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  1. I usually don’t wait more than a couple of minutes to demold. I pull them out and toss them into a pan of water.
  2. Try injecting slower and keep some pressure on the injector for a few seconds when done. That has been better for me than changing heat.
  3. I used to get them from Stamina Inc.
  4. I went through mine and got rid of ones that I seldom use. I'm down to a couple of dozen. I have a set of shelves in the back of the garage behind my boat. I keep my molds on the top of the shelves. I took a small paint brush and labeled the end of one handle on the molds so I can just read the name of the one that I want and pull it down.
  5. Mark I rarely make up even a cup because of reheats and color changes.
  6. Me too. I had problems with the Pyrex and tried the silicone. I have been using them for several years now. I still have the Pyrex in the closet but don't use them. I have the 2 cup size.
  7. As you heat it up it will become clear and get pretty thick then it will thin out again. I like to cook it a minute at a time and take it out and stir it. When it gets pretty thin I add color and glitter and stir it up well before I shoot or pour. You really should read the sticky "Don'ts for newbies".
  8. Personally I will take aluminum molds every time. You can use them for years and they will look just like they did when you bought them.
  9. It works well. I have made several from it.
  10. I have had great success with JB fixing boo boos when modifying molds.
  11. Jig Man


    No. You need to grip it tightly to the hook so it can not slide then put a few tight wraps to hold it. I'll bet smalljaw has a video that will show you how he does it. You might look him up on You tube.
  12. Jig Man


    Don't try to put it all on at once. Make several wraps before putting the hair in. Only put about 1/3 of the hair on and do a couple of wraps to hold it in place, move around the hook a bit and put another third on and do a couple of wraps, move to the last open space and put the last third on and finish wrapping.
  13. Tighter clamp less injection pressure should stop flash
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