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  1. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    I'd use a stainless steel wire larger than the largest line I'd use. I'd coat them with oil each pour instead of dropout as I don't think it would last but one pour and soon get expensive.
  2. Colorado Blade size on spinnerbaits

    It all depends on how you plan to use them. I've run 3/4 and 3/5 combinations quite a bit but I also use a 5/7 if I want to make a wake.
  3. Keeping eyelets clear while curing

    I only heat the head enough for the paint to stick and have a dull finish. I use a heat gun and keep the heat away from the hook eye. Most of mine don't fill with paint but occasionally one will. When that happens, I use a wooden kabob skewer to clean the paint out of the eye before baking. I also have some Pop Snaggers handy if I should miss one and bake the eye closed.
  4. Fluid bed - Paint going everywhere!

    Cut the air flow down if you can. It might even take a double thickness of your filter.
  5. Beginner powder painting

    Use a heat gun and count seconds then dip. Add or subtract seconds until you get the right count for the second coat to go on. Once you do that then you have a repeatable formula.
  6. Trokar swim jig as chatter bait

    Thank you I'll give it a try.
  7. Trokar swim jig as chatter bait

    Of all the heads that I have tried in the last month I like this one the best. It really has a good vibration. However, it wants to run shallow. A couple of days ago I was fishing a rocky 45° bank parallel. The fish were around cover in 7-9 fow. I was using 1/2 oz baits with a 2 tab living rubber skirt and a split tail trailer. My baits on the old Hilts spinner bait would stay down and bounce off the cover. When I would use the Trokar bait it would rise up in the water column and not hit the cover like I wanted it to do. Should I bend the blade on this bait to help keep it down? If so, what direction?
  8. Ned Rig

    I use a Gammy hook. I do not remember the number and can not look it up as I am in my camper waiting for daylight so I can go fishing. It is on Barlow's list.
  9. Chatterbait "hunting"

    OK Thanks.
  10. Chatterbait "hunting"

    Which way do you bend them Mark.
  11. Chatterbait "hunting"

    Does bending the blade have any effect on how it works? I have made a bunch lately using swing jig heads, football heads, banana heads, poison tail heads, spinner bait heads and Troker swim jig heads. I just haven't been able to be on the water enough to figure out which I like best and whether or not to bend the blades and if so forward or backward.
  12. Swing Head Jig ideas?

    I'd like to see some pics of the double hook with trailers. It sounds interesting.
  13. Bulk Bucktails?

    I used to get mine from Stamina Inc.
  14. weedless tube jig issues

    I'm not questioning your expertise in this situation just stating a fact. I have poured these heads for over a decade and have experienced no problems.
  15. weedless tube jig issues

    I pour weedless tube jigs all the time with coated cable (Surflon 90#). I have never had an issue with hollow heads.