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  1. VARick

    Silicone squish mold

    Looking for someone to make a silicone squish mold of a model car. Yeah I know it isn't fishing related, I couldn't find any forums on the topic for model car molds.
  2. I too ordered the Dahlberg DVD. I'm a very visual person so watching was a great learning experience. Some of the video and audio was not that great but all and all just what I needed to get me over making hardbait molds and plugs. Perhaps a Tackle Underground DVD to include the tutorials along with pics from the galleries would be well received. So many options that can be included.
  3. You might want to play around with a ball point pen body. Not sure how you would keep the exopy from sticking to the body tho. Otherwise I think you would have to make your own two piece hinged mold.
  4. VARick


    I had a paintball retail store and used CO2 tanks to refill the smaller tanks for the markers. I have to disagree that the air is clean, we found the filters on the higher end markers would clog after about a season of use with CO2. I would also be concerned about passing liquid CO2 thru my gun. If I were to go that route I would put something to capture any liquid (we called them expansion chambers on the paintball markers), then also get a good regulator as CO2 tanks will vary in pressure as the amount decreases and the temp of the tank changes. Refilling a 50lb tank use to cost me about $9, and then the tank rental was $50 a year, might be more if you only have one tank, I had 10 in the store. You might also consider a scuba pony tank or a used scuba tank, that air is filtered before filling the tank. The pressure is much higher than CO2 (usually about 3000 psi for a standard tank), but a good regulator should put you down to where you want to run the gun.
  5. VARick

    chartreuse synthetic

    Nicely done. I think I'll have to try something similar in a smaller size for beach snook in FL
  6. VARick

    Finishing off

    I did a search and didn't come up with a quick answer. I'm about to finish off a batch of painted hard bodies. Before I put my seal coat on.. anyone have any suggestions for the eyes? Should I do the eyes last after the clear coat or before the clear coat? I'm using doll eyes and they have clouded on me before when using them as eyes on flys and sealing with hard as nails. I'll be using a spray bomb clear acrylic. Thanks, Rick
  7. Oops Reds in clear water -- clear/gold glitter -- paddle tails or sticks Trout -- clear/gold glitter -- shrimp or sticks Stained water Reds -- dark green/silver or gold gliter Trout -- black over dark red
  8. I fish the Tampa area for reds and trout. Someone mentioned water clarity.. good point so I'll give colors for each. Reds -- clear water
  9. Without actually being able to see something it would always be hard to determine if that is what you actually want. What you are describing sounds pretty close to a small hackle that I got at a fly show. It was part of a grab bag I picked up for one specfic color I wanted. I can take a pic of it and it that is what you are looking for I make a trade if you might consider that. Rick
  10. I grew up in Westbrook, fishing the shoreline. I'm in FL now and use regular plastic with a drop or two of hardner. I prefer to keep the action more lively than worry about how long a bait will last. Rick
  11. Split shots here too.. you can place anywhere on the hook to get the drop rate/flutter that you want. Also DOA has pinch weights that are sort of similar to the weighted hook style/look. Rick
  12. VARick


    I have a Danvise and it works well for me. I was happy with the price and the quality. Rick
  13. I believe Gulp is a water based scent so it would not mix well in plastic. However Gulp does work pretty well in the Gulf Coast area for a number of species. I like the 3' shrimp in new penny or nuclear chicken, the chartruese in the swimming mullet. Rick
  14. VARick

    Buying Jigs

    Also try posting in the wire baits section. I've purchased some jigs from the guys here. Great price. I wasn't looking at the quantity you are. Perhaps someone there can help you out. Rick
  15. I've had success with shiny and dull finish baits. One company seems to be putting out a dull finish now. I'll have to check the company name, the guide I went out with gave me a handfull of them after we hammered the reds all day. Rick
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