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  1. Another pirogue. Made with cedar fence boards and "poor man's fiberglass"
  2. Trying to post pictures of the boats Photobucked deleted. May not be in same order as originals.
  3. Punt / River Boat beekeeper
  4. Thanks. I don't know why one set of pictures remain. Photobucket has deleted all of mine (and others) and will not post them unless you upgrade to $$$ plan. I have not found a new free site to use. When I do I may try to repost some of the pictures. beekeeper
  5. No formal plans. Mostly "by hand and eye". Sometimes I make sketches and record the measurements I think I need/want, and reference them as I build. When I can remember what the scribbling is suppose to mean. I like different and they usually don't sell plans for that. beekeeper
  6. Ogeechee River Boat Boat is finished except for the rear seat. I will do that after I determine the best location. Bottom coating is granite powder, Rockite, and graphite mixed with epoxy resign. Hard and smooth. beekeeper
  7. Thanks for the compliment, and sorry for the mud. I will try again if you want me to . beekeeper
  8. They may help some, but the sides' shape and flare are determined by the angle of the chine logs and the shape of the floor. The pictures don't show the sides well, but they are of lapestrake design. This creates a very ridged panel . Combined with the tumblehome top part of the sides, a very stiff and stable shape is formed. The gunnels may act more as a "top rail" protecting the edge of the side and defecting water splashed or dripped onto the top panel of the sides. Hope I have not confused. beekeeper
  9. Another pirogue. Lapstreak sides. Cedar picket fence boards.
  10. Thanks guys for the compliments. This is a new boat seat I just completed. Hope it is ok to post it here. beekeeper
  11. This is why I build boats! My son said he liked it and it met all our goals we set for it. Now all we need to do now is catch some more fish. beekeeper
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