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  1. If he's using those pouring cups he can't put those in a micro. He'll have to get pyrex cups to do that; But I do agree that a micro is easiest of all.
  2. I wouldn't mess with a burner. Get yourself a hotplate. Much easier to control heat.
  3. nova

    mold used: tablespoon

    I hear you. I've got a wall full of trophies fishing my own stuff. Most people don't understand that in well fished lakes the fish start to learn what hurts them.
  4. nova

    mold used: tablespoon

    I like the way you think. Outside the box has always been good for me as well.
  5. nova

    Stick poured with feathers in place

    worked pretty good. Feathers have nice action when you pulse the retrieve.
  6. I have but I use a pinch of white pearl powder with it. Comes out just fine.
  7. I think you might be refering to me for the 3 color hand pour. I do it with a pyrex 4 cup. The divider is a one piece folded into a "V" and JB welded into the cup. The center section is about 1/2 the volume of the others. If I remember correctly I posted a pic of the cup in the gallery. I just checked the gallery. The pics of the baits are there but the pic of the cup is not; along with most of my pics. Don't know what happened but maybe one of the Admins can help.
  8. Littleriver; Seems to be but those are just plain silver. You want something that is holographic.
  9. Don't use an open flame on the glue; you'll be sorry. Lay the foil on the glue which is on the bait. The burnishing is done with a tool ( I use a plastic stick that has a soft end so as not to tear the foil). You rub or "burnish" the mylar that holds the foil so it sticks to the glued areas. Then you peel the mylar off and the foil transfers to the bait.
  10. nova

    Painting Spoons

    I don't paint them; I apply a photo finish on them.
  11. Mark; It's not the feathers you have to worry about. lol
  12. Just look at history. "Everything old is new again"; sooner or later.
  13. nova

    5$ Divided Cup

    I've had a split cup and used it in the micro thousands of times over the last 10+ years with no problems. I also made a cup with 3 chambers. What you have to worry about is the shiny parts of the metal showing; those will spark in the micro. I use a black marker on the outside of the cup to hide the edges of the metal that show through the glass. If the cup is done correctly it will work in the micro; I'd be more afraid of the griddle as I have had pyrex explode on me before. I was never so thankful for wearing corrective glasses.
  14. Monte; do you have LC's natural? If you do try a drop at a time till you get what you want.
  15. nova

    Merry Christmas

    You got it wrong Bill. My rant was not aimed at you. Have a good Christmas. Nil
  16. nova

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all on Tu. It's Christmas not a holiday. It's a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree. That's what is PC correct. If you don't believe me try to tell a Jewish person that it's just a candle stick and not a Minora. You will then find out what is PC correct. lol Not trying to offend anyone; just fed up with PC foolishness. Again all the best to everyone.
  17. nova

    Fish Dope

    No sorry I don't; but if you google how to make fly floatant you should get it.
  18. nova

    Fish Dope

    It's an old time fly fishing thing. It's a mixture of parafin wax and kerosene.
  19. The black will give the highlight a background so it can reflect the gold color to the outside.
  20. I assume you're doing this in soft plastic. In that case start with 1/2 cup plastic; 2 drops LC black and 1/8 tsp gold highlight. Cook it up and take a look; if it's not "gold" enough add another drop of black. check it again. You can also add a little highlight; but be careful, highlights can get away from you. Remember; you can add but you can't subtract.
  21. Couldn't have said it better Mark.
  22. Didn't offend me. Got to do a lot more than that. It would be something like Montreal Canadians suck.lol (I'm a Canadian like you)
  23. No. It was in a lake that we fish tournaments in. Like I said it's just an instinctive reaction. Some topwater baits work the same way. Take a buzzbait for instance. What the heck does that look like to a bass. Certainly nothing it usually eats.
  24. I don't think so. Fish, like all creatures on this earth, act on instinct. Give it a try and you will see.
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