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  1. you will have to get a few jars to fill this up but this is how i powder coat spinnerbaits. I would use a fluid bed (home made) but I can't get the paint to flow right.
  2. GREAT thread!!! this has given me some awesome ideas Tally
  3. hey.... I have no problem with a thread going in different directions..... I might learn something...... retaining is a different story lol
  4. what size link are you using? is this what you are using? https://barlowstackle.com/Connector-Links-P835/ you filed the mold because the 5/0 hook shaft was to big?? can you share a picture of how this looks in the mold? thanks.... good info
  5. that looks nice and you are lucky but I doubt their patent goes outside the U.S....... when you open the eye, did you have to modify the mold a bit to except the hook eye? just trying to beat the trial and error lol
  6. yes I am not interested in having a weed guard. Which blades out there are the best that are available?
  7. wow.... do they have a patent on the blade as well?
  8. thanks for that video..... very interesting and informative. I see now why they protect it..... because they can lol
  9. mmmmm that looks good.... wonder if it will be available with the flat eye hook
  10. Perfect.... it will take a 5/0 Gama hook!! do you use the wire bait keepers in that mold?? Not a big deal as a drop of super glue will do
  11. woohoo... that is why this site is good. I had eliminated the flat eye from my thoughts because of direct connect. Thanks!!!! I believe I am on the right track now without getting in trouble lol.
  12. I assume if I use split rings, it takes 2? has anyone tried a ball bearing swivel like used on spinnerbaits? Pros or cons??
  13. well ok..... then let's just ask what mold makes the best head with recessed eyes.... have no intent to get into a losing battle lol.......3/8 and 1/2 ounce
  14. Really?? the patent is that secure on attaching the blade to the hook? Soooooo the guys I see on youtube are illegal?
  15. First let me say this will be for my personal use and not for "sale". After snooping thru the threads I still need help. Looking for a mold 3/8 and 1/2 ounce that will take a Gamakatsu 5/0 hook (non flat eye). I would like the mold to have recessed eyes. Is there a mold out there or am I going to have to modify the mold. I want to attach the blade directly to the eye and not use a split ring. I am not trying to duplicate the Zman jack hammer but get it damn close. Thanks in advance for chiming in Tally
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