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    2 Colors Baits..... Just A General Discussion

    Interesting topic. I think it's probably not so much "because that's the way it has always been done" but more because, more often than not, it mimics nature.Generally, wildlife has a darker top/back and lightening of color towards the bottom/belly.
  2. onlybass

    I Finally Found Some Trephine Burrs

    I just want to cut a small clean circle with a raised core. Thanks for your suggestion on the spelling. I will check that out. I'm sure we are talking about the same thing just a different hole to be drilled. Yep, cuts the same way...cuts around a core "clean", unlike a hole saw (sometimes mislabled as trepanning tools) that has a pilot in the center. Same style of tools, there's about three common spellings.
  3. onlybass

    I Finally Found Some Trephine Burrs

    Machinists call/spell them as trepanning tools. That might expand your results. Look for hss (high speed steel) tools. Just in case, you never know with the China stuff...
  4. onlybass

    Awesome Bait Company

    Does anyone know why Awesome Bait Company is not taking orders? Used to be an Ohio bait called a Darting R and ABC's Model 103 was real close.
  5. onlybass

    Anyone know the name???

    Bomber 8A
  6. onlybass


    Glass beads will not take ridges in plastic off. Crushed glass is slightly more aggressive but only "dulls" ridges but will not cut good gel-coat Rogues. The "thin paint" Rogues are quickly cleaned. Do a search on this site and you should find this info and info about "wiping" paint off with MEK. Have you tried just priming and painting over one(Rogue) and using one or two thin coats of epoxy? You may be surprised. I was. Suspend nicely.
  7. onlybass

    Cooperative Buying (Purchasing) PART 2

    If you try to call them as you see them...... Kathleen,that is probably one of the most impressive posts that I have seen on this site.It takes many longer than that to make one Durhams mold right or perfect one crankbait style! You must be some a-type o.c. person and that may explain clash as "likes" do that.(Its 3am est and I am in shop still- a type o.c -at least thats what some call us.) Or is the snow so deep you can't get out? You put it up and I am shutting up! In a sec. Now all that wanted it ...ANTE UP! If I ever get a great bait will you market it? Heck if shop slows I may call anyhow,bet you would give it a shot in the onlybass! Again, Impressive!
  8. onlybass

    My airbrush died

    I second it.(I have 2)
  9. onlybass

    New Bill Press

    T-Bait, Get a couple more quotes then you will "know".You are near one of the top four machining areas in the nation and one of the top machining courses also.There are over 400 shops in the Dayton area and Sinclair Community College.Minco would be one shop to check.The DTMA(Dayton Tooling and Machining Association) is a good resource.There are many good shops between Dayton and Cinci.The good shops will have answers to all of your questions.Avoid using an extension on jacks and if you have to really "pull" hard you are nearing the jack's limits.Use of an extension will "overpower" the jack and they tend to break.
  10. onlybass

    Blake Gills or anyone who builds Drying wheels

    MSC and Grainger(industrial supply companies with web sites) have good selections of low rpm Dayton motors for approximately $35-$70 depending on model.The weight of the lures should not create a torque issue but I would add lures to the wheel in a manner that maintains some semblance of balance.I would be most concerned how motor is mounted to frame,frame construction and how frame is secured in place during operation.I use a wheel that I "stick" lure wands in holes(evenly spaced) of the wheel axially.There are pictures on this site of wheels that hold lures radially.I do not know the capabilities of less expensive rotisserie motors but I would expect they would suffice.
  11. onlybass

    Lure Shop Humor

    Tie on a new test lure,clip the tag end, toss the bait over the side of the boat to reel up the slack and reel in nothing but slack.Priceless.Cost of polarized bifocals:$350
  12. onlybass

    custom made boat seats

    I would check your local upohlsterers.Many of them are slow in the winter and would like to pick up boat work and that is good timing for anglers.I had 2 bucket seats re-upohlstered for less than $200 before striking a "sponsor deal".I would request that they use plastic(ABS?) for frame and stainless steel hardware. If Stratos is charging $300 I would guess half that or more is mark-up.Might look at existing seats for manufacturer and contact directly.I have heard that insurance companies "salvage" totaled boats,but I have no idea where that outlet would be.
  13. onlybass

    Jig injection machine

    Not speaking for Del. Molds for injection machines are much more involved than open pour molds.Venting, runners,water channels,number of cavities etc,hence more cost.Zorn builds molds in addition to injection machines.
  14. onlybass

    Cooperative Buying

    I am wacked.It happened in Iraq.Thats why I build tackle and fish.It helps to un-wack me for awhile.I've ate Benning clay too,thanks Blades.
  15. onlybass

    Cooperative Buying

    Can't accept apology without giving one. I'm giving and accepting.Drive on Kathleen.