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  1. Check out the Angling A.I. 5.75. 4 cavity jerk bait mold. It may be what you are hunting.
  2. Epoxy paint holds up well. I bought 75 spinnerbait bodies from the mod of this site. All are red epoxy. It is incredibly difficult to get it off to use a different color.
  3. Instead of shaking paint you can “ tap” it with a makeup brush. Cadman is the tapping guru around here. Look up some of the threads on tapping.
  4. I bought it and got me 1000 1/0 Gamakatsu #114 hooks that were supposed to work with it. They didn’t. I modified it and filled in the voids with red rtv silicone. I did not like the bait keepers so I filled their slots with the silicone. Now it works the way I want it to work.
  5. I have never had a problem mixing leftovers but I always wind up with brown.
  6. I put the non pin side on some 1500 grit paper. I had colored it like suggested. All parts sanded so no apparent warp here. i took the pins out of the other side and put the 2sides together. PERFECT FIT. Put the pins back in and bad fit. I remembered Thai the pin had come out and I had put a dab of super glue on it. Who’a thunk that would be thick enough to make the pin too long. NOT ME. So I sanded off the glue and the “warped mold is fixed”. Sometimes I hate being a READY FIRE AIM guy.
  7. Jig Man

    Warped mold

    I have rocked the one side and it seems high in the middle. I will pull the pins and check the other side.
  8. Jig Man

    Warped mold

    I closely inspected the mold. There is no apparent corner damage. When I assemble it and press it together there is a slight gap either at a top corner or the opposite bottom corner. So I guess I may be back to.Bass-Boys sanding idea. One of my fishing buddies used to own a cabinet shop. I’m going to try to get his assistance with this problem.
  9. Jig Man

    Warped mold

    Ok that is another thing I didn’t think of. I haven’t dropped it but have some high school kids from the fishing team who come over and make baits.
  10. Jig Man

    Warped mold

    No hinge but thanks for the idea. I am going to have to get materials and go to a shop that has a flat work table.
  11. Jig Man

    Warped mold

    Thanks that is a good idea and one that I had not thought of.
  12. I have an injection baby brush hog mold. It sets on a shelf in my garage along with my other aluminum molds. When I injected it today there was all kinds of flash. The only way I can get it to work is to add clamps. Even then there is some flash. Anyone had this kind of thing happen to an aluminum mold? Is there a cure?
  13. I can’t really see to tell what you have. It for sure doesn’t look anything like the stuff I have from Bear.
  14. I have some injectors from Bear,s they seem indestructible. What is wrong with yours? if all you have is an injector then you will have some expense getting set up. Dave,s advice may be spot on.
  15. I use 20ga galvanized wire that I get at Lowe’s. Cut off piece lay it on the hook and wrap some thread around it. Put a little Krazy glue on it and you have a useable cheap bait keeper. I do that a lot with worm hooks and on some of my shaky jigs. i also make holders like the parasite clips.
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