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  1. Just a light; but complete coat on the bait only; then burnish. it does take some practice; but the good part is that if you mess up you can just lay another layer of foil right over the first one. I don't use paint on my baits ;I only use photo finish with the foil underneath.
  2. I use heat foil all the time. A light spray of 3M glue; burnish the foil on the bait and remove the mylar.(most times a quick rip works best; like taking off a band-aid).
  3. Highlites can be a bit much when you first start using them. It's like anything; it takes a little practice and experimentation. Personally, I like using them but it took a while to get used to them. What colors of highlites do you have Mark?
  4. Powder is made up of flakes and because of that the highlite at the outside of the bait (against the mold) will lay flat and show more surface. Where the highlite in the rest of the bait will lay at differant angles and not show so much surface at any one time. Sounds good , eh? But this is just a guess I mat be way off.
  5. Chris; now you've got me thinking. This is slightly off topic. How about a salt hopper attached and postioned above the pouring cup (I use Pyrex) so that as you pour the bait the hopper releases salt crystals into the stream of plastic. Don't know if will work; just thinking outside the box; lol.
  6. nova


    So sorry to hear that. He was a good guy by my standards; generous and always ready to help.
  7. I knew I had seen those about 3 years ago on a Japan website.
  8. Check out the softplastic gallery here and you'll find some photos.
  9. Been there and done that Ben. Unfortunately it was my wife that I blamed for it. She still brings that up every once and while and that was some years ago. Trust me; women don't forget if they can get a leg up on you.
  10. nova

    Holo Foil Jerkbait

    There you go Ben. Looks good.
  11. I don't let my wife anywhere near my tools or work area. One time when I was away in a tourny she and my daughter "cleaned up" my garage and work area. When I came back you could eat off the floor and everything was neatly arranged. It took me 2 weeks to find everything again and I'm still looking for the $200 set of spanners. That was 18 years ago.
  12. nova


    At the risk of starting an argument on here(which I don't want) I don't know why you guys are so upset that folks from China steal ideas. It's done over here all the time. If you guys think that folks from USA companys aren't watching TU every day for the next great idea, you're fooling yourself.
  13. Place a little clear plastic in the eye holes of the mold. Then; before it cools too much press the eye into the hole. make sure that the clear is showing all around the eye. Then just pour your bait. The clear will melt into the main bait and cover the eye. Works best with a hot mold and it takes a little practice.
  14. nova


    Yes they are. I flour my salt. There is about 25% salt by volumn.
  15. nova


    Thanks Curt. Been at this over 20 years.
  16. nova

    Let's Have Some Fun

    Here's another one. Pitter patter; let's get at er. Means let's get going.
  17. Just for a chuckle. Every area of every country has it's own little sayings that, most times, only means something to those folks in that area. I thought it would be fun and maybe informative to all of us if we put those sayings out there; just for fun. Please do not ridicule anyone for the sayings they put up.(play nice) lol Here's mine:- Tickidy-boo. It means everything is ok.
  18. Try ebay. That's where I got mine.(rolls)You'll be surprised how fast you can go through it.
  19. nova


    This bait was handpoured with a three chamber pouring pot that I designed. The color is called Tiger's Blood.
  20. I've got some dipping irons if you're interested PM me.
  21. nova

    Smelly Jelly

    Actually I did Mark. I don't do full season tournys anymore. 13 or 14 of them in 4 months is a bit much now so my wife and I just go when when we want to. Much more relaxing and it has side benefits I didn't have before;lol.
  22. Tim; the mold is POP. I made the master body out of clay and I used BB's for the eyes. I then made a mold of that. After I poured the body I then used what I call french fries(bait) to make the legs and the feet were made of clay. I glued the legs and feet onto the soft plastic body to make the master. Then I made the final POP mold from that. The hollow part is made by an aluminum insert I made in the shape of a flat sided tear drop. This is what makes the bait hollow. It's an open mold. The pic you see has a black core inside a watermelon/gold outer body. Hope this helps.
  23. Here's the pic of the frog. The indentation on the back is where the hook point sets to make it virtually weedless. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/index.php?/gallery/image/11543-floating-frog/
  24. I came up with a design a couple of years ago for a floating frog that only uses air. Handpoured in an open mold. Will float a 5/0 EWG hook. Sometimes I'll add a BB in each foot so that the frog actually sits like a natural frog would with it's legs under the water. I'll post a pic soon.
  25. nova

    glider group 1

    Nice baits Mark; I like the colors. Did you use the foil I sent you one these?
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