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  1. Did you use a release agent on your molds when you were casting your parts? I do, and i was advised to soak the parts in a bleach/water solution for about an hour to remove the release agent. You will have to be careful which brand of bleach you use as some turn the parts yellowish. Scott
  2. I have some extra sets of old stlye lure props and teardrop shaped screw eyes for sale. They are reproductions, not antique. They have the center hub just like the old underwater minnows. The front and rear blades are counter rotating so the lure does not spin in the water. The screw eyes are stainless steel for strength. These can be used on your lures to actually fish with or for your reproduction minnows. They churn like crazy in the water. They are available while my supply lasts.Email me directly for info.Thanks! email: dakotaminnows@msn.com
  3. Hello, I do not make plastic lures, but I have a bunch of plastic worms to get rid of. I was wondering if you guys ever remelt them to make new ones? I have roughly 75 one gallon bags of them.Each bag has about 4 1/2 to 5 pounds of worms in it. Scott
  4. Can you post a pic of the red hooks? Are these made in the USA? If not are they from China or Japan. They sound nice! Scott
  5. Hey, Thats a neat looking mold. What limitations do you have? Can you do a mold with ribs and scale finishes too?How much does one cost like in the picture? Thanks. Scott
  6. Hey Tally, Pre made forms are pretty reasonably priced. If it were me, I would rather spend time on the painting and finishing of the buzzbaits. Good luck. Scott
  7. This may sound weird, but a long time ago I bought a bunch of old beat up pewter dishes, cups, and pans from a scrap yard. pewter is a fancy name for tin. I do believe there is a small percentage of lead in the old pewter ware.
  8. Watch out who you send your stuff to in NY. I cant remember the guys name but I sent masters off to NY to have molds made several years ago and got ripped off.He kept putting me off and coming up with excuses until I finally gave up.I lost my 500 bucks and my mold masters. I also had a bad experience with a NY company that sold lead and tin.I think they have a poor business philosophy out there. They just want your money.period.
  9. i think rosin core solder is what you will want to use.If you just use regular solder and flux paste the hook will corode a little while later where it meets the blade.it will look likw rust.
  10. If you want to do any quantity of jigs, try a 2 part marine epoxy clear coat.2 -3 coats dipped or airbrushed and your jig will be very tough and chip resistant.
  11. Have you thought about making your own out of high temperature rtv silicone? :
  12. It can be a blast if you get on fish at dawn or dusk.Can be pretty cold and boring inbetween.We take snowmobiles with and play during the day.
  13. yes auto epoxy primer is expensive.i have used it quite a bit with good results.need good ventilation though.
  14. I bought some of lips about a month ago.Kinda expensive though, a buck and a half each!!!
  15. Hagens,lakeland,Jans etc. all carry scale mesh if you cant find what you need in the stores.
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