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  1. brivera88

    Spitting Lizards

    please show in detail what u mean?
  2. brivera88

    New logo

    bassn...where can i get thick rubber for skirts?
  3. brivera88

    pouring help

    i have poured before..many times..but i ran out of supplies.
  4. brivera88

    pouring help

    is there a certain web-site that details step-by-step instructions for pouring?
  5. brivera88

    New Finesse Bait

    very nice baits..they look awesome..what do u call that color?
  6. brivera88

    New Bait

    that tail will produce action for baits hit the lakes everydya and kill'em..why should'nt this one??
  7. brivera88

    pouring help

    fluke and 4" worm
  8. brivera88

    Baby came a bit early !!!

    congrats funny farm. Thank god your baby is alright. She lloks beutiful..welcome to prayers..
  9. DUDE!!!! great rods..i night fish alot and am very interested ina purchase of this rod.
  10. brivera88

    how do i fix the butt of the rod

    or just go to jannsnetcraft is u cant sand..
  11. brivera88

    pouring help

    but does'nt the liquid cool down and dry then when adding the middle segment it dry's also then top and then when u take out the bait, everyhting flass apart like gene's sr7 did?? or is starting to?
  12. brivera88

    how do i fix the butt of the rod

    it might be cheaper just to get a new jannsnetcraft catalog and order one form there.
  13. i am going to the local home depot....i found that its $4.49 for 4 lbs and less for smaller portions..this stuff sounds like its the real deal!
  14. brivera88

    scent question

    tablesalt is a no go..if u look at lurecrafts site..they sell salt thats"used by bakers." so there u go..find out what bakers use and thats the salt (cj, your right here)
  15. brivera88

    pot cleaning.

    yea..plastic peals right off..i have spilt hot plastic on the hard wood floors in my house and carpet..all i did was wait..let it cool off..then 5 minutes later i peeled it off with ease..except the carpet(that took some time)