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  1. Have you tried the ST Frogs yet?


  2. Mark, I agree with the origionality way. What you see on my site is a very small showing as to what I have designed. When I have an idea I have to do something about it or it totally dominates my mind.

    Bait exchange would be nice.

    Natural is a brown color that I use to make what I call camo colors. I get it from Lurecraft. If you look on my site at the sticks it's what I used to do the blue worm color.(that's the only senko color I copied and only because they don't make it in a stick, only grubs). It dominates the surface of the color but when you back light the bait it will show the secondary color. For instance I do one called brown gold. It's done with golden yellow instead of the purple and it has black glitter in it. It looks sort of like a pumpkinseed until you hold it up and look through it.

    I like working with highlites a lot. They allow you to sometimes be able to change a color completely. For instance I make a color that I designed for a guy in Ont. that looks sort of like a blue pearl but when you hold it up it turns almost a butter color. Then there is another that is pink that will turn neon green.

    Some of these colors I found by accident while doing what my wife calls the mad scientist routine; lol. Over the years I've ruined a lot of plastic; but I love designing colors.

    Keep checking my site in a while, The ST series is going to expand. I just finished my topwater irons as well as a mini frog, plus I've started doing cores for the series. I'm quite proud of the ST baits.

    Let me know when you want to trade.


  3. I like the site. I see that you are a finesse fisherman like me. Are those baits you're design? Here's a color for you I just put together the other day. 4oz plastic, 10 drops purple(LC), 10 drops natural(LC) and a touch of gold highlite. Give it a try I think you'll like it. I call it purple camo.


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