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  1. Tally

    Happy Birthday Nathan

    Happy B-day.....now we know the real reason for moving the TU get-together back a week.......lol Tally
  2. Tally

    Microspheres help

    Coley.... you are bringing back memories. The amount of micro balloons is roughly trial and error but Coley just got you close. To thick and it won't poor...to thin and the bait sinks. I have some of Coleys baits and the pours are fantastic. Tally
  3. Tally

    Tu-mo 08 Meet

    Well for the short time I was able to stay, it was GREAT! Work just does not allow much time off and I had a blast...fishing, bait swap and hanging out with Nathan, Deb, Gene and Coley. You have no idea how relaxed I was just getting out of the office and kicking back. Wish I could have stayed at least one more day to meet the ones I did not. Tally
  4. Tally

    Missouri get together head count

    WOW....looks like a good group this year. Nathan, do you have a list made of who is coming and from where???? Tally
  5. Tally

    Member Numbers

    maybe we don't like repeating ourself, when the answer is right there for you to find. I always do a search and I always find and or learn something new.....even if it doesn't work. There is no one great step to building a lure, but when you do a search....you will find what works and what doesn't and then you are really ahead of the game. meaning the trial and error has already been done for you. Read and learn....if you can't find it, POST your question.
  6. you might try using bondo on the inside of the wood cavity. DON'T use too much. it makes a nice rattle chamber even on the dead sounding woods. tip from a wood carver buddie told me about it.
  7. Tally

    Bettencourt Baits

    Well done Nathan!!!! Always good to see a TU member get recognized for his work!!
  8. Tally

    Bobby Kelly Strikes Again!!

    Great Job Bobby..... looking forward to getting my issue and checking it out:worship:
  9. Tally

    Shallow Crankbaits

    welcome to the addiction!!!! plenty of paint tips on this forum. Try the search feature and you will find enough to read for a looooonnnnnnnnggggggg time:yay: still have questions? fire away!!!
  10. Tally

    Paint Tips

    use the #3 tip. for base coating alot of baits you might use the #5. The #1 tip is for thin lines but your paint will have to be be thinned. btw....make sure you match up the right head with the right tip
  11. Tally

    Member Submitted Tutorials

    use 3M spray ahesive and yes the netting stays under the foil permantely for this technique. Use foil tape and apply over the netting, using your finger to "burnished" the foil in the netting. be carefull not to scratch the foil with your nail. Can't remember who...but someone had a post on this. I will look and post it if I find it. It was fatfingers original idea but I can not find the post so maybe he will chime in
  12. Tally

    Sealing w/ Propionate

    I just tried Swede's propionate pellets for the first time. I have had these for a while now and just now found the time to try it. All I can say is WOW.......I am a DA!!!!! By far, this is the best means of sealing a bait I have found so far. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the mixture just right, but when you do......it seals the wood and is slick as can be. I have sealed basswood and cedar so far with outstanding results. I ran into a little problem with runs, but after talking to swede, my mixture is still a bit to thick. btw, if you have a run, it easily sands out. What a site!!!! from plastic cups to prop!!!! thnaks Swede
  13. Tally

    1st post and a huge THANK YOU

    Congrats........ you just gave the best compliment by using the search feature. There might be different opinions here on the how to and what is the best....but you will find your own method that works the way you want it to. Keep up the great work and start posting your baits in the gallery. As Riverman said: can't wait to steal some of your ideas:lol:
  14. Nice work Blackjack.....can't wait for the next test results. Interesting that you only had 3 big moves in th 60 foot span. Now that there is an actual graph for "ALL" to see what a hunting bait does.......maybe some of the mathmatical wizards care give some reasoning. I find it hard to think that current was the culprit.