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  1. earthworm77

    Jig Heads

    cast industries
  2. earthworm77

    Box of swimbait parts, bodies and mold for trade

  3. earthworm77

    Box of swimbait parts, bodies and mold for trade

    I thought I wanted to get into making swimbaits. The truth is I think I hate cutting, trimming and sanding the bodies. It seems too much like work. I have amassed a decent sized box of parts and bodies I'd like to trade as a single group, the whole shebang. If you know what you are looking at you can see there are 3 complete Baby Wake type bodies, about 7 or 8 complete Bull shad type bodies still on the sprue as well as a host of other baits in various stages of completion as well as a shad mold that has two separate tail length molds. I think there is some decent value here for someone who fishes swimbaits. I am interested in a trade for: Clear plastic crankbait, topwater blanks, balsa blanks with circuit board lips, weedless bass jigs or jig heads, finished soft plastics. If someone who molds soft plastics offered to make some special colored baits for me, I'd be interested. I'm not interested in cash and I'm not going to split the lot up. I like the barter system photo below Please send a private message if interested.
  4. earthworm77

    Paint BLeeding

    I am using a copic airbrush because I lack the skill and patience you guys have. I've noticed that with the Etex it does bleed a little when you brush it on. The issue hasn't been bad, it actually enhances some of the patterns I paint. It usually makes the bait look a little more natural in my opinion.
  5. earthworm77

    Blueback shad

    Allen, awesome bait, what are you using as a hook on those?
  6. earthworm77


    What is the body of the Hinkle baits made of, are they wood or resin? Dome of them are selling for over 600.00. And they are normally 300 to 500 each. Is that excessive?
  7. earthworm77


    Thanks Mark, again, I think I have very little artistic talent compared to many of you guys. the pictures aren't even a true representation of how well the Copics work for me. They look incredible holding one in your hand.
  8. earthworm77


    Some of what is out there and the prices of it makes me scratch my head as well. I think if an ugly bait catches a big fish in swimbait circles of California, it gains a reputation and that add to its price tag. Again some of the most expensive baits are not the best looking or highest quality crafted seems. The Roman stuff might be great, but I can't imagine there aren't lesser costing baits that are equally if not more effective.
  9. earthworm77


    I've painted close to 30 large swim baits, I have not run out of pen but they do make refills that refill the markers 4 or 5X that cost about 6.00. They are alcohol based......just use devcon 2, they won't run. I have zero artistic talent, with these markers, a few people might think I at least slightly know what I am doing.
  10. earthworm77


    The best thing is that it is no longer necessary to clean up after each color. The copic system does not really allow for any adjustment in the paint stream but it is pretty good if you realize the systems limitations. I'm painting swimbaits and I've done some bluegills that are out of this world. I really have no artistic talent but this system has me producing some really nice paint jobs.
  11. earthworm77


    I just devcon the swim baits I am painting, they are coming out great and the paint does not run at all. The epoxy makes the colors pop as well. I'd put some photos up to show you but I don't want to get in trouble.
  12. earthworm77


    I also have the 80ct set from China. It is brand Touch Five. They are ok but nowhere near as good as "Copic" brand, that don't usually need any adjustment to the nib to spray correctly.
  13. earthworm77

    alumilite and RP-40

  14. earthworm77

    ultralight crankbait lips

    I would look into circuit board first, it is generally thinner than lexan. I am getting .083 lexan and .093 lexan in places like home depot or lowes. I don't know if much thinner than that would be strong enough.....or better than CD cases.......circuit board is the way to go here.
  15. earthworm77

    alumilite and RP-40

    Is there a difference between the two? I am looking for Alumilite in half gallon qty and found RP-40. It has a similar demold time as Alumilite but the resin is beige rather than it a good hardness for casting crank baits?