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    I've been building the same models of cranks for years now and never put one in the water to see if runs. If you follow a repeatable formula for building your cranks then there should not be any problems from the 1st bait to 100th bait. If you make a change in the formula then you might run into problems.
  2. Flip flop paints

    Wildlife colors has a blue/red flip flop paint. That might give you color change you are looking for.
  3. System Three Syringes

    I would go to mud hole and get the syringes made for rod finish.
  4. Few Testing/ballast and lexan issues

    You need to counter rotate the props to keep the bait sitting correctly in the water. Just bend the back prop opposite of the front and that should keep the bait from rolling. Lexan is going to scratch no matter what you do to it. Super glue is a great for sealing the wood for a quick water test.
  5. Flex coat lure finish

    Flex coat is measured by volume, use the syringes it's a big help. I had some problems with a batch not curing and it was mix problem. The next batch cured just fine. You must use a turner. I build ultra light cranks from balsa and still use flex coat as my clear coat, never had a issue with it.
  6. Wood Carving

    I used the x-acto wood carving knife and then made my own handle from red wood. If the blade gets dull I toss it and get a new blade from the pack.
  7. Flex coat lure finish

    I've been using flex coat products to build and clear coat my baits for many years. Once I learned how to use the product I've neverran into any problems. If you used etex then flex coat rod epoxy will be easy. I use flex coat ultra v high build, 2 coats with at least 15hrs between coats.
  8. Wood Carving

    carving knife and sand paper is all that is needed
  9. Is circuit board strong enough to hold line tie?

    Like Bob said it may wear on the lip but it could take a long time. How big is the hole next to the nose of the bait? You could twist a line tie and then hook the duo lock to wire loop. I use duo lock snaps on all my personal cranks.
  10. Irregular Mesh Pattern

    Look at wedding veil material, very different mesh patterns
  11. Etex Not Spreading Evenly

    Etex is too thin to cover sharp edges. You have to find a way to round those edges down or the etex will pull away from the edge. 1 thing you can try, let the etex set up for about 10-12 min (maybe longer) before you apply, might be thick enough to cover the edges without pulling away. Sharp edges and epoxy just don't mix very well.
  12. Options For Sealing Balsa

    1 coat super glue then sand smooth, 1 coat of flex coat rod epoxy, prime and paint. This has been my method for many yrs and many baits.
  13. Did I Get Some Bad Devcon?

    medical syringes are your problem, get some syringes for rod building and problem solved
  14. Crawfish Color Paints

    wild life colors and polytranspar are the two water based taxidermy paints that I use.
  15. I install the bill before sealing/painting. I adjust the bill with tooth picks to make sure it's perfect. The coat of epoxy and primer hide my little helpers. I brush epoxy all the around and thru the hangers and toe eye, just takes practice to get the hang of being mess free.