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  1. The pros say if you aren't fishing junebug for bass you won't catch any.
  2. where can I purchase pre-drilled hole beads to make salmon and steelhead jigs?
  3. What size o ring do you use for rigging senkos wacky style?
  4. Thanks guys as always you are the best
  5. Which size would fit in weedguard pin slot in jig?
  6. i get all my salt from Barry Farms. I believe it is in Ohio. I use their popcorn salt. Excellent salt.
  7. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you.. Yes the mold is still for sale.
  8. 21 xdc:  I am interested in your mixing yellow and black to get Green Pumpkin.. Could you give me some idea of how much yellow/black to mix. Thanks, Joe Kressler

    1. 21xdc


      trial and error... Different brands act differently... Google mixing these two color paints by artists.

  9. I have never used CC powder before. However, I would like to purchase. For those using CC what powders are you using for Green Pumpkin and Watermelon. Thanks.
  10. Each to his/her own.. I tried most of the plastics out there. I will say again I have had no problems with MF. However, I have had many problems with some and some problems with other plastics. Try them all and then come back and give us your honest opinion. I have given you mine and that is all mit is. I am not associated with any company. I am not the only one that likes MF over others. Sorry for the fuss. Just stated my opinion.
  11. You can't beat MF. No settling, no smell. You will try other brands and you will eventually come back to MF and wonder why you ever left. Most try other because of price. However, you get what you pay for.. I am not going to smash any other providers but I have tried them all and had trouble with most. Stay with MF.
  12. T J's Tackle has a video on doing this on TJ'sTackle
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