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  1. I have used some from Harbor Freight.
  2. I use marabou and buck tail. I fish them with a swim twitch and seldom let them get to the bottom. I like hooks 2/0 and smaller. I mostly use a ball head w/o weedguard.
  3. Thanks. That is the closest thing I have seen.
  4. I have tried unsuccessfully several times to make a mold like the bass grub. Is there a company that makes an injection mold similar to the slider?
  5. I get a color close to that with 1 each drop of pumpkin seed and motor oil in 2 oz of plastisol.
  6. I have heard that modern wheel weights can contain zinc and damage your melting pot. I have a friend who remodels hospitals. Ha has given me a lifetime supply of Xray room lead. It is a pain to clean but free.
  7. I rarely have to clean mine. I dip the end of the plunger in veg. oil before I start shooting and run it back and forth in the injector. When I do clean them I use WD40 and paper towels.
  8. Cadman is a specialist with a brush tap method. You should look him up in the gallery.
  9. There are 16 cups in a gallon. A cup will make a lot of baits.
  10. Thanks Ted. I coated 3 spinnerbait heads and am letting them setup. I’ll blade and skirt them, go to the lake and see how they do.
  11. There are a couple of colors that I like on spinnerbait heads that I can’t do with powder ( chrome and shiny gold). I can’t get it to last any time. I have tried clear nail polish but it just smears the paint. I base paint with white. Is there an epoxy or other substance that I can use to get a hard finish?
  12. Yep you pretty much have it. Some of my laminates bleed so I only make a few at a time and try to use them before they change. My worst bleeders are red and chartreuse.
  13. They look good. You might want to do a quick stir between pours so your glitter stays mixed up.
  14. Essentials... plastisol, colorant, glitter, heat source, holding containers, gloves, molds. That is just to start. The sky is the limit depending on what you want to do.
  15. I’ve used the red RTV silicone for lead molds. It is ok buy will degrade some with usage. Your master can be just about anything.
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