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  1. Art Brush

    Aging molds

    Johan, If I'm reading the spec sheet correctly and your distributer has "Dow Corning 200 Fluid, 50 cSt." it looks like you can bump the shore hardness up from 25 to 61. I think your molds are wearing out due to the low shore hardness. The lower the shore hardness the lower the shelf life. They are more porous and deteriorate quickly. As an alternative you could try anything from the moldmax series and add ure-fil 3. Ure-fil 3 is a ceramic based powder that can be used to raise shore hardness in smooth-on rtv's. I've not tried it yet but it sounds like it would have the silt-like action of silastic j which has a shore hardness of 56. I'm not sure what ya mean by PUR or molding-epoxy. All epoxies kill rtv quickly. Shawn
  2. Art Brush

    Plastic Cranks

    Gitzit, There is one revision... a more fool proof spru and vent system can be seen here. I refer to it as Vytautas's Twin Tail Ports. The mold in my tutorial needs to be shaken nose down to release any airbubbles that get trapped under the lip notch when casting blanks. Vy's ports keep the lure nose down while casting thus releasing any air. That's the only revision I'd make to the tutorial. Thanx for the kind words. Tight Lines, Shawn
  3. Art Brush

    good to be back - how do I post photos?

    The rattle can Rembrant returns! Glad you're back Rob. Jerry is currently reworking the gallery modules. Untill it's back in place you can post photo bucket links or use your TU attachment storage. Click on "Go Advanced" at the bottom of the reply box to access the UBB editor. Can't wait to see what you've been workin on. Shawn
  4. Art Brush

    New hard craw!

    Hey Chuck, Nice work buddy. You might wanna try Hydrospan. It's a urethane resin that expands when soaked in water. It increases the size of your castings by 60%. You could bump your craw sizes up to lobsters lol. Ofcourse you'll need bigger pvc pipes for the slip molds. Click here to find out more about hydrospan Tight Lines, Shawn
  5. Art Brush

    Combo Belly Weight, Hanger and Rattle

    That is a neat trick KC. You're customers can order by caliber referance. Shawn
  6. Art Brush

    Plastic Cranks

    Hey Guys, Untill we get the KB reloaded you can find the tutorial here: 2 part mold w/thruwire harness Shawn
  7. Art Brush

    What glow paints work best?

    Brad, that is the motivator that got me to try the powders. Glad I did. James, I reckon I can wrangle that tut sometime today. I need a break from the mold table. T-Bone, post whatevere you can find here buddy. We're interested in new methods you can find or create. Shawn
  8. Art Brush

    Clear Coat

    Coley's brush saver from the archives. I get 10+ uses per brush using this trick. Thanx Coley. Shawn
  9. Art Brush

    New from sweden

    Welcome Abord Johan, What do you call those lures? Is there a european name for that style or shape? Blinker? They look nice. Shawn
  10. Art Brush

    sticky trigger-VL

    Put a drop of wd40 on a toothpick and touch it to the valve beneath the trigger. Does the trick everytime.
  11. Art Brush

    Any one like Heavy Metal?

    Those are nice Husky. Looks like they'd work on halibut.
  12. Art Brush

    Slip Molds for Hard Baits Tutorial

    Excellent work Chuck! I've made this a sticky untill the KB reopens. Can you snap a shot of a float test? I'd like to see how the microballons float. That so kicks butt. Shawn
  13. Art Brush

    First Poured Cranks

    Hi Chuck, go ahead and post it here untill we get KB reopened. Shawn
  14. Art Brush

    I finaly tested my foam baits!!!

    Congratulations Dan ! Email me your pics and I'll reduce them for ya. Shawn
  15. Art Brush

    Painting crankbaits

    No doubt! That is a kick@ss lure Coley. Well done!