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  1. Jann

    Lure Dryer Connectors for HEAVY Baits

    I don?t use any special connectors. The baits I run weights aroud 100 grams. If the baits moves when turned you?d have to twi?st the spring a bit and it will stay in place. Rgds, Jann
  2. Jann

    Screw Tail Minnow

    Sorry, but no. Here in Sweden we had a bait called "Slalomwobblern", a crankbait with a tail formed like a screw and with a normal lip. It goes ina a S-looking pattern. Jann
  3. Jann

    Homemade lathe duplicator

    Haven?t bought one yet so I?d be interested in what you have found... Any links? Rgds, Jann
  4. Jann

    Chrome Paint

    Just found out that kustomrides don?t export outside US or Canada (yet?). They have Paypal wich really works fine over the net but.... Ordered but got the money refunded. I?d like to get that chrome finish on a load of baits and with a layer of protective laquer. Jann
  5. Jann

    Am I dumb or something???

    Worked! Thanks, Jann
  6. Jann

    Am I dumb or something???

    Can?t find it... This function is essential for the forum to work smoothly. Jann
  7. Jann

    You Got a License for that Devcon, Boy?

    Wow, not even in Sweden where you have to buy liqour in a special shop (only for adults aged 20+) we don?t have that phenomena. How about cigarette lighters containing butane wich is frequently is inhaled by youths where some is ending up either as vegetables (braindead) or stonedead. Sniffing that stuff is far more dangerous. Since Sweden is kind of americanized we?ll soon have those warnings soon too.
  8. Jann


  9. Jann

    Lure Making DVD

    Same thing here. I?ve received the DVD and it works perfectly. Check your DVD if it is compatible with NTSC - it should be. If the DVD can read it then you should be able to watch it if your DVD is connected via a SCART-cable to the TV (can?t think of any NOT using SCART). About the regionproblem that could be answered by out2llunge (J.P.). My player is "regionfree" so I don??t know. Tight lines! / Jann
  10. Jann


    Count me in as a pestering hobbyist too. Tight lines! / Jann
  11. Found this at a Swedish company?s site. Might be interesting to try out? Don?t hesitate it is NOT like fermented baltic herring. http://www.trappy.com/index.html?pages/recipe The recipe is in Swedish, but scroll down a bit and you?ll find it in english. Regards, Jann
  12. Jann

    Sealing wood with epoxy

    One way to get a really tough sealing is to use heat. We mainly use beechwood and preheat it before sealing with epoxy. Put it in a drying cabinet or an owen and heat the woodpiece at around 50 degrees celsius. Then you apply the epoxy as it is. It will be really thin because of the already heated wood, Then you could, not necessary, "bake" it in the owen for 45-60 minutes. We use Casco Araldite Professional and "bake" also the top coating this way. It will give a really tough bait ready for any northern pike (or maybe muskie?)! At least two layers of topcoating. Tight lines! / Jann
  13. Jann

    heat shrink plastic!

    Where they sell elctronic components.... Jann
  14. Jann


    Just realized you where asking for rubberworm hooks. But... they have those too... Jann
  15. Jann


    If you like EagleClaw, check out Owner Hooks! Can?t beat that feeling... Ouch! ST-41BC 2X (these are size 2/0) Tight lines! / Jann