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  1. I don't suggest "Yellow Pine " Low grade and poor quality.
  2. musky mark ! you got mail
  3. I'm with SKEETER ! My center of weight is found in the beginning as I center and pre ballance the whole lure but now I'm working the solid wood lures not balsa or the plastics.
  4. boatnik13

    badger 250

    I started with the badger 250 and still use it. the 250 is a med. spray. Its not your thin craft design of the $$ big boys. Lowend model that is good for mass production. The trick is > The constant flow of air. I started out with the co2 cans and they are like painting anything with a can > uneven flow that starts at 90psi and drives out cold till it spits paint below 15psi. the next step > I bought the wal-mart 5gal air tank. Fill it up and its like a dozen cans except its free to fill at the service station > this p/u's moisture and can cause dots in the piant. Next and also last > I whent to Harbour Frieght (India made) and got air air brush kit for $9.99 vs $21 for a B250. I mixed the parts and still use the 250 head. The big diffrence is that i also bought a mini air compresser at H.F. for like $49 and it keeps a constant 35 psi or whatever I want from 15 to 40 w/90 as a high note but not constant.Its got the moisture bleeder, runs quite on 110 ac. Now I can paint smooth but not gravity feed. Since createx thickens fast and I loose alot to open air > I switched brands > to a airbrush paint supplier who makes there own paint and cost less.. www.smithpaints.com...they also have more colors than createx and you can buy bulk . driving the price down.
  5. Like I said > they beat me to it. That 3/0 mustad is 100 ct @$18 + $4 sh CAN YOU BEAT THAT ? AND IF ITS GOT TO BE STRONGER YOU HAVE A FEW OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM LIKE caprtain harry's 3x 3/0's for $25 + sh but now thats heavy duty. All in all its unlimited on deals you can make on line
  6. I know someone is going to beat me to the punch here but a company out of the state of Fla. will beat most any price. I'll check for it awhile. ( best deal and price.
  7. Monster Musky ! You got mail. Try> www.smithpaints.com
  8. boatnik13

    acrylic question

    Piant mixing is not for everyone especialy a low budget hobby. Everytime you mix paint you are going to loose a portion , have to thin and Know how to meter the mix right everytime its made. I found a company that does my mixing locally and they allready have hundreds of color mixes and they are a airbrush paint maker and taxidermy paint supplier. So befor you mix > check out www.smithpaints.com they are mail order out of Harrisburg,Pa. I use them over createx brand any day but not for primer base or top coats. I have other venders for that. The piant pictured on the B.B. above looks like the type that will crack . Look into glass jar or plastic jar paints at craft stores (acrylic type)
  9. I'm not a balsa fan while making solid wood lures. You can find the posts on wood this site has as we spoke out about many times. You must know what you want from a lure not just the ease of using balsa. I understand there is diffrent grades and that one grade of balsa is outstanding in strenth but I haven't and will not try it. Stay simple > flat lures > I use white pine , round lures I buy dowel rod in white pine , maple and red oak. the harder the wood > the less it floats above the surface line and the heavyer it gets. Its wood densities and you should read into it. Most balsa will dent with ease. The harder the wood the more tooling and time it takes also. Keep it simple and shop prices. Online you can get bulk lumber at low cost but your talking alot of lure making. Don't use yellow pine > low quality and its density is mostly sap and thats not much to talk about but it does make good practice wood. It will take plenty of practice and then its balance after that and thats another subject.
  10. I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses and my best is the Clear Coat by "COMPONET SYSTEMS" You seen them at tackle shops proable as chip proof paints for jigs. The clear coat works very well on wood. A very toxic application that requires venting. Use a brush and use 2 coats. Prefer to heat the application befor I use it for thinning but not nesssary. It makes my wood lures dent / scratch resistant epescialy fishing along rip-rap. It best to buy by the pint and bottle it in 1/2 oz glass jars. The savings $$ is BIG.
  11. boatnik13

    vinyl paints

    Who were you dealing with at componets paints? retail or wholesale? Is this for jigs or lures? I may have a supplier answer.
  12. commented and results are on your mail page.
  13. Another cheap way is to shop a business store like Office max or whatever is near you and go to the mechanical drawing section and get a circle template. A good plastic template will have all your dowel diameter sizes and on that circle is a cross hair markers. Place the dowel threw the hole that fits snug and join the lines at the center by using a pencil . Now place a smaller hole over that cross hair you just made and center it and draw a circle that shows the smallest amount the you desire to have remaining and color it in with paint. ( my guess is that your going to lathe it) You can also use this method for ballancing the lure as it gets more detailed then I wish to write but its very accurate. The type off wood constitutes the ballance and how much the lure will sink into the water while stationary. The cost of a template >$6 or less.
  14. I agree w/ DEAN ! Createx is thick from the getgo. I spen more time thinning it . Let it exposed with the lid open and it will get stiff alright but you'll need a screen for the lumps. Anytime you add or subtract from the original paint make-up > you weaken it !. (the original properties of the paint).
  15. I 'm always good for negative talk and you wanted bolth sides of the coin! I'm Not a fan of balsa because I found it to be too soft. I don't like dents. I'm a solid wood fan because I believe you can do so much more remodeling and stand up to tough treatment with solid wood. I find plastic to be the toughest to refinish / repair followed by balsa but never have a problem with solid wood lures of density.True > I can't pattern from solid wood lures like you can with balsa > so theres a good thing about balsa and it floats without modification. I new we had + and - feelings on this site but its just a opinion based on my experiense.
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