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  1. those eyes have to be blood red LMAO......... i will have to re read the hunting thread. If I recall, not all types have the ability to hunt? If i were an engineer I might be really dangerous on baits lol
  2. Skeeter, I am very thankful that you just did not show me how to make a crank. You encouraged me to try and wet my whistle. I learned more about a crank bait than I ever thought possible. Everyday it was trial and error. you told me what should happen but never how to get there which made me do my homework. From the daily questions, you knew I was experimenting and took me under your wing. Anyone can watch a youtube and build a bait, but they never really understand what is going on...... I have been accused of always saying use the search feature...... not to be mean, but to make people actually research what was here and retain the information. Thanks for the compliment on the baits........ between you and Blades, you brought me to a level I thought I would never see. When it became more than a hobby, the fun was taken away. For you "newbies", let your imagination run and try it. We have all had our share of failure but the information from a failed bait is priceless. This has been a GREAT thread and glad to see all the replies. I am sure that I am way behind in the changes but the mechanics of a bait will always be the base. wiggle... wobble... slow rise... tail twitch..... I learned so much. Hunting has still eluded me and probably always will now. Vodkaman had an interesting post on hunting, but I doubt I will ever get to that point to explore that. Time for Tally to fish and less time in the shop lol
  3. JT ... I figured Skeeter would make an appearance. lol, just like you!!
  4. colorful lol..... good choice of words!! There was a lot of memories made in that chatroom
  5. Ha yourself JT!!! good to see you . As much as you hated the fact he would not tell you how to do it from A-Z, I hope you appreciate the fact he actually made you understand what you are doing. When I started, I had the same frustrations. I was fortunate that Skeeter took me under his wing. He never once said here is how to make a crankbait, but knew from my questions that I had in fact done my homework and by my trial and error he knew I was asking the right questions. I will be forever grateful he never said: here is how you build a bait. I learned more about a crankbait than I could have imagined. Struggles and frustration make your mind work and soon you start thinking of new ideas that you want to try. Some work and most don't, but when you get an idea, try it and it works....... what a feeling!! In the end, it's all about having fun!!
  6. Hughsey would be the right one to answer that question. Maybe he will see this and help you. or send him a message
  7. Thanks, wasn't sure being a composite mold. I might take you up on the color if I get into different baits.
  8. I just bought the Lurecraft's (Pork) 2.5" Trailer V Shape Chunk / 5 cavity . It is a composite mold. Do I need any release agent?
  9. Tally

    New guy

    if just starting I would do what cadman suggested. Then if that pans out, get yourself a bender. If you like what you are producing and are going to continue, get a good bender from the get go. I bought the cheap one first and used it one time and bought a good one. some do the closed loop better than others.
  10. Tally

    New guy

    welcome to TU. are you wanting to bend the wire and mold them yourself?
  11. Hey Hughesy.... good to see and hear from you. "Teched up" lol......... like I said, I am so far behind everyone today . all that painting knowledge and now all you do is click a button lol just teasing!!
  12. Good thread and I appreciate the on and off topic views. I am very aware that this craft is alive and well and I was not trying to say that it wasn't. Having been gone from the site for some time, I was interested in who on here still made crank baits. I am sure that I am far behind most of you as times change and new ideas have surfaced. I will snoop around and post a question or 2 if needed. Tally
  13. it was good talking with you to Nathan. I was trying to be a good boy.... lol it's all good, I deserved it and hopefully we can move forward.
  14. Vodkaman You are very welcome. I actually was waiting to get blasted!! I probably deserved it. I did not start this post for any reason other than to find out who played with making baits and who I could bounce ideas off and learn some of the tricks. I am positive it has changed a lot from days I was making lures. For those of you who do the custom paint on blanks, I applaud you. Other than figuring out to get my bait to do what I wanted, the painting and coming up with new patterns was the most fun!! Had the blanks been around when I started I would probably just paint to. fun fun fun!!
  15. thanks for the welcome back Vodkaman. Let me address this now as I do not come back with nor do I want any hostility. I do remember some of the heated discussions and for whatever the reason was, personality clashes or maybe I needed to grow up, My apologies to you!! Now on the other note, I did glance at your hunting bait post and plan on looking at that again in detail. No need to be embarrassed.... you had an idea and ran with it. Most would have gave up much sooner than that, including myself. Congrats on putting that all full circle. I sincerely hope my apology is accepted and we can move forward. If not, again thank you for the welcome back! Tally Maybe you are more of a custom crank bait make than you take credit for?
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