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  1. dayooper

    Powder Paint Airbrush Setup

    You only need about 3 - 5 lbs of pressure to operate the air brush. What you can do is use an inline regulatore on your air compresser to get the pressure down low enough. The badger brush works best as it is set up for the powder. If you live or work in a high humidity area, a moisture trap inline would be good. You can check out our videos on our website at for some how-to's on using the air brush. Thanks, Benjamin
  2. dayooper

    Fluid Bed For Powder Paint

    What the fluid bed does is keeps the paint really loose and fluffed up which makes it easier to dip the jig since you are not trying to force it through the paint in the jar. This allows you to put a really thin coat of paint on the jigs which will prevent the clumping and paint running while curing. It also keeps the jig eyes open. The best way to preheat the jigs if you are doing large quantities is to use a toaster oven. We hang the jigs on the rack and preheat them at about 375 degrees for around 10 minutes. Then using a pair of hemostats, we grab them out one at a time and quickly swish them in the fluid bed. The toaster oven allows you to heat the jigs to a consistant temperature compared to using a heat gun or torch. Using the fluid bed, we have gotten over 500 3/8oz jigs out of 2oz of paint. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Be glad to help. Thanks, Benjamin TJ's Tackle
  3. dayooper

    powder painting eyes?

    There are a few ways you can try. First, take a straw with the diameter of eye you would like and pack one end of it with powder paint. While the jig is still hot, quickly hit the jig where you want the eye to be with tthe packed end of the straw. Another way is to use a pencil eraser. Press the pencil eraser into the powder paint and then onto the jig. A thid way is to take a small funnel. Like the top of a super glue bottle. Hold it over the jig where you want the eye and tap a little powder paint into the funnel. Hope this helps.
  4. dayooper

    IRS MAN Cometh

    I had my meeting with the IRS guy in January. Great guy!! He was there for almost 3 hours. Of course we talked about fishing for 2 1/2 hours and about the taxes for 1/2 hour. Don't get nervous about it as they are required to come and check things out for ALL new Form 637 applicants. I showed him my book keeping (Excel Spreadsheet), my receipts (very large ziplock bag full), and my manufacturing facility (my recliner, kitchen table and my office in the basement). The big thing that they check is to make sure you are paying the tax on the right items. Make sure to ask about items you are making to see if they are excise taxable. Many of the items we make and sell are not excise taxable. If this is the case make sure you let them know so they make a note of that in their file just in case a new tax guy gets assigned to you. Having $10,000 in sales and only paying $15 to $20 in excise tax could cause a red flag to the new guy and cause an audit. My tax guy was very helpful in explaining all of this. Over all is was a great experience. He told me that I had everything in order and I was all set. Good luck and as many people have said, they are there to hel pyou and answer your questions. They are not there to hand out fines and penalties. Unless you have really screwed up!! BTW, he was a big fisherman himself and ended up buying a bunch of lures from me before he left. Thanks, Benjamin
  5. dayooper

    powder water

    I confirmed with the buddy of mine and it is a 1:1 mixture and you can store it in an air tight container for later use. He said you may need to add a little more liquid if it starts to dry out. Hope this helps and good luck!! Thanks, Benjamin
  6. dayooper

    powder water

    I am not sure. Let me ask my buddy and I will get back to you. Thanks, Benjamin
  7. dayooper

    powder water

    A friend of mine uses this stuff. What you do is mix it I think to a 1:1 ratio powder to the liquid. Then paint it on with a brush. Once it dries, cure like you would regular powder paint. You can use it in an eye dropper and do some cool striping with it, add gills, etc... Hope this helps. Benjamin TJ's Tackle
  8. dayooper

    Plugging the pin holes

    Jig Man, If you have some extra pins, cut one of them to a length that will fill the void , but not protrude into the jig. Make sense? Benjamin
  9. Stagio,

    When this happens, take and twist the cup into the base a little bit deeper. This helps build up the pressure a little more and should help get that rolling boil. Also, what color/kind of powder paint are you using? White, blue, browns, watermelons, and blacks are a little heavier than the other colors and will not "boil" as much as the flourescent colors. Give that a try and let me know how it works. Thanks again and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.



  10. TJ, I bought a fluid bed from you last year---just ordered some new cups. Had a question though, I have had some problems getting the "rolling/boil" and get lots of volcano's with the cups I have. I have cleaned out the cups, tried new paint, but still have the problem. Do you think there is too much air flowing through or do you have any suggestions on how I may correct this? I really love how fast it makes things, its just making a big mess at the moment. Still better than the ingredient cups I had been using though! lol

  11. dayooper

    Powder painting is the "pits"

    Hollywood, One of the best and fastest ways to heat up the larger jigs is to place them in a toaster oven and preheat them at about 350 to 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. Then pull them out with a pair of hemostats and quickly swish them in the fluid bed. This allows the jigs to heat evenly and takes the guess work out of holding the the jig in a propane torch or heat gun and counting. We do this at the fishing shows we do and we can paint hundreds of jigs an hour. My partner likes to hang them on the rack to preheat, I just throw them all in a pan. Then once you paint them, simply hang them back in the toaster oven to cure. Hope this helps! Thanks, Benjamin
  12. dayooper

    Another volcano question :(

    UG, The commercial fluid beds use a hard plastic membrane specifically designed for powder paint applications. It is designed to diffuse the air to get an even flow and it is very expensive. I believe the black paint is flying because the air is traveling through the paper without much resistance. How is the chartreuse green working for you? The lighter colors especially the Pro-Tec candy colors work wonders in the fluid beds. Thanks, Benjamin
  13. dayooper

    Another volcano question :(

    UG, Volcanos are usually caused by a weakness in the membrane. For the paperbags, it could be a thin part in the bag or a little tear. For the plastic membranes, it could be a pin hole in the seal around the bottom. Like Basseducer also stated, different colors/brands of powder paint will act differently in the fluid beds. Black, white, brown, and some of the darker colors are heavier than the lighter colors. In your case with the black and the white, the air is not being difused and evenly distributed through the bottom of the cup so the air is looking for the easiest way through the paper bag (thinnest part) and causing your volcanoes. Hope this helps. Thanks, Benjamin
  14. dayooper

    Powder Painting With Torch

    JSC, I know that you stated you were wanting to get away from using electric to heat your jigs, but I would still recommend a toaster oven to preheat them. The advantages of a toaster over is that you can preheat lots of jigs at one time. Another advantage is the the jigs will all be preheated to the same temperature so it takes the guess work out of counting over a flame or heat gun. What we do is place the jigs in the toaster oven. I place them in a pan and my buddy insists on hanging them from the rack. What ever approach you use is fine. We then preheat them at 375 to 400 for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then simply pull them out with a pair of hemostats and dip in the fluid bed of jar of powder paint. We have done hundreds and hour this way. What it boils down to is what you are more comfortable with. I know cadman makes some supernice jigs and uses a heat gun. I have even used a candle. Good luck with what ever process you choose and have fun!! Thanks, Benjamin
  15. dayooper

    TJ's Tackle

    TJ's Tackle offers the largest selection of Pro-Tec Powder Paint, Pro-Flake glitter paint, and Metal Flake glitter on the web. We also carry fluid beds, powder paint spray guns, a large selection of unpainted jigs, and many other components. Also a large selection of crawler harnesses, harness holders, and stinger hooks. Also on our site are videos explaining the fluid bed, powder paint spray guns, and powder painting techniques.