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  1. benton B

    Big prop baits

    I like my prop baits with just a hint of tail down in the water. You should look at the old devil's horse for a reference. I've never built a prop bait as big as you are planning.
  2. benton B

    Painting over etex

    I don't use etex but I do use a coat of flex coat rod builder's epoxy over every bait before I paint. Never had a problem with water based paint not sticking to the epoxy coat.
  3. benton B

    Sealing Balsa Cranks

    I use 1 coat of super glue to make a hard outer shell and then a coat of epoxy for smooth surface to paint.
  4. benton B

    Using masking tape

    Blue painter's tape works well for me and does not leave the residue behind.
  5. benton B

    oil compressor ?

    If you have the room get a compressor with a 20 or 30 gal tank. I fill my 20 gal and paint for approx. 3hrs before it needs to be filled again.
  6. benton B

    balsa wood supplier

    Balsa USA is another company but I've never done business with them.
  7. benton B

    balsa wood supplier

    National balsa wood co
  8. benton B

    Envirotex lite 30 min epoxy mixing

    Let e-tex sit for about 8 min and it won't be so runny when you brush it on your baits, brush off the excess also. You will need 2 coats anyway.
  9. benton B

    Balsa crank problems

    If you want to harden the balsa use runny superglue it will give the bait a hard outer shell. Cut the lip slot deeper and maybe just a tad lower on the chin of that bait in the pic. I would also twist screw eyes from 20ga ss wire, less chance of cracking the wood.
  10. benton B

    Glitter and Epoxy

    Flex coat makes a glitter to mix with the rod finish and it's ultra fine. I mix in the first clear coat and it's pretty smooth when cured but then I do a 2nd coat and it's perfectly smooth. It might be the size of glitter you are using.
  11. benton B

    Belly weight for 2 1/4 flat side balsa bait

    I would start with a 1/8oz and test. I build baits that size and that's the ballast weight I use. I use xps finesse weights from bass pro, cut to the size I want and then add a 1/16 brass cotter pin for the hanger.
  12. benton B

    Paint peeling off epoxy

    try cleaning the bait with denatured alcohol, that's what I use with flex coat epoxy and never had a issue.
  13. benton B

    Tacky Etex

    Mix 1:1 do not add more hardener it will affect the mixed batch. Let the mixed batch sit for 8-10 min before brushing on your baits.
  14. benton B

    Wildlife Colors iridescent blue

    taxidermy sites will carry wildlife colors, the one Hughesy posted is the company I deal with for paint.
  15. benton B

    ETex topcoat problems

    I had the same issue using flexcoat with a fast lure turner. I now use a turner that rotates at 6rpm and no more problem with pooling.