbait Plastic

    Appreciate all the replies!! Scott
  11. BassnG3

    Swimbait Plastic

    Just curious to hear what plastic everyone is using to make their swimbaits. I have one of Bobs 2 piece molds and I used Ozark to make some baits and they were too soft. Was looking at trying either Lurecraft regular or MF regular. Just looking for suggestions. Scott
  12. BassnG3

    Worm oil alternative?

    What are you using the worm oil for? If it is for packaging just roll them in salt. Scott
  13. BassnG3

    Tubes for a newbie

    Just tubes...
  14. BassnG3

    First try at laminated sticks...

    Good job!! Very nice.
  15. BassnG3

    Favorite color stik

    Pumpkinseed with chartreuse tail...
  16. BassnG3

    Plastic questions

    Go with the aluminum mold if you can it will last longer. Scott
  17. BassnG3

    Newbie question

    Warm up your molds and keep them warm. I just set them on a hot plate and leave it set at warm in between pours. Use smaller amounts of plastic in colder weather to reduce number of reheats. Lastly do a search and review the archived posts there is a ton of useful info and when all else fails ask... Scott
  18. BassnG3

    Worm bags and storage?

    Don't store them in worm oil try "flouring" them in salt and storing in bags. Scott
  19. BassnG3

    microwaving plastic?

    Initially go with 2 minutes remove and stir then go in 30 sec increments until done. Just watch it close and stir, stir, stir until ready. I add color when cold and add glitter just before pouring. I use small amounts to minimize number of times that you have to reheat. It will take you a few times before you get it all figured out but try to keep notes (especially recipes) and measure everything you add for consistency. Scott
  20. BassnG3

    bubbles in my pours??

    Could be a number of things: Don't stir with anything wood, plastic mixed, plastic still agitated after mixing just to name a few. Keep practicing and look thru the archives for other posts about this. You will find with practice comes perfection. Scott
  21. BassnG3

    Ozark's Plastisol

    I use it and no problems so far. No it is not re-sold Calhoun.
  22. BassnG3

    Deps Ambileg

    Years ago you could buy a piece of plastic where one end went around the eye of your hook and the other end went over the barb of the hook. Can't remember who made them but they were the same type idea as this lure.
  23. BassnG3

    Help... First Pour Troubles

    Is it a gooey mess now? If so just pour some salt on it and wipe it out.
  24. BassnG3

    The Lab Is Open!!!

    TOO NEAT!! Looks good it won't be neat for long and soon you will be churning out some great baits.
  25. BassnG3

    Scent in Stick Worms

    I use Lurecraft scents (garlic and shad) and add about 20 drops per 1/4 cup. This is after I have added softener to my plastic.