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  1. I sealed some for a friend with Bondo fiberglass resin.
  2. I never could get the bright colors with it. Maybe I was doing something wrong.
  3. I buy mine at Cabela's
  4. I use coated Sevelon or Surflon 90#.
  5. Jig Man

    weedguard glue

    Use less glue and the residue will not be there.
  6. I’ve never seen one for the whole bait. I just use a hot knife from Harbor Freight to weld the pieces together.
  7. I bought 50 from cadman several years ago. I leave mine in the jigs while painting and baking. It is easy to get the paint off them.
  8. I’d use some other kind of paint for the ones on hand, then switch the process.
  9. You can use a fiberglass resin like Bondo but be sure to cover the mold well with oil. I use it a lot in my silicone Arig mold.
  10. I just lay mine on the work bench pointing out away from me.
  11. Sometimes I lay the hook as close as I can then use a tooth pick to finish getting it into position.
  12. I would warm the mold, take a cotton swab and cooking oil and lube the tails, inject holding some pressure for a bit and see how it goes before I did any mold modifications. That is how I get my baby brush hog and twin tail grub molds to shoot.
  13. They are super people to deal with and in stock items come quickly.
  14. Jig Man


    I hand pour with a 2 piece aluminum. I use silicone cups and 1” copper tubes as spru extenders. The copper tubes are cheap from hdw store. You might give them a try. They have solved some problems for me. Maybe they would for you.
  15. Jig Man


    I assume you are doing open pour. Do you have see any bubbles in the plastisol before you pour? How far above the mold do you hold your container? Do you use spru extenders when pouring?
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