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  1. Richoc

    Oiling Do-it hinges?

    I use mobil one , one drap last a long time and it doesn't smoke and burn up and leave the black in the hinge area. You will only need to oil the hinge like 1/10th the times as before. You can feel the diff. insantly. No burning smell when the mold gets hot. Really will make a huge diff. just try it.
  2. Richoc

    Printers Lead

    Lead type............ This is hard lead. It will have a high content of antimony. It will foam to the top of the pot and will need to be slagged out. I would not run it through a bottom pour pot. It will work for larger jig heads and buzz'spinner bait heads.
  3. Richoc

    Need help pouring spinnerbait heads

    It sounds like your lead is way to hard. Where did it come from?
  4. Richoc

    Etex Dimpling

    I think it is still it may be air borne particules. I know for shure it is not late breaking bubbles.
  5. Richoc

    Etex Dimpling

    Jed, Take a Q-tip soaked with laquer thinner, and clean the spots. Do not leave any fuzzy though as the finish will get gooey. Make shure to let dry to touch as not to trap any of the thinner. Then patch coat them.
  6. Richoc

    Need help on jointed cranks.

    Trying to repaint a bunch of jointed shad raps. Came up with the ideas to glue a bead in between the section to hold them stil during the painting. That way they would just be like working with a solid crank. Then I would just cut out the bead with a exacto. Just not working that hot the crazy glue keeps letting go. Any body holding them together to paint. This is fast high volume get them all done in in a few air brush cleaning type work. Any ideas????
  7. Richoc

    Need help pouring spinnerbait heads

    Put in a vent to the area of the short. Will work wonders for you.
  8. Richoc

    pouring problem on Do-it darter 1/16th oz molds

    These vents do not have to be large at all. I first will cut one with a razor blade. You hit the cav. where the short is. Come out at 1/8 inch the turn a" z ", then make shure the vent leads to open air not a place where the mold fills in when you pour. The lead will never pass the change in direction, but the trapped expanding air will. If you make it right it will never even need to be trimmed of at the vent. Only do one face. Start tiny and work up to small. You can make the vent as large as you like after the "z". Use needle files......dremel can get away on you. Use the triangle file and draw it away from the cav. Files only cut in one direction so rubbing it back and forth is useless. Work tiny to small. Start at the cav. and work to out side. Heck draw it on with a pencil for a pattern to follow. Also this should all be done on a cold mold. When warm you will rase the edges, and cause flash.
  9. Richoc

    pouring problem on Do-it darter 1/16th oz molds

    I use water based paints and they react with the carbon wax coating. Finish on the casting also suffers. If I must blacken it is only on the gates. I polish out the cavities. The shortys are caused by the trapped expanding air in the cav. If you blacken a vented mold you can block the venting and make it worse. You will get better pouring by venting and polishing the molds. Once done right you will get 100 percent good pours using the correct lead mixture.
  10. Richoc

    pouring problem on Do-it darter 1/16th oz molds

    Put a tiny vent to each area of the mold where is shorts out at. Do not smoke it.
  11. Richoc

    What's going to happen...

    Guess some of us have faster hands than others. I can pour and open my molds faster than the lead cools. It is best practice to cover the bench with sheet metal. Cooling the castings on the cardborad not a good idea, I know I can set off a smoke alarm that way. Waiting to cut off the sprue is the best way to make shure that you do not end up with loose hooks or wires. Handle the parts with a pliers, try not to contact the mold, hot alum. will scratchs real easy. For god sake do not eat or have any water near you while working with melted lead. One drop of forehead sweat will blow up on you. Vent the exhaust!!!!!! Keep the temp only as hot as it needs to be to pour full casts. Baby sit that pot as it heats up!!!! When done pouring. Wash your hands before touching any thing..............
  12. Richoc

    loose fitting wire and hooks

    I use high heat tape that is used for power coat masking. Build it up to where it holds the hook,Both side a layer till even, then it handles the heat well.
  13. The channel is how I like them. When I have a pouring mold cut from alum. I have it done that way. For spin casting it would be diff. story.
  14. It will work better if you make them right to begin with. Cut gates never have a perfect flow.
  15. Pour in end is 0.300 To bait is .050 This is one my 1/64 commercial mold.