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  1. Looking for Gamakatsu ball head mold...

    If I were going to modify it for a wire keeper instead of the collar, I'd fill the collar space with high temp rtv silicone or maybe try plumbers putty to begin with and see how it works.
  2. Split rings on jigging spoons

    Thanks for all of the direction and assistance. It looks like a pair of a pair of those green handle pliers are in my future.
  3. Porous fluid sheets

    I'm with you archer. My vacuum cleaner, brown grocery bag, and coffee filters are only pennies of investment and work well enough for me. I thought the maybe this was for a fluid bed but wasn't sure enough to comment.
  4. Split rings on jigging spoons

    Would these be better for larger opening on larger rings? http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Texas_Tackle_Split_Ring_Pliers_Large/descpage-TTSR5L.html
  5. Split rings on jigging spoons

    So I did not know there were different sizes of split ring pliers. I'll have to check around and find some. Will these get the job done. https://www.barlowstackle.com/Premium-Split-Ring-Pliers--P1019.aspx
  6. Split rings on jigging spoons

    I haven't used my spoon mold for a few years. With all the cold we are having I've decided to do some winter spoon fishing. My mold makes 3/4 oz spoons. I'm using a #7 split ring and having a heck of a time getting them installed. My split ring pliers just won't open them wide enough to fit the thickness of the spoons. When I manage to get one on it is misshapen most of the time. Anyone got any tricks or ideas?
  7. making a-rigs with resin head

    If you want a good premade harness, I know a guy who has a bunch. I quit making my own and started buying from him because his wires are way better than what I used.
  8. Glow powder to regular powder

    I haven't mixed it in the bottle. I have just poured some polish on a piece of paper and put a dab of powder on it. Mix it up and brush it on. I let it dry then put another coat of polish on, let it dry, flip and repeat.
  9. Glow powder to regular powder

    I guess I did not make it clear when I said glow in the dark powder. It is just that powder that I use for soft plastics. It is not powder paint. What I have wound up doing is mixing it with clear nail polish. It will get dunked on Friday so I'll have an idea how it holds. I may have to mix it with epoxy since it doesn't seem that it will mix with powder paint.
  10. Glow powder to regular powder

    I mixed some with nail polish and put it on a spoon. I know that won't last very long. I was wondering about mixing a small amount with powder paint and applying the mix. So if I understand you Mark they don't melt at the same temp?
  11. Glow powder to regular powder

    I with the weather we are having I dug out my spoon mold because I think it will be needed when we get a thaw. I have some glow in the dark powder that I use for some plastics. Will that mix with regular powder paint and if so what ratio glow to powder paint? I plan on tapping over a white base coat.
  12. Ned rig mold

    Not all of the hooks in the list work well with that mold. I bought 1000 hooks from the list and had to use high temp rtv to stop the flashing that I was getting.
  13. Newbie starting from scratch!!

    HH just for your information, I pulled out my jigging spoon mold today. I hadn't used it in years because it would never pour with my Lee Pot. I had to use my fish cooker and a ladle to get the lead hot enough to pour. I tried it this morning with it heated and the RCBS pot set on 850°. I molded 24 perfect spoons with no partials in the bunch. That never happened before.
  14. Best PoP gloss sealer?

    Bondo fiberglass resin
  15. Newbie starting from scratch!!

    I have been making baits for a very long time. I had a Lee 10# pot. I wore it out. I bought a new liner and parts and rebuilt it. It got to dripping so bad that I learned to hate it. One day when I complained about getting splash on my skin, my wife said, "Hey you only go around once. Reach deep into your pocket and get a really good one." So I bought the RCBS. I wish I had done it years ago. So if you have the $400 I say go for it.