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  1. musky1

    nu- lustre clear coat ?

    How long do I have to wait to apply a second coat of nu-lustre? It is similar to Envirotech. Do I have to wait for the first coat to completely cure before I apply the second coat? It has been about 12 hours for the first coat. Would it be ok to put a second coat on even though the first coat is not completely cured? Thanks
  2. musky1

    wood filler

    Jerkbait I bought that plumbers epoxy product a few years ago and never used it. I'm going to give it a try. After reading your previous post, this is exactly what I'm looking for. I was using 5 minute Devcon which worked well but I think this plumbers epoxy will be faster, easier to work with, especially using the alcohol on your finger to smooth out. I have tried latex and other fillers but had some problems with cracking and chipping out just like you were saying. Thanks. Jim
  3. musky1

    alright you musky men......

    Monty I've had the least amount of problems with cedar. I would think white cedar would be your best bet for topwaters, It's the lightest out of the cedars. As with any type of wood make sure it's dry. Good luck. Jim
  4. musky1


    Really nice looking baits. They sort of look like Wiley Kawalskis. Nice work. Jim
  5. musky1

    Musky treble hooks ?

    I'm looking to buy bulk treble hooks. I plan on using 3/0. The type of bait that I'm using is similar to a Tuff Shad. I'm looking for something that is strong. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim
  6. musky1

    Shorty's Hooks phone #

    Can someone please give me the phone # for Shorty's hooks. Thanks. Jim
  7. musky1

    Belly Weights

    You can also use Glazing putty. You can find it at Auto part stores. Jim
  8. musky1

    foil question

    Is it possible to foil a Pikie type bait with out any creases in the foil. Thanks. Jim
  9. musky1

    Chrome paint or Foil?

    I'm going to try making some chrome finish baits. Should I use Chrome paint or the foil method? I heard the finish will dull on the chrome paint once you clearcoat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim
  10. musky1

    Crankbait lip angle ?

    Is it true that a crankbait with a more perpindicular lip angle is much easier to tune than a lip that is more parallel to the lure. I know that a bait won't run as deep with a more perpindicular angle. Thanks. Jim
  11. musky1

    my first sad attempt at scales.

    Gary What I do is wrap the mesh around the bait and hold it snug with one hand and spray one side at a time. After I spray the scales I slowly hold the bait in front of a small heater for 10 seconds or so then gently remove the netting. Make sure the scales are completely dry before you do the other side. Jim
  12. musky1

    Glaze Coat 6000 clear coat ?

    Has anyone had any luck with Glaze Coat 6000? I found some at the store the other day. Seems to be similar to Etex. Thanks. Jim
  13. musky1

    Airbrush Help!!

    Also try mixing the Createx real good. jim
  14. musky1

    Clearcoat question

    I sprayed some baits with a 2 part auto clearcoat. I went to assemble the baits about a week later and noticed I left thumb prints all over the baits. My question is. Can I recoat the lures with etex? For some reason the urethane is not completely curing. I was wondering if it would be safe to recoat with etex. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks. Jim
  15. musky1

    nu- lustre 55

    I think Swing paints makes it. Jim