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  1. I hear you(troubles). Just keep your nose in the wind and eveything will work out.


    I love this hobby; one can just let your mind go in all directions and no idea is silly. Even if you bugger something up you can learn from that.


    I really like messing with colors especially ones that change from one color to another.


    Last year I only got 2 fishing trips in all year due to a double hernia. Got that fixed last fall and I can't wait for this season.

  2. The metal is simply zinc flashing you buy in pieces at a building supply.

    The metal works for me because I can open the center spout wider or close it down narrower to adjust the flow of the center color. You are right about the cleanup though. It can be a pain at times.

  3. That's a drop shot bait right? or are they big enough for a shakey head? You made that made from start to finish right? i remember seeing several like it is all kinds of awesome colors.

    6" long and my design. It's a fairly big bait; good 1/2" wide at the widest point. Going to post a pic of the gizzmo I came up with to pour like this in a few days.

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