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  1. After i posted duh i thought of drilling before i shape great info Benton.
  2. Well it finally warmed up enough out in the cave to get stasrted again, ran into a issue I really messed up. these baits were made from cedar the first one came out ok, but when I started to drill the lower section of the belly for weight placement,the wood split on me. I cut the out with the wood grain do you guys form your baits cross grained to stop spliting.
  3. this morning i shaped a lure it came out just like i wanted it to then I used a dremel an cut a groove along the bottom from tail and lip slot. Then I drilled two holes in the lip for the line tie, every thing looks good so far. I'm stumped on the lip on if i should expoxy the lip in the bait or should I wait an try to expoxy after i have completely finished the assembly. The wire going throught the lip i have it going back into the body. I'm thinking I could expoxy the lip in then when I put the wire through the 2 holes in the lip i could just wrap instead of going back into the body. Looking for some ideas here thanks guys
  4. Thanks to both og you blackjack an Bob. You both have hit this one on the head so far as for the weight I got me a scale an weighted the bait body I'm already at 5 gram. I dont use smaller baits and was thinking how would i beable to cast something so light an great point about the flat sided sailing. Before I add any hardware I will weigh it with all componits. I'm not just clear how long I want the lip or width, as Blackjack probably can tell this is simular to his lil pete thats the angle I want on the lips. I want them to atleast get down to 4 for I'll keep working on this the info is great.
  5. Seen a lil bait simular to these thought Id give some Bass baits a try to share with my non muskie fishing buddies. They are 2 1/4 by 1 inch tall thickness is 3/8.Cedar bodies. I'm thinking of round lips i'm looking for them to run 4 to 6 feet any suggestions on how big they need to be lenght an width. I'm hoping to stay about 6 grams total weight. I havent figured out how much weight i need but looking for some ideas on the postion to put the weights on the belly. I think if I put the hooks forward of the belly hook i should get more wobble read this somewhere here. Lol for some ungodly reason I always come back here when the water is hard. There is a lot of good reading an help here thanks to everyone new an old its been a while OK now I'll try to add a pic wish me luck.
  6. was looking at the Mcmasters site they have pvc sheets of different lengths and widths just curious if anyone has bought any from their site. They come in sheets from 1/8 to 1/4 thick.
  7. i went out in the cold garage an got a pack of it. Damn its cold out there. The package says Flashbou its says tinsel flash&marabou action. Winging material for jigs an streamers. Yes I'm making cowgirl type spinners. Thanks
  8. was wondering if someone could get me straight on tieing this stuff. I'm having trouble with it wrapping around my treble hook, i wanted to have a full skirt but its just a total mess after just a few retrieves. I'm using them on inline spinners. Thers a great tutural here but just curious what i'm doing wrong.
  9. muskietom51


    I've been reading about you guys using sc-9000. Am I correct that its used for a top coat,how hard is it if thats what your using it for. Do you dip it or can It be shot through a air brush? And where do I get it, I've tried searching but cant find the name brand. Thanks guys
  10. Thats what I was thinking also trim the lips. I heard about a guy that went to a pond with a bucket full of lures an tuned them I bet a lil twicking should do the job, but yeah no 2 baits are sysmentical alike also. Well just got home tonite snowing big time 4 inches sofar I bet the waters hard now. I always wait til it gets cold before I mess with lure building lol. Going to change things this year. Thanks for the replys guy.
  11. Kind of curious how you guys go about lip placement is it usually a visual procedure? Sometimes I have a hard time getting it just right. I got a lure with good action finally but when retrieved faster it wants to pull to one side, Other than bending the line tie how would using a file on the lip work? Any other tips on truing a lure would be helpful. I've done a little searching but my server is running really slow here today
  12. I wish i could say i made that lure. Its a Bama bait from Bill Looney WV lure builder
  13. Thanks for all the replies an thoughts. Going back to the shop saturday between shopping an wrapping, Looking at the baits I showed before here is more of what i'm looking for. More belly with a more angle on the lip. The tie on the new bait is about what I had before just not the angle. I like to get it running 8 to 10 down trolling. I'll show the differences. One more question when retriving the bait if the lip is square do I just bent the eye to adjust the side way movement?
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