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  1. Thanks! I will let you know how it goes. I am not worried about having them shiny, I just want to get a good paint job on them. I was concerned that with the oxidation, the powder might not leave a good coat. Pete
  2. Thanks! I am going to try the vinegar treatment. I will keep you posted. pete
  3. I should know this, but it has never happened to me before. A wjile ago - probably 8 months or so - I poured some jigs and I was going tompaint them like I usually do. Unfortunately, I have not had any time to work on them, because I got REALLY busy in my job. Now I have a bunch of jigs sitting around where the lead is a bit discolored because of oxidation. Should these be cleaned before I paint them? If so, how can I clean them? Thanks, Pete P.S. BTW, is it my imagination, or have there been changes on this site? I have not been here in quite a while.
  4. Thanks! I agree about getting the lid back on properly - that is what cost me my first can of KBS. pete
  5. Apdriver , I assume - correct me if I am wrong - that you are placing mthe screwnin the bottom of the can and you are storing it right side up. Does the screw effectively stop up the hole in the bottom of the can? Do you spray the bloxygen under the lid (on the top) of in the hole you made for the screw (in the bottom)? i have stored some 50 ml aliquots of the pint that I got. I put them in bottles, addded Paint Saver and covered with plastic before screing on the cap. I will keep you guys posted on how it works. Pete
  6. Just to clarify - the small bottles were only being used for a day or so, not long term storage. The Press and Seal seems to work fine, but I may try getting a few jars - about 4 oz or so - and filling them almost to the top, spraying with Paint Saver and see whether I could use them for long term storage of smaller aliquots. I will keep you guys posted. Pete
  7. So far, I have used KBS on some jigs, but I have NOT fished the jigs yet. My opinion is that it is easy to apply, and that it provides a clear, hard finish. It dries fast - a second coat can be applied after the first coat is allowed to dry for 2-3 hours. That makes things a lot easier. Will it hold up to bouncing off rocks? I THINK so, but that is just my feeling - and is NOT based on actual experience. As for shelf life - I have had some different results based upon the situation. After I bought the Diamond Coat I also bought some KBS Paint Saver - see the KBS Diamond Coat site. After opening the can I put a small amount in a 2 oz bottle, added a layer of Press And Seal kitchen wrap over the lid, sprayed the Paint Saver, and pressed the lid down. I used about half the coating in the 2 oz bottle and added a cap (also a layer of kitchen wrap over the mouth of the bottle) . In about 2 days the remainder of the coat in the bottle became solid. However, the coat could certainly be used the next day.. BTW, even when it was becoming a bit thicker, you could still add thinner and get some more use out of the coating in the bottle. That being said, the use of the Paint Saver is important - and it is CRITICAL to keep the can closed tightly. I messed up one can because I put the lid back on and I thought that it was well seated. About a week later I went to use the coating and I could see a small gap between the liid and the can and the KBS was solid as a rock! My guess is that the lid was not seated firmly, and we had some warm temperatures which cause pressure in the can to build abd pop the lid. i should be getting another can of KBS and more Paint Saver today. I am going to try aliquoting some imto small jars and using the Paint Saver in the small jars to see whether that is a good storage method which might be more convenient than the pint or quart cans. I will keep you guys posted on the results of my experiments with KBS. Pete
  8. I just got some KBS and it seems pretty good. I got a pint, so I put what I am going to use for a few days in a small bottle (e.g. a bottle that is used for airbrush paint— use a new bottle) and put some plastic wrap (Saran Wrap, Press N Seal, etc) over the bottle before you put on the lid. If you don’t put on the plastic wrap, you won’t be able to get the lid off! I also spray Paint Saver ( look on the KBS site) in the large container before closing. Note that I also add plastic wrap to the lid of the large container before closing it; this keeps the lid from being cemented to the container. i have just started using KBS - the tips above came from a few sites - but I will keep you guys posted. Pete
  9. Thanks for the replies! I got mine today and I will probably get to try it tomorrow. I will keep you guys posted on how it goes. Thanks! Pete
  10. Thanks! It seems like it would be easier to use than the 2-part epoxies. pete
  11. I should get some KBS Diamond Coat later today that I will use on some jigs. I have been using E-Tex but I thought this might be easier. I ordered the Diamond Coat and some thinner. I see lots of posts about using this on plugs, has anyone been using it on jigs? If so, what is your experience? Do you brush or dip? I also got the argon spray so that it doesn’t go bad. Thanks, Pete
  12. X2 on Permatex. I also don’t pour large numbers of jigs, but it does seem to hold up -in terms of time and exposure to heat. Pete
  13. Thanks for the info! I will have to check it out. However, Zman chatterbaits are generally 1/2 oz or smaller. I was thinking of something bigger.
  14. When I lived in Alabama, there were a lot of guys on the gulf Coast who would use spinnerbaits for trout and reds. I haven't seen them used much for blues or stripers, but I would think that they would be effective. I am not trying to hijack this thread, but I thought this might add another dimension - has anyone ever tried to use chatterbaits for blues or stripers? I am starting to make some chatterbaits with bucktail. I think they would be GREAT for blues, stripers, etc. Pete
  15. Just a quick note about Zeiner's - I have bought a lot of stuff from them and have never had a problem. Their service has always been excellent. A few weeks ago I ordered a mold through their site. A short while later, I got a call from them telling me that the mold would not be in for 2 days and asking if that was OK. I have also never had a problem with their packaging. I think that ANY of the vendors from whom we buy can screw up occasionally , whether it is Zeiner's, Barlow's, LPO, etc. I have bought from all three and have had generally good service. I understand that you can get PO'd - (as I have!!) but I would give any of these guys another chance! Pete
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