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  1. VMAXX

    The New Dick Nite Topcoat

    I'm your huckleberry let us know when we can order......
  2. Building and painting waiting on spring

  3. Building and painting waiting on spring

  4. Building and painting waiting on spring

  5. Building and painting waiting on spring

  6. Building and painting waiting on spring

  7. VMAXX

    Shad Babes

    Awesome as always Dean!
  8. VMAXX

    25' Deep Divers

    Bob those are great lookin baits!
  9. Happy Birthday Stacey!!!!


  10. VMAXX

    1/2 ounce Hotlips Express Disaster

    I paint alot of the 3/4 oz TAs..... I think they have went down hill after they moved production into Mexico and now it's China I think, Luckily I have been building up a pretty good kitty of the US made TA's:) they can still be bought but the price has been climbing
  11. VMAXX

    First jigs that I'm proud of

    Nice work:)
  12. VMAXX

    Stick on Signatures on lures

    I have also used the water slide paper for different things,I bought mine in a pkg of 5 from Micro-Mark: The Small Tool Specialists | Tools and Supplies for Building Scale Models of Railroad Trains, Ships, Planes, Cars, Trucks and More. just be sure to lightly spray some clear as mentioned, 1 sheet will print enough signatures to last years at a small font:)
  13. VMAXX

    How to measure/pour small amount of Etex???

    Easy way for me to do this is clean out an empty Devcon double tube syringe and pour the etex into it. No measuring just one syringe....quick easy and simple:)
  14. VMAXX

    Bluegill/wild shiner hybrid!

    very nice!