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  1. I gave up on the epoxy idea and drilled all the way through the bait and inserted a U shaped wire.
  2. When I modify a mold I put the hook where I want it, hold it in place with a piece of masking tape, put the mold in a vice and squeeze it as hard as i can. Sometimes a Dremel is not even needed. I block all unused sections with RTV silicone.
  3. How much for the hooks?

  4. Thanks I’ve tried that. I could not get it to work.
  5. I am working on a “leggy” stand up jig. It has 2 wires coming out the back. I am having trouble keeping them in the holes. I used Gorilla epoxy which I had on hand. It didn’t last long. I switched to JB Weld marine epoxy. It lasted a couple of hours. What’s out there that might work?
  6. Spot on with that info smalljaw. I was given 70# of printers lead a long time ago. I mix small amounts of it to harden my lead. I rarely use soft lead any.
  7. I don’t sell baits but several guys come over and make them. When we demold them we put them in a pan of cold water. After they cool for a while we dry then bag them.
  8. Brown paper bags, coffee filters, shop vac filters are what I use.
  9. I use Calhoun medium with a touch of hardner.
  10. Jig Man

    Glue ideas

    Thank you for the ideas.
  11. Jig Man

    Glue ideas

    A friend wants to make some stand up shakey head jigs with the wires like the perfection sure hook up jig. I tried rtv silicone and it isn’t going to be durable. I am going to try JB WELD next. What else would you brainiacs suggest? I am wide open.
  12. I found that a fan cools my product too quickly. So I just open the garage door and don’t get directly over the hot plastisol.
  13. I wouldn’t. Hot plastisol and water don’t plat well with each other.
  14. It may be shrinkage. Try injecting slower and keep some pressure for a few seconds. Then over fill the cavity.
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