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  1. Spinnerbait advise

    I don't know anything about their wire except it sure won't keep its shape. I checked one of mine and the hook gap matches 4/0 hooks that I have in the shop.
  2. Hook storage in humid garage

    I keep them in the original container be it cardboard or plastic. I have hooks that have been in the garage for over 10 years. I've never had rust problems and we get pretty humid in the summer.
  3. Plastisol hardness for mini jigs?

    I make a lot of tubes with Calhoun's Medium. Heat stabilizer is used for reheats. It is especially important for light colors.
  4. Oiling Your Injector?

    I keep a vile of cooking oil on the work bench at all times. I lube anything to do with making baits with it (both plastic and wire baits).
  5. BTS Molds

    I found a phone # on their face book account. It doesn't work.
  6. Brush hog mold

    I'm interested in seeing a pic of it Les.
  7. BTS Molds

    I haven't bought from them. They have a mold that I like but it looks like their web site hasn't seen any updates/use in over 6 months. Are they up and running and taking orders?
  8. Brush hog mold

    This is the one I have been thinking about. https://www.btsmolds.com/hogs/6-flippin-hog-mold
  9. Brush hog mold

    Correct me if I am wrong. Isn't this the baby brush hog?
  10. Brush hog mold

    I was given several dozen pkgs of brush hogs a few years ago. I'm starting to run a bit low and have been looking for a mold. I'm not having very good luck finding what I want. I'm not wanting the baby brush hog. The best I have seen so far is the BTS flippin hog. What else is out there?
  11. Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

    Short bursts of heat in the 20-30 second length along with smaller batches and heat stabilizer is all that even has a chance for me along with white.
  12. Plastic from a 5 gal bucket

    I have an old wire clothes hanger made into an L with a loop at the bottom. I stick it in the bucket or jug and turn on the drill.
  13. Olive colored powder paint

    I make my own with blue and yellow. I mix it till it looks the way I want it.
  14. Issues with my injectors

    Yep I have to take my O rings off and clean them. I keep a bottle of cooking oil on the work bench. Before I start shooting I dip the plunger into the oil to lube the piston and ring.
  15. teflon pins

    I got mine from Cadman.