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  1. robert giberson

    Foam baits with molded in lips

    nice, nice work!!! i don"t know who the lucky friend is but i bet he is going to be very happy ! Rob
  2. robert giberson

    My first flat side crankbait

    way to go!!! now " getr done" Rob
  3. robert giberson

    Baits made from 16# foam

    very nice coley!!!, husky sure know his stuff!!!! paint the baby up like skeeter says and show us!!!! and what would you do to fix the lip problem skeeter????? Rob
  4. robert giberson

    Attaching plastic tail to wood body bait

    try a small piece of wire , like nathan said, but at the end that is going into the tail make it coiled like a pigs tail, this way you can screw it into the tail , another way to do it is to take a long shank bait holder hook( with the barbs) and cut the hook point off, epxoxy the other end into the bait, and then you slide your tail section over the barbed shaft end which will hold the tail, both methods will allow you to change the tails with ease when needed! hope this helps Rob
  5. robert giberson

    paint peeling off!!!!

    8)thanxs jed , that was funny and yes you are still more helpfull then a 3 legged chair!! L.O.L and not sure what you mean cullin8 but i fine sand them to the ideal finish that i want then proceed to primer with white high hide primer sealer( like a bulls eye 123 product) let it dry , light sand if needed then, spray my colours, wait 24hrs and either use spar varathane 3 coats or nu lustre(like etex, but cheaper here in canada) 2 coats, have done many baits this way and never had this problem , will this help? and are there some colours types of rattle cans that are not compatible with others? the base i sprayed on the lure in ? was a gold colour, ( over the white primer) then my other colours, and even after it peeled off the gold on the lure wasn"t affected, its still on there , but has a really slick like feel to it, could this have caused poor adhesion to the other paints over top? and finally one last dumb ? has any one tried to put a coat(s) of etex over spar varathane, for a super coating !!, sorry for all the ?"s and any help is appreciated!!! Rob
  6. robert giberson

    paint peeling off!!!!

    hi guys was wondering if any could shed any light on why a bait that i sealed with 2 coats of white high hide primer, then paintetd( rattle cans), then put 3 coats of spar varathane on it and after 3 days of drying the lure got a bubble on its back( like a peeling sunburn), i poked the bubble and next thing i know it all peeled of like snake skin, any reason for this, find it strange it only happend once but dont want it to happen again!!!!!! thanxs for any help! Rob
  7. robert giberson

    7" pike bait pictures

    i think you did a damn fine job!, stay with us rattle can guys, dont go to the darkside(airbrushing) L.O.L , i really like your thinking outside the box idea with the skirts!!! nice work!! Rob
  8. robert giberson


    T.M. ,they hold up well, with the playing cards lasting longer due to the plastic like film on them!, and a deck of cards is really cheap!,and the plastic milk jug is an amazing idea!!! nice one Coley!! as for the worms they work great, ,can you make something smaller ? totally rounded with the same colour combos? if so e-mail me ! Rob
  9. robert giberson


    i use cereal boxes and playing cards to make my stencils out of, hope this helps Rob
  10. robert giberson

    Hottie in the TU T-Shirt!

    yes, in the immortal words of my hero "JOHNNY BRAVO" Whoa Momma, she is hot!!!!!!! Rob
  11. robert giberson

    Where to order screw eyes, hooks, etc.

    , jed, try luremaking .com, up here in canada, or repo bait lures (out to lunge web site) with the exchange rate should be great for you!!! Rob p.s will e-mail you the links for both,and you can post them, i dont know how to do it :oops:
  12. robert giberson

    New Baits

    Hi Guys Three more photo finish lures, and my first attempt at making field mice, can't tell from the picture but they all have rubber tails. Weighted with a zara spook action. Did them with a Dremel and a jigsaw. Hope you like them. Rob
  13. robert giberson

    First handmade baits...

    beautiful baits, i really like your own bait the best, love its shape!!!!! Rob
  14. robert giberson

    new lures

    Jed, the action is very simliar to a big o,with the shallow (3ft)and med divers(8ft) having a nice wiggle when cranked backed, even bigger side to side kick when retrived slowly,and the 2 metal lipped divers only have a little tight wiggle but will go deep, great for trolling!!! Rob
  15. robert giberson

    new lures

    thanxs for compliments guys!!, Siebler your package is sent (3 sizes of mesh) Jed, i learned by looking at your master pieces!!!, and Dev, they are 5 1/2 inches long 5 / 8 wide and 2 1/ 4 inches high at the highest point , you can"t tell by the photo but they taper right down from the belly hook down to the tail ( just over a 1/ 4 inch left at the tail eye screw) and have the head tapered into a point as well, Skeeter, thanxs for that sweet idea!!, thats what i love about this board, everyone helping out where they can with info,tips,and advice! , for the rookies and veteran builders alike!! thanxs Rob