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  1. The Wal-Marts in my area stopped carrying Devcon 2-Ton. Any ideas on where to get it now. Thanks.
  2. What material is typically used as the tail on Pompano jigs. It's some type of synthetic. Thanks.
  3. I fished them last year. They are outstanding. You are correct that the 1/4 ounce doesn't stand up well with heavy trailers. It's impossible to have 1/4 ounce of lead counteract a big trailer. The other five sizes do fine. I made some 1/4 ounce with bucktail and rabbit strip claws and they stood up perfect and caught a lot of Smallmouth. This head is about as weedless as you can get. It's my new favorite weedless for all applications.
  4. The new Brush jig! I had the chance to use them last year and they are great.
  5. Is creeper hardware available to make bass size creepers? Or, if anyone is making them, can you give me a few tips on what you are using for hardware. Willow blades? Hand cut from aluminum? Thanks!
  6. I actually have that mold. Do-It made it at one time. I think it makes four sizes fron 3/4 to 1 1/2 like you mention. I would watch e-bay. I'll get you the model number so it will be easier to look for on-line.
  7. Party Crasher

    BIG jigs

    Hey, I'm glad you found one. Yes that hook should work fine. I think I even get the 6/0 in that mold. It's a good jig. I hope it works well for you.
  8. Party Crasher

    BIG jigs

    Big-D, Do it actually made the Weedless Sparkie Jig in sizes that big. It was the JKS-1091F. They were making it till about 2001. It made 3/4, 1, and 1 1/2 ounce sizes. I have one and it's great. I'd check with Barlows or any of the big Do-It dealers and I'd bet one of them has one lying around. In fact, call Do-It and they may still have one even if it's not in the catalog any more. I've seen them on e-Bay too. I almost bought another one a couple months ago. Let me know if you find one because I have a couple other sources I could check.
  9. Check you local Business to Business phone book for suppliers of foundry supplies. Jelutong is used by pattern makers for foundry work. Thats where I get mine in the Milwaukee area. It's called Freeman Supply. Unfortunately you have to buy a lot. A 12"wide x 10' long piece. They carry 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4. Probably $65 to $75 worth. But, for lure making at the hobby level it may last you 10 years!
  10. Wardsmit, you can modify many of the bigger Do-It jig molds into a tail spinner. I've done it with some of the big Style H heads, the shad heads, and the big Ultra minnow head. Start by finding a shape and style you want. Now pour about a half dozen with just a piece of like .041 wire (3") out the rear where the hook would normally exit. Now, bend up a dozen pieces of u-shaped wire on a round bend pliers. Now on each one, drill two holes in the top and bottom about where you think the line tie and the hook tie should be. Insert the u-shaped wires in 5-min epoxy. Make each one a little different. Now rig them up and head out to the lake. One of them will be the balance that you want. Guard that one with your life and throw the others back in the lead pot. Put that one back in the mold and mark where the wire loops should be. Carve out the loops with a dremmel. You will have to bend the wires by hand, but it's not too bad if you make a little bending jig. I hope I didn't make that sound too difficult.
  11. Nice. Is that the Del-Mart mold?
  12. Yes, Dick ships fast and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. NEVER ANY backorders with him. If you call, you will get he himself. Yes he does go to AZ in the winter for a couple months and to canada now and then in the summer. He will tell you when he will be gone and we all work around it. He's a great guy with good prices and a great selection if you want Musky stuff.
  13. Has anyone tried these Sohumi hooks that Barlows sells? Any feedback on the quality. They sure are reasonable! Thanks.
  14. Does any one know who carries Matzuo 60 degree Sickle hooks in 4/0? Thank you.
  15. It works great. It holds more detail than POP, but it's a lot more expensive.
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