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  1. Fish_N_Fool

    1 fools gold.jpg

    This was an experiment that started all the Metallic line of baits my first outing with this bait boated a 7+ lb largey and I knew It was a winner.
  2. Fish_N_Fool

    1 Alabama Craw.jpg

    This color has been a instant hit with the LM bass and fishermen.
  3. Fish_N_Fool

    1 Metallic Red Shad.jpg

    This is one of my all time favorite colors Strippers love this color as well as LM bass.
  4. Fish_N_Fool

    1 Metallic Silver Shad.jpg

    These are a super heavy salt bait
  5. Fish_N_Fool

    1 Metallic Midnite Blue Shad.jpg

    I have developed a new Metallic line of baits that really pop. This sparkel is way better in in person then you see these then photos can show,
  6. Fish_N_Fool

    Anyone know what happened to bearsbaits?

    If LFG can make it through a brain tumor lets hope Bear can to.
  7. Fish_N_Fool

    Anyone know what happened to bearsbaits?

    I found out today he has a brain tumor, and most likely will not be back in business.
  8. We need a list of all companies that sell soft bait making materials other then molds. Like plastisol , glitters, colors, bags, salt all in one place , with ratings so you know who to buy from.
  9. I tried to log into Bearsbaits website to order more plastic last nite and the website was shut down, so I waited to call today to find out the phone # has been disconnected. Did they go out of business????? Does anyone know of another source of Calhoun soft Plastic? I need some ASAP
  10. Fish_N_Fool


    You just have to make a topwater bait so you can drag it on top of the ice.
  11. Fish_N_Fool


    I like this idea and although I have never made a hard bait from scratch, I plan to here soon and love to see how other people make baits. I would suggest doing a photo montage of building the lure with at least 3 pictures plus a brief summery on the basic process of how they made the bait. The first pix would be on making the lure body, another of the finished lure before painting, and one after painting. Plus one more of a fish caught with that bait. The pixs should to show the bait in the fishes mouth so you can tell it was the same bait. I think this could be a fun contest. So whoever wants to join in send in 4 pictures and put all qualified entries up for a vote. I will put the prize up for this and send the winner 4 packs of my world famous Sink-N-Fool baits. They are a extra heavy salt stickbait that out fishes all the other stickbait hands down Here is a few samples of what they are. I have a new metallic bait line the Red Shad, Silver Shad, Fool's gold, Alabama Craw, and Midnite blue Shad that is really cool. The winner will get to pick out of these what they want. The metallic colors will be one of the 4 in the picture per pack not mixed like the photo.
  12. I made some typos I see in the Subject line it should read Gold or Silver Foil. here is a picture of it. It will give you a chrome like finish when done correctly.
  13. I ordered some transfer foil and I got way more then I will ever use so need to sell off some of it its 1 1/2" wide by how ever long you want. $2 for 4 ft with free shipping, or 6ft for 3 bucks, 8 ft for $4 will post pixs later.
  14. Fish_N_Fool

    New lure I'm working on

    How hard is the PVC decking to carve? Does it sand and carve like wood? I think I might try to at least make the prototype with it If it is not as buoyant as some other materials to me is good as I want the bait to nearly suspend. Where would I find a scrap piece of it?
  15. Fish_N_Fool

    New lure I'm working on

    The tail i was planing to make it thick on the edge of the inside curve and thin on the rest of it so it will straighten out and just ripple is what I had in mind for it. I think that will work. Nobody said what kind of wood or product I should use to make this out of ? Ideally I would like it to end up near neutral buoyancy but still not dive to deep. AngArch I ever said it was new, just new to me. I know there have been baits similar to this in the past, but I'm not trying to copy any bait. I just drew this up as something that I thought would work. I'm not real interested in buying one similar to this as I wanted to create something my self like all my other baits I make are my creations. Oh btw I know Seth, I thought him everything he knows. lol