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  1. Sorry Jerry, All I saw in the latest version of the rules was the Linking in Signature, not in posts. Figured since those sites are only about Kayak Fishing and not Tackle Making it would be OK. Guess not. If anybody wants any of those Kayak Fishing Specific sites or any info you can PM or Better yet Email me. cj@oexcalifornia.com I have 8 years of kayak fishing experience and am on the Confluence (Wilderness Systems/ AT Paddles) Pro Staff. I do guide trips, seminars, classes, rigging, and anything else you can think of on the kayaks.
  2. I havnt been around in a long time but if you guys ever have any questions about Kayak Fishing give me a shout. Ive been doing it for 10 years and for the last 3 have run a Fishing Specific Kayak Dealership. We deal in all the major manufactures. You can also see more information about the sport on some of our sites: ********************** There are about 150 more but those have the most info
  3. Hey Jerry, Man site looks good. Glad its worked out so well for you. If you ever need anything in the Dive, Kayak (and kayak fishing), or Spearfishing industry let me know.
  4. To think, I remember back when we had less than 1000, Far less than 1000. Yep im still alive guys(for those 1000 that might remember me), Came back because somebody sent me a message. Im out of the Lure industry though, still in the fishing industry. If you want/need to get a hold of me you can at cj@oeexpress.com Roger and LP, Somebody send me an email if you see this. I have a ton of stuff for you 2 and want to get it off to you. Work has had me really tied down and I just havnt been able to make time to get ahold of you (and i finally got my home computer back after 9 months). CJ Siebler
  5. My dad has one for work, My border collie just loves chasing the red dot. Never thought about it for plastic, Then again i never check the temps either, been doing it so long i never need to, you just know what is right for your pouring prefference.
  6. Im sure there is, i just dont know off hand. My suggestion would be to call Do-it or stamina and ask them. The guys at do-it are fairly good to deal with. Stamina is great however unless they carry the hook they probably wont know. Another option is call mustad.
  7. They are loose in the mold, not in the finished head. Ive poured a ton like this and its fine.
  8. Lots of companies have made these type of shads. Mister Twister, Cottee, and endless others. They are often sold as Sassy Shads.
  9. You should be able to go down to atleast a 5/0 i believe. Havnt had this mold in a long while though.
  10. what do you want? smaler? bigger?
  11. Del you must be reffering to the Cyberflex. Only melts with direct heat (no micro) powder coloring only. Stringy as hell when you pour it. With all the new powder colors LC has released youd atleast have a little more range in color options than when it first came out.
  12. Instead of looking for printed bags just have clear labels printed and affix them to your Poly bags. Lot sof companies do this and they look great and cost a lot less.
  13. Just silicone or epoxy it to shoot through the hull. Or mount it on the stern like you would but dont drill any holes, Use a high strength epoxy. Ive done both and they work just fine. Holes in a boat relaly ar eno big deal, You just have to seal them well. Really more water is going to come in the boat over your gunwalls and such than is leaking through a slightly unsealed hole. As long as your bilge works........
  14. Mix less at a time. Then it wont get hard halfway through coating your batch of lures. It can be thinned with alcohol too however mixing less is my personaly favorite method
  15. Thanks guys, Looking for it for a new Anchovie pattern spinnerbait. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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