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  1. Jig Man

    Rubber skirt material

    I believe you would have to go to a manufacturer to get what you want. I'm only guessing but they are probably overseas some place. I heard at one time living rubber was manufactured in Vietnam.
  2. Jig Man

    Florist’s Wire

    The wire I use is copper and came out of an electric motor from my table saw. If I ever get it all used up a have another motor on a shelf waiting to take over.
  3. Jig Man

    BTS 4" Paddle Tail Swimbait

    If this is still available I'd like to buy one. Please pm me.
  4. Jig Man

    3 inch beetle spin grub

    Have you looked at the Bass Pro spring grub? It might work for you and you could get colors and all the volume you want.
  5. Jig Man

    Another Newbie

    It will be a good time. There is so much to learn and you will never learn it all. I have about 8 guys who come over and make baits in my garage. They range in age from 15 to 76 and we are all learning every time we make baits.
  6. Jig Man

    Another Newbie

    The first thing I'd recommend it read the don'ts for newbies above your post. I think you will have to look at a bunch of sources to get all the things you will need. If you spend some time looking at topics on this forum you can get a pretty good idea of options and sources. Just don't think that you will save any money for the first several years and maybe never.
  7. Jig Man

    Mold making

    Like Monte I have used fiber glass resin to make open pour molds.
  8. Jig Man

    Bob's Tackle Shop

    I sent him a message via the web site. I have not heard a word and it has been several days.
  9. Jig Man

    2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    No just oil from the kitchen. I keep a small bottle of it on the work bench at all times. When a rod needs some slickum I just dip the tip in the oil and go.
  10. Jig Man

    2.75 inch tube mold/Worm oil

    I use regular cooking oil to lube my rods. No smell and works great.
  11. Jig Man

    A rig question

    I used to completely fashion mine and have had the wires all different lengths but I found a guy who has some incredible wire harnesses so I bought 40 from him and use them. They are probably 6" long but I have never actually measured them. I use willow and Colorado blades in size 3. I put blades on all the wires except the middle one. I only run 3 baits.
  12. Jig Man

    Is BTS back up and running

    I thought I'd try an email first (no cost involved). I have not heard back.
  13. Jig Man

    Is BTS back up and running

    That sounds good.
  14. Jig Man

    Is BTS back up and running

    I just looked at the site and before it had a message about filling back orders. Now that is gone. Anyone have any knowledge about them?
  15. When you pour with the divided cup, hold it about 6" above the mold and let the tiniest stream flow out (smaller than a toothpick if you can).  That will let the colors mix better.

    1. one-off baits

      one-off baits

      Thank you! I'm going to try it tomorrow morning