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    wood filler

    Yo Brett they are all good ideas listed. Unfortunately some things that are tuff as nails can make shaping, molding and sanding difficult! EVEN with my Dremmel tool! I use Devcon to epoxy in my weights. I dont completely fill the hole with the epoxy! Once the epoxy is set and dried I will fill in the remainder of the hole with a latex wood filler. This is VERY easy to apply, sand and shape. I get the latex wood filler from home depot and a small 6 oz container is under $5.00! Once I shape and sand, I seal it with Devcon! See what I wrote to Terrydabassman in Flatsided Cranks II. Hope that helps! Cody
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    No Message bad photos!
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    Terry, by the sound of your name I would assume that you will be making Bass Lures. I make lures for Bass Fishing so I prefer 1/2 inch thickness of wood. When I first started I used 3/4 inch, I feel its too thick for a bass lure. I have used Poplar and Balsa woods as a wood source. Lately I have been using primarily 1/2 Balsa wood and my lures are flat sided just about 2 1/2'inches in length. Last year I started making it "easier" for me. so I bought dipsy swivels for the belly weight. The great thing about the dipsy swivel is that it has a built in screw eye in it. One issue with balsa is they need a little weight in them. I first tried the 1/4 ounce weight and they would float up to the moon at warp sppeds. So Im adding more weight to them. I am going to try the 1/4 ounce weight this year and we will see how they do. I measure the center with a ruler that has 16th of an inch increments. 4 16th inch markings makes it middle! I take a screw eye and mark the center. A small drill bit, then two more larger ones usually make it the right size for the belly weight. One other issue is that you must make sure you drill straight & square cause this could cause the weight to sit off balance. Also the balsa has split on my a few times. So be careful with that as well. I use Devcon to glue the belly weight in its place. Make sure you get some devcon INSIDE the swivel so it will glue itself in place. Let it dry overnight, cover the remainder of the belly weight whole with a latex Wood Filler bought at Home Depot. Sand and shape and sand down with a fine grit paper. Cover entire lure with devcon for a sealer, prime and paint! Cody
  4. BassNator 1

    trying to get started

    But I also have to mention, when I first started out, I must have made 100 dissappointments until I came up with one that is worthy! But I certainoly enjoyed the process AND learnt! Cody
  5. BassNator 1

    trying to get started

    It all depends on WHAT type of lures you are making. I unfortunately have not used a knife at all. In that case for the lures Im making, I have to agree with Riverman on this one. Especially since your just starting out. I bought a Table Top Scroll saw to cut the shape out for under $100.00. A coping saw will do just fine for starting out though. Just take your time. Then as he stated, a File, I use a Rasp that is Coarse on one side and Medium on the other. It has a Flat side and a Rounded shape for both the Coarse and Medium and I believe it was under $5.00. If you are going to use the harder woods, I would suggest that over a knife. The rasp really does you good. Then sand it down from coarse to fine, and you are good to go! For starting out, I used Balsa wood. For like $3.00 at the craft store I can buy enough balsa to make at least 20 baits. I also have used Poplar and Pine. A little tuffer wood material, but it is very manageable! Cody
  6. BassNator 1

    Eyes for Crankbaits

    For those that use a hole punch, Here is an easy way to make your eyes! I have two different size hole punches. The larger size I cut hole into Aluminum Foil, or White or Red Electric tape. That is the base of the eye. Then the smaller hole punch I cut out holes from black electric tape. I tape the small circle from the hole punch onto the aluminum foil.. VIOLA! A nice perfect circle inside a circle eye! If you want to add the hot glue gun to that for the 3D effect... go for it. It is so simple and easy to do and it is VERY cost effective! If you use the tape, it will stick to the lure where you put it, and mine usually hold up during my Clear Finishes! Cody
  7. BassNator 1

    foiling, paper decals?

    I have used Super Glue, but I have been using Contact Cement with great success. Yes I apply it right over my base coat. The contact cement is like the Rubber Cement, only stronger and it wont glue your fingers together. The Contact Cement has worked great for both foil and paper for me. I dont know if you have that in Scotland though. Cody
  8. BassNator 1

    Alternatives to SOLO cups?

    Your best bet is to try a Party Goods store in your area. Basically you are after a 1oz or 2oz plastic souffle cup! 2oz is the size that would be more suitable. Cody
  9. BassNator 1

    Thinn Mann Info?

    Wondering if anybody out there is making a bait similar to Mann's Thinn Mann. If so what kind of Cliff Note Cheat Sheets does anybody have if they have made something similar. Like the internal weight etc. I think I might have to give this design a look see and see if I can create my own. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! But Im gonna give some 1/2 inch Balsa a try. That sure is a lot thinner than I have used in the past. The only true issue I have with balsa is that my brand new drill bits dont get a clean cut in the wood... it like shreds it instead of cutting it. And any info or help on hole drilling into balsa would be appreciated! Thanks Cody
  10. BassNator 1

    Can we talk about foil again?

