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  1. When you guys are talking about heating up the colors to dip then the clear to seal off the bait are you guys heating this plastic on a hot plate? And if so what temperature are you getting the plastic to so as the clear plastic wont discolor? And what are you heating the plastic in I have heard of the Arizona cans, do these go directly on the hot plate? Thank you.
  2. im not to worried about the colors part of it. I got that down pretty good. I am more about how much plastic, salt, and softener. I tried my hand and kept working around what I came up with but it isn't what I am looking for and I don't seem to be getting there. The colors though I am trying to make the white or should I say pearl shad color. Or I would like to make the Arkansas shiner color do you have a recepie for that color. Thanks for your help. It is very much appreaciated.
  3. Can someone please help me with a Fluke recipe. I can't seem to get a good mixture going. I haven't been able to get the bait close to the real zoom baits. Can someone please help get me close. Thank you.
  4. does anyone know how they get the blades to stay on. the part that they have the blades on doesn't look like it has threads or anything to put a nut on or anything to hold the blades and washers on there. Thanks.
  5. I finally got my tube dipper made. Now I need a recipe. I am using calhoun plastic. Now can someone help me get close as to how much salt and softner to add. Thanks for any help.
  6. Can someone tell me what the inside diameter of a thread spool is. I am making a hand rod wrapper and need to know what size rod to use for my tensioner that the spool will fit on. Thanks.
  7. hey jig master, I didn't see the spinnerbait heads or i should say bodies on your website. However, I am interested in getting some 1/4oz and 3/8oz bodies made. I am not that far from you I live in Michigan as well. Redford Michigan to be exact. Check your PM I will send you my email address and you can get with me and tell me what prices you charge for the bodies. Thanks for the reply much appreaciated.
  8. northbassman


    I really want to start making spinnerbaits over the winter to kill time and of course to use next year. I don't want to get into pouring the lead yet or anything. I just want to add the blades and skirts I want and I have an airbrush so I would like to paint them myself as well. Question 1: When I paint the heads with my airbrush what should I seal them with. Should I cover them with something like devcon 2-ton epoxy or something? Question 2: I see some of the places like barlows and such have the skirt making kit. Is that used a lot or is there a different way of making the skirts. O
  9. Does anyone have a recipe that closely matches the yamamoto cinnamon color senko. I want the color to use for my senkos. Thank you everyone.
  10. Where did you purchase that aluminum mold at. I was thinking they werent available yet I didn't see them for sale on any of the supplier websites. And, how much are the running?
  11. For those of you guys witht he beaver molds from Lure Craft that have trouble getting the small paddles full. I figured out a little tip today that worked wonders. I can now pour full paddles every time. Take a pencil or some other round object of about the same size. Lay it underneath the mold long ways the same way the cavities run about mid cavity. Press down on each side of the mold and it will spread out the mold for the small flaps. Have the plastic at a runny mixture and poor right at the base of the flap and the body and it will run right into the flap and when it looks full quit
  12. Thanks guys. That's what I was looking for. Where are you guys getting the aluminum molds. I ordered a few from Lure Craft for now until I see the aluminum ones online.
  13. THanks Vanillagorilla, That is what I was looking for. I just didn't want to waste a ton of plastic trying to get the mixture right. I appreaciate the help.
  14. For you guys that have been pouring the popular beavers can you give me some assistance in a mixture of plastic. I know alot of you are pouring them without salt. So can someone help me with how much plastic and softener to mix to get a good mixture so I don't have to waste alot of plastic experimenting from scratch. Also if anyone has a mixture with salt feel free to add that to if you would. Thanks for the help in advance. Very much appreaciated.
  15. Has anyone used or tried the Beaver or the sweet beaver or whatever you guys call it molds from Lure craft. If so how is the quality of the bait. I want to order a couple but I don't want to spend the money on the aluminum ones right away. Any info??
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