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  1. Never heard of that thing before now but the only way to find out is to try it.
  2. Just to throw a curve into this some colors can burn as well. For instance if you overheat black plastic it will take on a greenish hue.
  3. nova

    Smelly Jelly

    I really love the stuff but can't use it as my partner is allergic to it. Within an hour of touching it or even touching where it has touched something in the boat his hands where it comes in contact with him will blister and crack open. Don't know whats in it that does that to him but I don't dare use it anymore. Too bad; because as I said it worked really well for me.
  4. So simple and obvious. Great idea.
  5. nova


    Man I thought you got lost. Very nice pours.
  6. If you are adding black flake this will darken the plastic a little also and some black flake flake will bleed darkening even more; so be careful.
  7. 1/2 cup plastic 1 drop white 1/16 white pearl Silver holi flake to taste (don't over do it)
  8. It all depends on the design of the lure.
  9. I only use plastisol. As for temp; I don't worry too much about that. I go but the consistancy of the plastic. I heat in bursts. First for about 2 min and then about 30 secs with stirring after each heating; until I have what I want for pouring. I have never used a thermometer and I bet I haven't burnt more that a quart of plastisol in 25 years total. You just have to stay focused on what you are doing.
  10. No don't do that. Pick one up cheap and use that. Once you use the micro you should not use it to cook food with.
  11. Coffee can clump up. I have not used the auto pearl. What's it made of?
  12. nova


    If you are using a septic field for sewage; you are playing with fire. If the roots block the laterals in the field your septic will back up into the house or come to the surface in your yard; or both. If this happens you are looking at thousands of $ in replacement costs not to mention the damage to your home. Just a heads up.
  13. nova

    Ebay Buying

    What I don't get about some of the US sellers on Ebay is that they won't sell or ship to Canada. If you are selling an item; money is money no matter where it comes from.
  14. What about low expansion spray foam that carpenters use? You would have to coat your mold in a release agent of some kind before spraying the foam into the mold. Just a thought.
  15. If you use too much water (too thin) the mold will not hold up. It will be kind of powdery after a while and start to break down. I don't measure anything; I do it by eye and feel. But you don't want it too thick either as the thick plaster may not fully conform to the master in all areas.
  16. That's the same way I do mine but I useually wait an hour before I separate the mold. Then right into the oven.
  17. The "master" is the item that you are making your mold with. If you put the oil on the master it will bead up especially if it is a plastic bait; and this will cause defects in your finished mold. I can't speak to using wax as I have never used it. Paste wax can be hard to find, Dave; don't know about being a master mold maker. If that means I made a lot of mistakes over the years then I guess that's me; lol. Mking mistakes is the best way to learn. You tend to remember what you did wrong much better.
  18. I use cooking oil . It gets into every nook and cranny. Just don't use too much(flooding). I use a small artist brush to spread it around. The oil will soak into the pop. Try not to put it on the master though. After the mold sets up and I can separate the 2 parts( maybe 2 or 3 hours) I put the 2 parts in my oven at about 150 degrees; checking every 1/2 hour. Take it out and set it on old newspaper for a bit. This will suck water right out of the pop. Then return to the oven; repeating till dry. I can make a mold in the morning and be pouring by mid afternoon. Works good for me.
  19. nova

    Flutter Spoons

    Hagensfish.com I just got some. You have to buy minimum of 100 but prices are good.
  20. nova

    Other Forums?

    TU is the only one I go to.
  21. nova

    First pours

    It's too late now; you're hooked. lol Nice pours
  22. Rick; I use the same heat as all the plastic I pour. I don't spend any time on what the temp is (I don't even have a thermometer). After 20 + years I just eyeball it. I heat the plastic in the divided cup all at the same time. I find that the further away you are from the hole in the spru the more of a swirl you will get; The closer you are the more of a laminate you will get. Cooler will give you a swirl as well but I find that I only get2 or 3 sticks and then I get voids in the stick.
  23. Won't work on soft baits. It's a process for hardbaits. Do you do hardbaits? If so; PM me and I'll let you know. This conversation should be in the hardbait forum and I don't want to highjack this string.
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