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  1. Did this spinnerbait ever come out? I see the Hank Parker spinnerbait from Manns on Tackle Warehouse, but not sure if it is the same bladesandbaits designed bait. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Manns_Hank_Parker_Classic_Colorado_Indiana_Spinnerbait/descpage-MCL.html
  2. Mags

    Flash Mob

    Think I just found them. http://www.barlowstackle.com/Leader-Sleeves-P930.aspx
  3. Mags

    Flash Mob

    I can't find the crimps to hold the clevis anywhere. The ones from Barlows I bought are spinnerbait spacers. They are too big for the Arig wire. I can make them work by criming one side, but it looks like .... If anyone has a source for crimps please post it.
  4. Wondering the best way to do this. On the last rounded baits I made I cut these with the wood still flat with a hobby band saw thinking that this would give me an exactly square cut. Unfortunately every one was off. Played with the table alignment and still couldn't get it right. Do I have drift in the blade, misaligned blade, or what? Saw on YouTube that Stanford Lures uses a table saw and a jig to cut his lip slots (ceadr lures), but since I am using the micarta lips I would think the lip slot from this type of blade would be to wide.
  5. Thanks. You are a great source of info which is much appreciated. Mags
  6. Can this hook (410-413) be sustituted? I was thinking a Mustad 91768 would work or is there another Mustad hook that could be used? I will modify the mold with a dremel. I want to put a bigger hook in the Do-It bulletnose jig for umbrella rigs.
  7. I have tried both and I always clear over the foil with epoxy, paint my colors, then clear with auto clear. Without the epoxy the foil is pretty vulnerable to being nicked. I guess you could spray multiple coats of auto clear and get the same protection, but I have never done that. On my non-foiled baits I just use the auto clear.
  8. Excellent info. Thanks for sharing. I don't see these on the Shortys site?
  9. Mags

    Spraying Flake

    I have had trouble spraying the metal flake from Paint with Pearl with a medium tip. The flake clogs the brush. I have no problem sprying the ghost pearls, which are smaller. I am mixing the bigger flakes with Tamiya clear. It seems like the flake all sinks to the bottom and doesn't suspend and then it clogs the brush. Anyone have any tips for spraying the bigger flake?
  10. Mags

    Vacuum Former

    I would love to see it.
  11. Thanks. I'm guessing I can find these at a woodworking store? Do you put them in a Dremel?
  12. I am going to make some balsa poppers and was wondering what is a good way to make the cup for the mouth of the bait? I would like to make quite a few, so somthing quick and repeatable is what I am looking for.
  13. Anyone have a good source for these besides the retail tackle making places (Barlows, Janns etc)? I can get 10K made for $350 (minimum order), but I don't need that many and don't want to spend that much. If someone wants to split an order let me know. This is a great shakey head.
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