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  1. benton B

    New to lure building and the site

    Here is my method for sealing a balsa baits. 1 coat of super glue rubbed into the bait, sand then 1 coat of epoxy, prime and paint.
  2. benton B

    Crank Bill/Lips Lexan

    I have baits that I built 18yrs ago and the lexan bills are still good. You must have got some acrylic by mistake, that stuff will become brittle in cold temps.
  3. benton B

    Hilite coating

    I've mixed hilite powders with transparent base and it sprays well. You just have to play with base coats to see what gives the best effect.
  4. benton B

    New Top Coat Coming To Town

    Is this product similar to Flex Coat rod finish
  5. benton B

    Top coat question

    Sounds like the wood is not fully sealed and air from the wood is causing your problem. You can exhale on devcon to pop surface bubbles.
  6. benton B

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    Tally, I started here in 2003 as well and Skeeter was my mentor thru the early learning. I spent many hours on the phone with that guy getting grilled on the proper way to build a bait. I still use the same methods today and I do consider myself a custom builder. I'm still hand carving all my baits and can build about 30 different baits from top water to true deep runners. I answer questions on here from time to time but seems most guys now only paint plastic blanks. I hate painting so I have nothing to offer most of the new guys paint better than me.
  7. benton B

    Ron E. Bee Crankbaits

    You can post pics on FB in Wood Bait Nation, those guys will know for sure.
  8. benton B

    Ron E. Bee Crankbaits

    Are there 3 ink pen marks on the tail by the hook hanger? If so those are originals.
  9. benton B


    My compressor is from Sears and has a 20gal tank so I can paint like 10 baits before I refill the tank. It is very loud when running but I only need to fill the tank maybe once per painting session.
  10. benton B

    Crankbait build coat

    My method is 1 coat of super glue, 1 coat of epoxy, 1 coat of primer
  11. benton B

    Best chartreuse airbrush lacquer

    Look at house of kolor paints, several guys here used that paint back in the day.
  12. benton B

    Big prop baits

    I like my prop baits with just a hint of tail down in the water. You should look at the old devil's horse for a reference. I've never built a prop bait as big as you are planning.
  13. benton B

    Painting over etex

    I don't use etex but I do use a coat of flex coat rod builder's epoxy over every bait before I paint. Never had a problem with water based paint not sticking to the epoxy coat.
  14. benton B

    Sealing Balsa Cranks

    I use 1 coat of super glue to make a hard outer shell and then a coat of epoxy for smooth surface to paint.
  15. benton B

    Using masking tape

    Blue painter's tape works well for me and does not leave the residue behind.