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    Sorry about that; I didn't understand.
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    I was talking about wooden plugs( maybe I didn't explain myself too clearly, sorry). The paint I got was free. The only thing I had to by was the reducer and clearcoat. Bought them by the gallon. Cost was maybe $75 for both and they lasted for about 5 years. My logic was that if the paint was tough enough for cars it certainly would be for plugs and according to my customers they lasted pretty well. Just thought my idea might save some of you some $$$. for those who have a friend in the autobody business.
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    Hi guys. I haven't made a hard bait for some time now since I started pouring rubber; but when I started making them some 12 years ago I looked around for a suitable type of paint. My theory was that the paint had to withstand the elements. I had a buddy in the autobody repair and I got him to give me all the half full cans that were going to be thrown out. It happened to Sikens basecoat. I bought reducer and the clear coat. I liked the paint because there were a lot of metalics and I could mix the colors to come up with new colors. I used to put superfine glitter in the clearcoat for the final finish. Some of the baits had as many as 8 coats on them. I was just wondering if any of you guys out there had tried that way of painting.
  4. I use 1/2 cup plastisol as my basic recipe and I add almost 1/4 cup of floured salt which I figure gives me around 40 % salt by volume. After which you stir like a mad man and keep stirring. What comes out does not show any salt crystals (like senkos); but you can feel the difference in the weight. Hope this helps a little.
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    buzzbait mouse

    Thanks guys. The bait catches lots of fish even though it wants to run on it's side. Works a lot better with a stinger on it. It may be hard to see with the pic but the body is spun deer hair and the tail, ears, and eyes are soft leather. The head weight is 3/8 oz.
  6. nova

    buzzbait mouse

    A while ago I mentioned about a buzzbait mouse that I was fooling aroud with. Well, here it is; I hope. Never tried to put a picture up before. There are 2 more pics at the gallery.
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    I'm not a scientist, but it seems to me that the chemical composition of salt ( minus additives ) is still salt. No matter if it is coarse, fine or floured. The only difference is the size of the crystal that you are working with. So, if you take non-iodized coarse salt and flourize it in a grinder it should work the same as any other flourized salt. If you are looking for the crystals in your baits, now the size of the crystals will matter. I stand to be corrected.
  8. The baits look really good. As for thr tail; try dippin' dye. Faster and easier. Sometimes the results are quite interesting.
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    There ya go. I knew that someone out there was doing it. Very very nice. Thanks. I'll post mine soon.
  10. nova


    Neat. Looks good; but I meant making it look like a rat/mouse. I've been experimenting and if I can figure out how to post the pic I'll put it up.
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    Has anyone been able to make a rat on a regular buzzbait and been able to make it run true?
  12. motor oil red is simply motor oil color with red glitter. Check the sticky; I posted a really good motor oil recipe. Nova
  13. Natural Worm 4 oz rubber 4 drops pumpkinseed 1 drop natural brown Glitter your choice Purple Camo 4 oz rubber 14 drops purple 14 drops natural brown green glitter Motor Oil Camo 4 oz rubber 5 drops natural brown 20 drops motor oil 2 drops green Motor Oil 4 oz rubber 2 drops black 14 drops golden yellow
  14. The baits look really good. You should do well with them. I wouldn't mind knowing the recipe for the brown one. Keep up the good work.
  15. nova

    Stik Color

    Has anyone been able to copy the Case color called "natural"? I've tried several times and wasted a lot of material. If you would let me know that would be helpful. Thanks........Nova
  16. Sorry Red :oops: I tried to post it on the sticky but it didn't work. As for the time pasted:- I still get very excited about new colors and I usually run right out to the shop and try them. I keep forgeting that not everyone is like me. (they have a life, lol) I'm rather new to this "forum thing". Bear with me, I'll get the hang of it. Thanks for the info.......Nova
  17. Has anyone tried the recipies I posted earlier? If so; what do you think? I know a lot of you have looked at them.
  18. I've never done that before. Good thought though to try an inexspensive medium to experiment with. Oil would only work if your dye is oil-based; otherwise it won't mix with the oil.
  19. You have to play with it a little. Start with 1/8 tsp then pour one out; have a look; then go from there. Either add another 1/8 tsp or more and have another look. Continue on until you get what you want. Expect to ruin a batch or two when you are trying to make new recipies though. Be careful with the heat as it will change the color a little.
  20. Lurecraft.com has the product you are looking for....Nova
  21. :idea: Here are some recipies that I promised last nite. I use LC colors. Natural Worm 4 oz. rubber 4 drops pumpkinseed 1 drop natural brown glitter your choice Purple Camo 4 oz. rubber 14 drops purple 14 drops natural brown green glitter Motor Oil camo 4 oz. rubber 5 drops natural brown 20 drops motor oil 2 drops green brown/silver/red/and green glitter Motor Oil 4 oz rubber 2 drops black 14 drops golden yellow I have found that almost any combination of colors which include natural brown will change the base color when you hold up to the lite. Give these recipies a try and let me know what you think. Nova[/b]
  22. nova

    calhoun plastics

    Thanks for the quick response. I'll check it out..............Nova
  23. Hello everyone. This is my first post on this site. I've been roaming through the site for a while now and I must say thanks to all you folks who post ideas because you have helped me a great deal. I've been pouring baits for some 10 years now but I did not have contact with anyone who poured. In other words I've been in a bubble. My question is does Calhoun Plastics have a website and if so what is it? Because I've be isolated I have come up with some interesting colors(how about a motor oil that looks like motor oil). I will post some of the colors soon. I have another color that goes from pink to neon green when you hold it to the light. In any case this a GREAT site. Keep up the good work. Thanks.....Nova
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