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  1. fish45

    soft plastic mold

    does anyone know where i can find a place to make a 3 inch crawdad mold? hopefully someone who can pour a good number. what i am looking for is a high quantity custom soft plastic mold.
  2. fish45

    DD22 blanks

    Anyone know where I can get blanks for a DD22. I heard Janns had them but cant find them. If you have a direct link let me know. Thanks, Casey
  3. fish45

    envirotex lite

    Does anyone know where I can buy envirotex lite epoxy. I need it for topwaters. I live in st. louis and would like somewhere in stl but if not a website would be good and I will order it.
  4. fish45

    devcon 2 ton

    What does everyone use to clean their brushes after using devcon 2 ton epoxy? I have used lacqueur thinner and that doesn;t work, any other suggestions?
  5. fish45


    Just wondering, when tying bass jigs, do you have better luck catching bass with round rubber or flat rubber?
  6. fish45


    I am looking for a way to add glitter to custom crankbaits and jigheads. Any suggestions on where to get the glitter and how to apply it? I currently airbrush and use Devon 2 ton epoxy. Thanks.
  7. fish45

    message for hughes

    Tim, I tried the lacqueur thinner on non-coated baits and it worked 100 times better. Thanks. Also I was looking on your website, how do you do the foil baits. And also how do you get so much detail with the crawdad lures(do you use a template or paint them by hand). Thanks for your help
  8. fish45

    message for hughes

    Tim, In a earlier post you said to use laqueur thinner with a paper towel to remove paints from baits. I tried this and it took me forever. Do you have any tricks to speed up the process or know where I can buy unpainted rogues, wiggle warts and DD22's. Thanks for your help
  9. fish45

    devcon 2 ton epoxy

    everyone here says to use devcon, the stuff i bought is in a tube how do i apply it to my baits? if it is airbrush, do I thin it out?
  10. fish45

    olive green

    Can anyone tell me what createx colors to mix together to make an olive green/green pumpkin.
  11. fish45

    question for tim hughes

    Tim, I noticed that you sell custom painted wiggle warts, what do you use to remove the paint from the lure before you airbrush them?
  12. fish45


    What do I spray over the createx to ensure the paint doesn't come off in the water?
  13. fish45


    I am new to airbrushing and need lots of help. I just bought a paasche air brush VL set and a compressor with regulator. It doesnt have good instructions on how to set up the airbrush. I bought createx paint in a bottle and am not sure where the paint goes? Do i just put the paint in the jar and do I have to clean the brush everytime I use a new paint? Also Createx is water proof, what do you put over the paint to keep it from washing off.