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  1. mangeboy79


    My new 30cm swimbait in irridesent herring colour
  2. mangeboy79


    Ladyboy 8inch swimbait in a trout pattern
  3. mangeboy79

    New Car Smell! Off-Gassing Plastics?

    LC green is not smelly at all
  4. mangeboy79

    IMG 3202

    LC softbait paint
  5. mangeboy79

    IMG 3202

    azkikr pike musky bait
  6. mangeboy79

    Biodegradable Plastic found some thing i think you maybe would like
  7. mangeboy79

    Where To Buy Figure 8 Style Hook Hangers

    toadfrog do they have them in stainless or brass only?
  8. mangeboy79

    How To Achieve This Color?

    amber , green hi-lite , blackflake ???
  9. mangeboy79

    dels 6" k-grub 4 cavity mold in good condition
  10. mangeboy79

    Big Rattles For Big Plugs

    diemai diffrent wood diffrent sounds seems like lighter woods are louder for some reasons, cedarwood is really loud , and if you like metalsound more just glue in a washer in the hole and on the plug
  11. mangeboy79

    Big Rattles For Big Plugs is what i use to make big rattles in my baits , just drill the bait , drill a plug , drop a ball of buckshot, plastic bead or whatever you whant, glue the plug , rattle complete , cheap ,simple and loud best regards magnus
  12. mangeboy79

    When Did You Make Your First Bait?

    started banging out spoons when i was about 8 or 9 and never stopped making baits since... the worlds best hobby nothing beats catching fish on your own baits
  13. mangeboy79

    IMG 3121

    after several changes on the shape and leadhead this bait im pretty close to be satisfied , and the pikes seem to like it to
  14. mangeboy79

    Huge proto type bait in the works

    love it ! can i buy one when its done ? have some pike that will go apshitcrazy on that bait !!
  15. mangeboy79

    Del-mart Grub Mould Size

    ok remember reading another tread about something and i guess it doesn`t matter if that mold is what im looking for , if i order one i will never get it ??