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  1. I will trade for injection molds, let me know what you have
  2. I have two brand new 5.25" slim stick molds that are brand new never been poured, one has never been unpacked. I ordered these wrong by mistake. These are Dels molds $110 shipped for both. I paid $139 so here is a way to save a quick 30 bucks and I will ship them the same day! I would trade them for Dels regular 5.25" stick molds. Pic one is the slim stick mold and pic 2 is the slim stick on the left and the regular that I would trade for on the right.
  3. This works well if you want to build one http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/17272-diy-tube-cutter-non-rotary/page__fromsearch__1
  4. more molds and box fans will do the trick
  5. I have used bears med injector on SC injection molds. Shawns ports are small too but the molds had enough meat that I drilled out the port to match bears injector. I was using a metal ear syringe from ebay, that was the only metal injector with a small port that I could find. Bears injector is much easier to use than the syringe since it will push a larger volume of plastic quicker.
  6. Hot river/creek color has been Junebug/Green Pumpkin for the last few years. It's my new tube goto color Junebug head Green Pumpkin tail. I think it's ugly but it works good.
  7. Since winter is coming for most of us. Save all your winshield washer fluid bottles. Rinse them out leave the lids off and stick them in the basement to dry out. Put plastic in and use. 20oz bottles would be fine but you will find the more addicted you get the more plastic you will use and 20oz won't last you very long unless you are doing very small pours, just my .02
  8. yes the dents are from overheated molds. I run fans on my molds but if I go too fast I still get some with dents. Get more molds or slow down and your problems will be solved with the dents
  9. I have always cut with my blades stationary on the bottom. Found it much easier to pull up and out. I learned this by trial and error. This is just a small manual version of my big splitters ,believe it or not I can almost cut as fast on this one but I get alot more tired. If you have all your supplies ready you can build this thing is less than an hour.
  10. There is no reason you can't drill and tap the press. It was just easier to weld it.Bojon, I do hold the head of the bait the whole process. You are pulling it out as soon as you smash it, it is a very fast process. I do not cool my tubes in water. I dip about 125 a time and there are4-6 per holder so they are somewhat cool we I get back around to them. I vertical dip.
  11. Ok guys. I have cut baits for a long time so I am posting a DIY tube cutter for you guys. This is a non rotary type that will cut perfect everytime and takes about 1-2 sec per tube. Total cost is aroud $80 if you have some of the tools required. If not the cost will be a tad more. Step 1 Buy an arbor press at harbor freight or use one you already have. The press will no longer be able to be used as an arbor press! Here is a link to the press. - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices Step 2 Buy the tube splitter from Lurecraft-or make your own. Here is a link to the splitter. Deluxe Plastic Splitter - LureCraft Step3 mount the tube splitter to the press. All I did was use angle iron, cut 2 small pcs and weld them to the press. (Drill a hole in them first-see pic) . The press is cast but you can still get weld to stick to it or use cast rod. Step4 Drill and tap the alum on the tube cutter, align the holes that you drilled in the angle iron, This is just to hold the stuff in place when removing the tube. Step5 Take a flat piece of steel 1/8 to 3/16 thick and make a rectangle the same size as your cutter blades. (Looking down on the blades). This is what will press against the blades. Align this piece and the tube cutter block on the base. Now weld this flat rectangle to the square part of the arbor press. (See pic) Step 6 Last but not least. This is the smallest but most important part!!! Get a piece of 1/8 rubber and cut it to the same rectangle size that you cut the flat piece of steel. This will be placed onto the flat piece of steel using double sided tape or velcro. I use 3m velcro. This rubber piece will wear out but it takes a while. Your blades will last longer than the rubber. This press will cut tubes perfect everytime unless they are wider than the blades. I can cut 500/hr easy!! See the pics attached.. I never got along with a rotary cutter since I tried to cut off fingers but there are many people that use them and have great looking tubes but I have found this to be the easiest and fastest process for me. You can cut the tubes instantly or wait, this cutter doesn't care. When not in use the best way to keep the blades healthy is to soak them in transmission fluid. You do not have to lube the blades when cutting but they will rust if you don't soak them when finished. I leave my blades in a quart that I cut the top out of. Notice I forgot to put them in that is why these blades rusted. Enjoy
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