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  1. You might find something at Zeinners.
  2. Thanks guys. I believe you are spot on Frank. The one I want to laminate is not a top pour. I get a swirly mess with my blending block. Canga that is what I am looking for. However, it is a bit pricey as I am getting ready to dump some cash on a Livescope setup. RPM and Mark can you post some mold and maybe bait pics so I will have a better understanding of your processes?
  3. My swim bait molds are side to side and I can’t get them to laminate. I have searched high and low for one that has back and belly so I can use a laminate plate. Does such a mold exist?
  4. I use the L3052 all the time in 4/0 and 5/0. It has replaced Mustad hooks for me. Shorty’s carries them in 1/0 to 6/0.
  5. How about the people who own this site? LPO
  6. When I make a mold I clean my baits then cover the bottom of the form with double sided tape so the baits will stay where I put them while things are curing.
  7. Smalljaw has given you good advice. He has said what I would have if he hadn’t beat me to it.
  8. I don’t have that problem but I use light wire hooks.
  9. I’ve had good luck with babbitt when I can find it.
  10. I’ve always found it to be one of the best places for information for new guys as well as a place to bounce around ideas that are floating between my ears.
  11. I have used some from Harbor Freight.
  12. I use marabou and buck tail. I fish them with a swim twitch and seldom let them get to the bottom. I like hooks 2/0 and smaller. I mostly use a ball head w/o weedguard.
  13. Thanks. That is the closest thing I have seen.
  14. I have tried unsuccessfully several times to make a mold like the bass grub. Is there a company that makes an injection mold similar to the slider?
  15. I get a color close to that with 1 each drop of pumpkin seed and motor oil in 2 oz of plastisol.
  16. I have heard that modern wheel weights can contain zinc and damage your melting pot. I have a friend who remodels hospitals. Ha has given me a lifetime supply of Xray room lead. It is a pain to clean but free.
  17. I rarely have to clean mine. I dip the end of the plunger in veg. oil before I start shooting and run it back and forth in the injector. When I do clean them I use WD40 and paper towels.
  18. Cadman is a specialist with a brush tap method. You should look him up in the gallery.
  19. There are 16 cups in a gallon. A cup will make a lot of baits.
  20. Thanks Ted. I coated 3 spinnerbait heads and am letting them setup. I’ll blade and skirt them, go to the lake and see how they do.
  21. There are a couple of colors that I like on spinnerbait heads that I can’t do with powder ( chrome and shiny gold). I can’t get it to last any time. I have tried clear nail polish but it just smears the paint. I base paint with white. Is there an epoxy or other substance that I can use to get a hard finish?
  22. Yep you pretty much have it. Some of my laminates bleed so I only make a few at a time and try to use them before they change. My worst bleeders are red and chartreuse.
  23. They look good. You might want to do a quick stir between pours so your glitter stays mixed up.
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