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  1. Jig Man

    Shakey Head Mold

    Drill out he hook eye socket to fit your hook then fill it in with RTV silicone so you won't have flash.
  2. Jig Man

    Do I need softener when making soft plastics?

    I have a bottle of softener and haven't used it in years. One thing you do need is heat stabilizer.
  3. Jig Man

    bucktail jig?

    Have you looked at the Trokar swim jig mold?
  4. Jig Man

    Powder coat

    You will get your thinnest coat by having the jig head as cool as possible and the paint stick to it. I use a heat gun and heat the heads until the paint will barely stick to them. They will have a very dull finish to them but once you bake them they will be shiny and hard. Put on this way I do not get lumps or runs when I bake.
  5. Jig Man

    Fluid bed

    What I use is brown paper sacks, coffee filters, and vacuum cleaner filters.
  6. Jig Man

    Who makes and fishes jigging spoons?

    I have the hammered spoon mold. I always carry them. I cast them for surfacing fish. Jig them for suspended or bottom fish and also yo yo them.
  7. Jig Man

    making a-rigs with resin head

    You have a PM.
  8. Jig Man

    Ready to Buy Equipment and Supplies

    NO they are not. I just drilled out a used swimbait mold so my injectors would fit into it.
  9. Jig Man

    dremel tool for modifying swim jig mold

    I use a vise instead of a hammer. Get everything lined up close the mold against the hook, put it in the bench vise and put on the pressure until you have an indentation. I've done it dozens of times and not one oops.
  10. Jig Man

    Chatterbait technique

    My biggest problem is throwing the bait and only getting the blade back unless the gap is completely closed. I lost a few then switched to split rings.
  11. Jig Man

    Rubber skirt material

    I believe you would have to go to a manufacturer to get what you want. I'm only guessing but they are probably overseas some place. I heard at one time living rubber was manufactured in Vietnam.
  12. Jig Man

    Florist’s Wire

    The wire I use is copper and came out of an electric motor from my table saw. If I ever get it all used up a have another motor on a shelf waiting to take over.
  13. Jig Man

    BTS 4" Paddle Tail Swimbait

    If this is still available I'd like to buy one. Please pm me.
  14. Jig Man

    3 inch beetle spin grub

    Have you looked at the Bass Pro spring grub? It might work for you and you could get colors and all the volume you want.
  15. Jig Man

    Another Newbie

    It will be a good time. There is so much to learn and you will never learn it all. I have about 8 guys who come over and make baits in my garage. They range in age from 15 to 76 and we are all learning every time we make baits.