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  1. Want to start pouring my own hardbaits

    Dang that was a long time ago, sorry to say I don't remember it. That would have been the spring of 2009. Hopefully you have seen the light and tie the Fish-N-Fool knot now. Hey Steve, can you explain how the degassing process works?
  2. Want to start pouring my own hardbaits

    Since I don't know who you are I don't know if we are talking or not !!! LOL As far as I know I didn't have anybody I saw at a show I didn't want to talk to. But at least we are talking here so that's a good start. You sound like somebody I should be friends with as you seam to know a lot about making hard baits. Maybe its time to kiss and make up, without the kiss part of course LOL Tnx for the info. If you want to send me a pm on facebook my page is here I just saw you live in Utah? how do i even know you? and what were you doing in Spokane at a fishing show? and what show was it? lol
  3. I have a few questions about how to pour crankbaits and glidebaits that I would like to start making. I have plenty of mold making experience from making soft baits for many years, and I have made a lot of hard prototypes for them out of both wood and clay, so making the master bait ( get your mind out of the gutter) shouldn't be any problem. First who makes the best pour-able stuff to make cranks out of. The only ones I know of are Alumalite Is there anybody that pours a clear plastic baits here? I have some baits I want to make that the bill needs to be clear. Who makes a good clear resin that is strong enough to hold up to fishing ? Would a clear crankbait have to be hollow to float? Could you mold clear bills to put into a mold and pout another type of lure materiel ? Sorry for the 50 questions, but inquiring minds need to know. I want to make some large glide swimbaits for pike fishing as they are to figgin expensive to buy.
  4. Need help with airbrush problems.

    It doesn't say anything about having to be stored in a warm place and yes it was in my unheated shop all winter.
  5. Need help with airbrush problems.

    I have never changed the needle or the tip, it has the same one in it that it came with. Should I try a larger needle and tip?
  6. Need help with airbrush problems.

    I am somewhat new to airbrushing and at first I didn't have a lot of problems. however here lately I have had nothing but problems. I'm using Createx paints I got off Ebay along with a airbrush kit I got off ebay. This is the airbrush i have and I don't even know who makes it. It said it is a, Dual Action Trigger Airbrush Spray Gun 0.2/0.3 /0.5mm compressor Kit Art Paint I got it last year and used it to paint up a few baits i took pike fishing and put it away in my bait shop till about 3 months ago. The first thing I noticed is a lot of my paints are lumpy. Even the ones that have never been opened were lumpy. Some are not but I can't seam to get any of them to spray through the airbrush unless I thin it out till it is like water and even then it doesn't spray well. If I do get any paint on the lure is is so thin it hardly changes the color of the bait. I'm not sure if it is my paint or the gun or both. I try hard to keep the gun very clean after each color change but never having air brushed before last year I may be do something wrong. Where should I start. Is this a crap gun? Should I keep the gun and try new paint? I did manage to get a few nice looking paint jobs before I had all the problems.
  7. Wiping off paint to paint crnkbaits

    R these real Rebel craws or Avid KO'S?
  8. I'm looking at buying some unpainted blanks from these guys "" , but I have never heard of them before. Is it cheap chit from china or usable blanks? They have no contact info on the website which makes me very suspicious.
  9. Air pockets and dents

    hold the pressure for 25 seconds and that will cure most of your problems if not you need to open up your sprew holes.
  10. DIY Pouring Pot

    I know I have seen plans and parts sources for building a home made pouring pot out of an old pressure cooker, but can seam to find one any where. Has anyone here made one ? Can you help with plans and component suppliers, As in band heaters and thermostats.
  11. Glitter ?

    Who is the best company to buy bulk hi temp glitter from. Both quality and price?
  12. Hand injector

    There are a lot of good injectors out there I have some by Caney creek and they are great . Get one that is big enough to fill any molds you have now or think you will get. I have the largest one Caney creek makes and it's a bit spendy but a very good product.
  13. New metallic colors

    Nobody gave me a chance to post how I did it so I guess you will never know now.
  14. Glass beads vrs salt

    Just wondering how many here have been using the glass sand blasting beads instead of salt and if so how it has worked for you. Any difference in them other then the no salt taste ? Any advantages to the beads over salt?
  15. Adding salt to plastics?

    I have been experimenting with a new additive instead of salt. Adding the same amount of round glass bead sandblasting grit in the fine 100 to 170 grit It seams to work better then salt so far, but the one thing I don't like about it is the lack of the salt taste like they used to have. But the baits come out much clearer and seam tougher as well. I will need to fish them to know for sure if I have a HIT or a miss.