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  1. Tube Swimmer


    The top is watermelon brown with a drop of black. The bottom is 3 drops white to 4 oz plastic. The rest of the coloring is highlite powder applied on different layers. I have another version of this bait posted that I made applicaters from .035 wire in the shape of a pec fin and that is put on with lumina black.


  2. Tube Swimmer


    I've burnt myself more times than I care to remember in the last 17 years doing this.

    Thanks; yes I did make the iron. I added a vertical tail to it as you can see but what you don't see is the indent on the back side of the paddle. I did both of these things to stiffen the tail up.


  3. Thanks Swamp. Just got back from a clear water lake. Tried a 5/0 EWG first and because of the weight of the steel it sinks at about 1 ft/sec; gets to bottom and pretty much stands on it's head with the tail moving to and fro. Tried it then with a 2/0 EWG and the action is more in the surface of the water. Nice side to side action and the tail wips around pretty good. I think this bait is going to be a real killer.


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