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  1. Jig Man

    Powder paint drip?

    I have found that the cooler you can keep the head and still get paint to stick, the thinner the coat will be and runs won't develop. I want my paint to be very dull when it goes on the head, never shiny before baking. I use a heat gun and count how long the heads are under it.
  2. Jig Man

    Tying Bucktail Jigs

    Several sizes: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, and a specialty 30 grain that is just a bit above 1/16. The ones in the pic are 1/4.
  3. Jig Man

    A.I. 2.75 tube pics?

    I get a dark chocolate color when I mix up all my scraps and melt them together.
  4. Jig Man

    Joining stainless wire

    I had time this am to try soldering the two ss wires with copper wrapped and fluxed. It seems to be working like a charm. That will make wire and hook placement in my mold so much easier. Thanks a bunch for the tips.
  5. Jig Man

    Joining stainless wire

    Bob that sounds like a McGuyver project. I am more of a Gomer Pyle.
  6. Jig Man

    Joining stainless wire

    Thanks for the responses guys. I hope to have time today to give it a try. If I can get it to work it sure will be a time saver.
  7. Jig Man

    Joining stainless wire

    Here is how the wire connection looks and a pic of the silicone mold. It is all pretty crude.
  8. Jig Man

    Joining stainless wire

    Thanks for the ideas. I have been making a loop in the center wire and bending the other one. They take up a lot of room in the mold and make it hard to get the hook in the right place. The opening is just shy of 1/2". I have to make several of these as the kids from the high school team who are learning to make baits want some as well as their dads.
  9. Jig Man

    Joining stainless wire

    I am working on a bait that has stainless wires coming out both sides and down the bottom. I need to join the in a T that doesn't take up much room. They won't hold in the lead unless I do some creative bending and that takes up a lot of room. I tried soldering and that did not work. If I epoxy the junction will it hold when I pour hot lead into the mold or will I be back to wires sliding out of the mold? Any other ideas?
  10. Jig Man

    Tying Bucktail Jigs

    Thanks for the complements guys. Cadman they are primarily used for white bass but they will catch anything that swims. smalljaw more is less is some times right. I was fishing with a friend who is too lazy to retie a jig. We were catching large female white bass and they were really working the jigs over. I "wore out" a couple and retied. He kept on fishing. I finally went to the front of the boat and took his jig. I counted the hairs. He only had 7 left on the jig but was still catching fish.
  11. Jig Man

    Tying Bucktail Jigs

    Collarless is easier to tie for me. I just wrap several times then cut off some hair and give it a couple of wraps then add some more hair and wrap until I get as much as I want spread around the hook then wrap it good, add the chenille and wrap it down use a little clear nail polish to hold the knots and done.
  12. Jig Man

    Suggestions for a Senko style mold

    Mine came from Del. It does a great job. It is open pour.
  13. Jig Man

    clear flash

    You just happened to get assistance from 2 of the foremost jig guys going. Cadman and smalljaw are among, if not the best.
  14. Jig Man

    Florescent Pink?

    Sounds like too much colorant to me. I'd do another batch and only add a few drops at a time to see how it looks.
  15. Jig Man

    What mold do i use?

    I believe you can find different sizes of blades at Barlow's. I think they call them shakey blades or something like that.