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  1. Some years ago I took a small dry branch from the shoreline; tied two treble hooks on it with mono. Then tied it on my line. I caught 2 bass before the twig broke. The point of the experiment was to prove to myself that fish will hit just about anything if it attracts them.
  2. nova

    Florida Rig

    I don't mean to burst your bobble; but that type of setup is known as a dropper rig. On the positive side; it will work. Your topwater noise maker will call the fish and you will most likely do the catching on the dropper. Also, if there is a very good chance for a double catch so make sure the test of the line is sufficent. Does look good.
  3. To put it simply..................don't worry about it.lol
  4. Just remember; a very little goes a long way. You can always add more; you just can't take it out once it's in the mix.lol
  5. I got mine on ebay; but that was a while ago.
  6. nova


    Just take a thin, but tight fitting; glove and cut all the fingers off except the thumb. That way you still have the useful feel in those fingers.
  7. nova

    Epoxy Colorant

    I have no idea about alumidust. I believe that highlite powder is made from mica. You would have to disolve it in a thinner if you don't want to stir the heck out of the epoxy. It would put a colored sheen to the finish as well as give the finish more depth. Come in 6 or 7 colors.
  8. nova

    Epoxy Colorant

    Why don't you try highlite powder.
  9. Welcome to the best tackle site on the net. it's nice to see another Canuck on here.
  10. That's really too bad. I'm sorry to hear that another nice guy is gone. I never met him but if he adopted his grandchild he must have been a standup guy. The world needs more like him. Now I'm really thinking; I'm turning 65 next month and Ive got some recipies that until now I've not disclosed. I think I'll start posting them on the sticky.
  11. nova

    Tan Color

    Try white with a little brown(drop at a time); Then add your pearl.
  12. I tried it years ago on spinnerbaits/buzzbaits and jigs. Holds up fairly well but the finish dulls down quite quickley with use.
  13. I just searched the color. It looks to be a simple medium dark smoke with purple glitter.
  14. Post a pic and we'll what we can do.
  15. Don't use mineral oil unless you want to turn your bait into a pencil. If you are using salt in your baits it will suck up the scent oil.
  16. nova

    3 color handpour

    Thanks for the kind comments.
  17. Years ago I got a bait sample from a company in Cal. called Flexlure. The bait had four sections all joined by a flexible material. It was stiff enough to keep the bait in line but flexible enough to give the bait a snake-like movement. It swam very well.
  18. If you look in the soft plastic gallery you will find a bait that I did using a cup divided into 3 chambers.
  19. Personally we didn't loose anything but some of our neighbours lost some trees. We were kind of worried because we have some very large pine trees within 20 feet of the house. I haven't had the time to inspect all of our 60 acres yet. I do expect we lost some trees. Mother nature can be cruel as well as amazing.
  20. Thanks Chris. Sorry it took so long to answer back. We lost power for 2 days with the storm. We didn't loose any but lots of folks lost some pretty big trees. Just happy it wasn't during the winter like the last time.(that was 5 days of below zero temps) brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  21. Thank you Ben. You're a gentleman.
  22. You'll think everything is fine and then one day you'll get a drop or two of water in the hot plastic and your whole world will change in an instant. Once you feel the pain you'll stop using ice.
  23. I know there are Canadians on this site. What's the matter guys; no pride in your country?
  24. Happy July 1st Canada. (my country)
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