    Tom S. makes a real good point on how to do it. I have done it the way Tom S. Reccommends and here are some of the trials and tribulations I have experienced. On my lures with foil, I have used Aluminum foil or candy wrapper foil that I have bought at the craft store that sells candy supplies. I also use a wire mesh as he described. Instead of using my fingers, I purchased a small printers roller from the craft store in the printers section. It should be around the linoleum block area and should be under 5 bux.. ( I think! ). The biggest problem with doing it as Tom says.. is keeping the imprint intact as you glue it onto the lure. It can real quick and real easy lose its imprint, its a thin sheet of foil. Thicker foils would work better Im sure, you would just need to apply harder pressure to get the imprint. You must be very careful when glueing it on. I use a Loc-Tite brand Contact Cement, but any pressure on the foil will affect the foils imprint. PLUS.. you also want to make sure your foil gets a good bond with no air pockets underneath. So its a difficult proposition... you need to make sure it adheres.. but you cant apply too much pressure! I also used the tools; after I glued the foil down, I then ran a socket wrench over the foil to get the imprint. It worked pretty good, BUT.. if you can get a real good imprint the first way with out affecting the imprint, the first way is the way to go. Hope that helps out! Cody
  11. BassNator 1

    My Devcon is sticky

    Hey guys, I agree that the best way to mix the Devcon 2ton is in a cup. I also use a 2oz plastic souffle cup. As far as proper mixing..... you should use the paddle that comes with the syringe containers behind the plunger. Or at other times I use a popsicle stick. You dont stir the 2 parts together... you should FOLD it! Lift the bottom, to the top, and continue to fold it and mix it that way. After you fold it a few times, I then lift the popsicle stick up and down in the mixture to gradually work the air bubbles out. Then I apply it with a throw away paint brush. I buy 40 of them in a package from my local Dollar store. They state on the package that the working time is 30 minutes.... I disagree. I have only enough time to do 2 lures. So I only make enough for 2 lures. Its a great way to do it! If you try to do more, it's too hard to get a good even thick coat. The paint bristles start texturing the Devcon and it then becomes eneven and textured. So with that being said, I will only do 2 at a time. No exceptions. I think that the tackiness is a combination of both improper mixing AND temps! There is a reccommended temperature range, but I am going to guess that the biggest culprit is leaving residual mixture that is not proerly mixed along the outsides and putting that on the lure. Since I have folded the mixtures instead of stirring, I have not had any Devcon failures. I fold the mixture for a few minutes... at least 4 to 5 minutes, and make sure you get the outsides mixed in! I guess thats why my working time is a lot less.... I mix it more! Cody
  12. BassNator 1

    Working on a Bomber

    Awesome Tutorial Terry! Good Job! Cant wait for part 2! Cody
  13. BassNator 1

    ultra fine airbrush spray

    Terry, I was holding out on that one.... I do know what your talkin bout!! Im awaiting to see that done as well. My Badger 150 does just Fine and I only use the Fine Head and Needle, but it sure doesnt spray a line THAT fine!! Truthfully I am ok with that though! Cody
  14. BassNator 1

    Here's one to chew on

    Nope Cmon GUys... Green, Black, Grey and Yello with a An Eagles Emblem on it! After all MY beloved Eagles made The Super Bowl!! Cody
  15. BassNator 1

    Painting Baits

    I agree with Cheesehead as I too took a page out of Carolina Chips book. The least expensive way to do this is buy some Ex-Acto Knives. The Ex-Acto Knives were like $1.25 a piece at the craft stoore. I started with 5 of them. Unloosen the nut holding the blade guide in place. Take out the blade to the knife. Insert that blade guide into the Screw Eye that goes into the lure. Then retighten. Of course at first its gonna be a real tight fit, but play with it slowl I took a straight edge screw driver at first to open up the grooves at first.. You'll get it on. If its dead center, its a good tight fit! But be careful cause on occasion, I have had the lure slip off the knife! OOOOOOHHHH Was I mad! It really ticks you off after a Clear Coat! When it slipped off, its cause I man handled the lure and moved the screw eye off its center inside the knife holder. Anyway I also took a couple of 2 X 4 scraps about 6 inches long. I drilled a couple holes into the 2 X 4 so the handle can fit snug into the holes.... thats the cheapest and most inexpensive route for a lure holder for spraying... all it really cost me was the amount for the Ex-Acto Knives. I put a small cardbox behind it.... and spray my airbrush into that, with the 2 X 4 Lure holder in front of it. Thats my inexpensive Spray Booth and lure holder combo! Cody