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  1. Just wondering If any of you guys have played around with the punch skirts that much.Short description the go on your line on top oh flipping hook and the punch weight is on top of the skirt and you peg the weight so you have a kind of movable flipping jig.like a bead with a skirt tyed aroung it.?????if you need some pics google in paycheck baits punch skirts
  2. I am just getting started in pouring swimbaits and need some help on colors llke to get few ideas like rainbow trout, hitch, baby bass,bluegill ect.thank you for the help.tight lines:)
  3. I am looking for a swimbait mold their is a couple of pictures in the soft plastic gallery i believe the persons name is bass8baits the mold kinda looks like a swimbabes baby-e any help would be great...thanks:yay:
  4. Where is the best place to get silicone skirt material like fishscale ,regular,barbed wire,ect.
  5. How much are the 3.5" and the 4.2" beaver molds cost in aluminum flat sided or two piece.
  6. Were can I find stainless steel wire for tying jigs the stuff at the craft store is not stainless.
  7. Do any of you guys now where to get some of the deep throat hooks cheaper than $27.00 per 100 or in general where to get them.
  8. I don't think they get a whole lot cheaper I don't no why kinda dumb if you ask me
  9. What kind of thread material are you guys using to tie your skirts on to the jigs?next question how do you tie with thread I am kinda just getting started in the jig thing and need all the help I can get.
  10. I need help I am trying to figure out how to pour a strait olive green no flake any help on this matter would be great.
  11. I am looking for fine round living rubber.The colors I am looking for are Black,Brown,Purple.any help would be great.I cant find it any ware
  12. Try less drops watermelon like if you where to put 10 drop in only put 5 somthing like that.
  13. My best 322 bounce and skid and line drive 208
  14. the big pats are money they work great .
  15. Very simple color start with one drop of red till you get the pink your looking for then ad some blue highlight when I meen some like half or quarter of a teaspoon.
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