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  1. Crankbait Lips

    Depending on how many you need, there's usually some on EBay. Not sure exactly which type you are looking for, I.e. Coffin, round, large, small etc.
  2. Collared props

    Moore's Lures carry some. You should also contact TU member Smalljaw. He's the resident Nip-I-Didee expert.. Craig
  3. Glider stability fin design

    Gliders: I think tail fins are about stability. If the body starts to drift to a side, the surface area of the tail fin helps to resist that action. The righting force would be dependent on surface area of fin, speed and distance of the fin from center of motion in that plane. I think rocket style fins are shaped to try to avoid increased drag while still providing stability. Mark: Yes, some baits actually make the tail fin out of metal to make it user tunable for that reason. The most obvious example likely is the classic musky bait the "Suick".
  4. Has anyone ordered either of these? Any feedback? Or better yet, Pics!
  5. I was thinking about ordering some living rubber to tie with in addition to my normal silicone. I'm one of those that like to use Zman plastics, and was wondering if any have used with living rubber? I know that they don't react with silicone, but didn't know about the rubber. thanks, Clemmy
  6. Belt/Disc Sander Grit Number?

    Lol Mark, I don't get that close, as I'm not trying to get to final shape. I cut out on the band saw, then whittle a bit to round over, then use the sander to sort of "even out" the lines from whittling. Then I hand sand to final.
  7. Belt/Disc Sander Grit Number?

    Hello, I need to get some replacement sandpaper, and am just curious what other folks like for Grit for disc and belt sanders. I usually use the belt for smoothing and evening out the balsa body after rough shaping cut/carve. The disc I normally use for dressing polycarbonate/micarta lips up to the line. haven't messed around with PVC yet, but plan to, so would love to hear those opinions as well! thanks, craig
  8. Skirts Unlimited?

    Thanks a Guys, happy to hear that. Craig
  9. Skirts Unlimited?

    Anyone heard anything about Skirts Unlimited? I stopped by to order some new colors and like 30-40% are out of stock. Makes it kind of pointless to order when they only have 2/3 of the new color you wanted to make. Makes me wonder if they are planning on closing? Hope Not.
  10. Hunting Cranks - theory, design and build

    Calder, Just to to help you with terms: Yaw - is the sideways direction, in lures normally back and forth, like the lure is shaking it's head "No" Pitch - is the up and down version of Yaw. Like the lure in shaking it's head "Yes" Roll - is well, "roll" , lol. Like a dog rolls on it's back so you can rub his belly. These are terms used in describing airplane movement. I think you must speak Spanish, so found this for you on the web:
  11. Lure lip material option...

    It will definitely affect the action. It could be better or worse. Aluminum is just over double the density of polycarbonate. The increased weight is a bigger deal because of the distance from the center of pressure. This will tend to decease the action. That said, you can minimize this some, by making the lip thinner. Besides lightening the lip some, a thinner lip tends to have a slightly better action. Weight in the lip can have a beneficial effect on diving ability, but can be detrimental to casting distance. AnglinArcher is right about metal being great over rocks. He is right as well in regards to marketability. Lastly is the effect on apparent lure size. If a Musky lure a larger appearance without increasing weight a lot may be beneficial. If a deep diving bass lure, almost doubling the lure's apparent size may be problematic. craig
  12. Is there a way to thin and extend D2

    Another option (depending on material) would be to warm the lure instead of the epoxy. That way you wouldn't cut down working time of the epoxy as much. Craig
  13. Is there a way to thin and extend D2

    From Devcon: Thinning is possible with denatured alcohol; mix the epoxy and hardener together first then mix in the denatured alcohol. This is good for getting rid of air bubbles. It also makes the product clearer and slightly changes the product making it more flexible. NOTE: this will also change the tensile strength. Interesting about "clearer" .. craig
  14. Open screw eyes versus closed

    I too make my own twist eyes, but also use split rings to facilitate hook changes. The Texas Tackle split ring pliers are the best I've found, which leads to minimal split ring damage. (TU's owner LPO actually just added these BTW). Lastly, the stainless split rings are weaker in the same size so unless needed for salt/brackish water I avoid those.. craig