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  1. Jig Man

    Will RTV silicone go bad?

    I think it was the container. Once I broke it off the silicone dried in a couple of hours. It had only cured a little ways before I cut the side out of the medicine bottle that my wife gave me to use.
  2. Jig Man

    Material for lead mold

    I am wanting to make a mold to cast pour for a bait similar to the Hog Farmer T Spin Hybrid. I have been curing a high temp silicone mold for several days and it just won't set up. Maybe I used the wrong container or used the wrong high temp silicone. What other materials can I use to build a mold and cast a couple of dozen heads?
  3. Jig Man

    Will RTV silicone go bad?

    It is premixed in the tube.
  4. Jig Man

    Will RTV silicone go bad?

    Nothing. It is high temp red rtv silicone.
  5. Jig Man

    Will RTV silicone go bad?

    I have been curing it for 2 days inside near the wood stove and it still isn't cured. I don't know what the pic is sideways. I tried to rotate it but couldn't.
  6. Jig Man

    Brush JIg Mold - paint eye hook

    I don't get any paint in the eye to start with. I hold the bait with needle nosed pliers covering the jig eye. I also only heat the head enough for the paint to cover the head with a dull very light coat so there are no drips.
  7. Jig Man

    Do It Ball Jig With Fiberguard

    I use 10 ga house romex with the insulation removed.
  8. Jig Man

    Heat stabilizer question

    I use it for light color remelts but don't for darker colors. When I remelt I do it in short 20-30 second bursts on the microwave. Stabilizer has a color to it so I only use a few drops when I use it.
  9. Jig Man

    Preferred jig style for hair jigs ?

    For hair jigs I prefer a round head with no collar. It is easier to tie directly to the hook and makes a much nicer looking jig.
  10. Jig Man

    Wire Weed Guard help

    You might want to take a look at Sevelon coated cable. I use it a lot for tube heads.
  11. Jig Man

    First Time Hair Jig

    Barlow's Tackle will have most of the stuff that you will need. Look up smalljaw on YouTube. He has some very good videos on jig tying using various materials.
  12. Jig Man

    Cutting musky sized tube skirts

    The knife blade idea works. We used to have one. We put blades together then put the apparatus in a vice, laid the bait on it and rolled a wooden dowel over it to make the cuts.
  13. Jig Man

    Shakey Head Mold

    Drill out he hook eye socket to fit your hook then fill it in with RTV silicone so you won't have flash.
  14. Jig Man

    Do I need softener when making soft plastics?

    I have a bottle of softener and haven't used it in years. One thing you do need is heat stabilizer.
  15. Jig Man

    bucktail jig?

    Have you looked at the Trokar swim jig mold?